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You know, it’s been wonderful because we care about each other so much and that’s a given, that’s kind of this unconditional thing. And there’s so much love between us and so much respect, I’ll speak for myself. You know, I’m her biggest fan as an artist. I’m constantly inspired by her work and I’m constantly inspired by how she handles and holds herself. So for me, it’s been bliss to be able to watch her success and watch her bloom into the actress that she is. It’s also been wonderful to have that kind of support for each other, it’s nothing but a beautiful thing.
—  Andrew Garfield on what award season is like with Emma Stone (x)

Frida Brille is the moniker given to the last remaining Type-22 espionage unit re-purposed by a team of Bio-Augurs to act as a lab assistant.

While the Espionage Unit program was suspended in 2090 a fair few prototype models had been produced even after the initial controversy in an attempt to regain Investor trust. This however failed to rejuvenate interest in the project. Disheartened investors were apprehensive about the model line and eventually it was replaced entirely by the Assassin Unit program. The prototypes made were either recycled, put into indefinite storage, or put to use as a test asset. 

The Type-22 was developed in order to take advantage of more advanced sight optics and improved radar antennae. With the projects closure the only unit was put into storage in the Volker fortress. Eventually rediscovered by a group of Bio-Augurs on a cataloging trip. They took it upon themselves to refurbish the unit as a lab assistant as a sort of pet project.

The Type-22s advanced synthetic brain made it simple to implant a sentient AI. Sentient Intelligence creation is much more reliant on chance and the proper implementation of key factors rather than the precise coding of traditional AI. It was a gamble as to whether the Type-22 would even be a useful assistant. 

As it turned out the Type-22 was more than happy to help out. Named Frida Brille as a term of endearment referring to her goggle like eyes, she was initially quite popular among the Bio-Augurs. With great interest in the teachings of the Divine Register and Die Plakette. Frida or “Goggles” was generally a helpful and perky assistant, if a little overzealous. Frida became more and more interested in the origins and practices of the Divine Register and would not be shy in asking anything that came to mind. Eventually the Bio-Augurs grew tried of her endless questions and devised a plan to be rid of her. 

While they did not wish to kill Frida they did want to be left alone, and so they opted to send her away on a “special” mission. Under the guise of it being an archaeological operation they requested Frida to find an artifact related to the Divine Register that they themselves are unable to locate. Of course no such artifact existed but this was not known to Frida. Promptly she was sent off with only her knowledge of the register to go on. Making her way to the Ottoman cities via Volker transit, she would begin her search there. 

Frida Brille is Ignorant to the workings of the world and as such can be naive and inconsiderate. This has lead to some trouble with Ottoman Authorities and businesses. Her most prized Possession is a traditional Bio-Augurs coat, and while maybe too trusting of others it would be very hard to get her to part with it.

It Boosts Your Ego, Doesn’t It?

Hiii it’s me again hehhee. Can I have drabble no 22 with Bobby ikon ? Thankyouuu 😘😘😘

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Type: fluffy

22. You’re small and I think it’s really cute

I hope you’ll like it! 😊


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“My feet hurt” I whine. 

“AH! I told you so. Now you have to deal with it” Bobby chuckles.

“But seriously, I didn’t know it would hurt that much. Usually I can walk all night and nothing happens” I sigh, walking down the street.

“Because it never happened before doesn’t mean it won’t ever happen” Bobby chuckles. “Next time you’ll listen to me” he adds.

“Can’t you give me a piggyback ride? We’re not far away from my place” I pout, looking up at him.

“No no no no. You decided to wear heels, you’re dealing with it. As you said, we’re not far away from your place” he says, smirking.

“Don’t give me that look Y/N!!” he frowns. “Here, I’ll hold your hand” he says, taking my hands in his. 

“I need moral support and a piggyback ride not your hand” I whine, chuckling.

“Finally” I smile, massaging my feet.

“I still don’t know why you decided to wear heels..” Bobby frowns, taking his shoes off.

“The shoes looked good with my outfit. I had to” I explain, yawning.

“Yeah.. I still don’t get it” he whisper, shrugging. 

“Why?” I giggle, removing my makeup.

“Your feet hurt, you probably knew it would happen -even though you said you didn’t- and you still decided to wear them” he frowns, brushing his teeth.

“I told you it looked good with the rest of my outfit, plus I wasn’t the smallest” I confess.

“Aaaaaaaaah now I get it” he smirks, looking at me in the mirror.

“Huh?” I frown. “You didn’t want to look small, that’s why you decided to wear heels” he smirks.

“Being small is okay, you know” Bobby quietly says, lying down in bed.

“Don’t you think I look like a kid compared to you?” I ask, turning all the lights off.

“Stop it!! You don’t” he says, laughing. “You’re small and I think it’s really cute” he whispers, smiling at me.

“Why?” I ask, blushing. “Because it makes me look huge next to you” he smirks, wiggling his eyebrows.

“You’re mean” I say, hitting his arm. “No seriously, I look more manly next to you and I feel like I can’t protect you” he whispers.

“It boosts your ego, doesn’t it?” I ask, raising my eyebrows. “It really does” he whispers, biting his bottom lips. 

“In that case… I might not wear heels next time” I quietly say, kissing his lips.

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Drabble list


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I lost the best job I’ve had in my life and it really sucks, not sure how to handle it maybe because it hasn’t really sunk in yet. This is a step backwards in my progression and I can feel the imminent depression building up. I lack motivation again. My creativity is stifled. I don’t even listen to music for pleasure anymore. I’ve been eating terribly. And now this…
I can’t believe I still struggle with this type of shit at 22.


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I dare anyone to try and claim everything is totally normal with this band right now and that they’re all making all their own decisions with zero restrictions from ot SERIOUSLY TRY ME

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I accept your dare, @adifferentkindofson . OT don’t exist anymore and the boys all have new and different teams. They’re all making their own decisions, but their decisions weren’t ever going to be ones you approved of, as they don’t include a grand Coming Out or the rise of One Direction 2.0, touring a new album full of Larry lyrics with a stage show featuring live Larry sex. 

Why are fanfics so much harder to write than original stories?

random questions no-one's probably ever asked you


1. biggest turn ons?

2. small things that shouldn’t annoy you but really do?

3. if you were a crisp, what flavor would you be?

4. sunsets or sunrises?

5. favourite type of fries?

6. which way do you pronounce nike?

7. ever witnessed a car crash?

8. favourite type of fish?

9. something you wish you could un-see?

10. biggest irrational fear?

11. favourite type of tree?

12. what was the longest time spent waiting in a que, what was it for, and was it worth it?

13. favourite tv chanel?

14. favourite breed of dog/cat?

15. what’s your favourite outfit?

16. favourite number and why?

17. least & most favourite sound?

18. least favourite colour?

19. raccoons in bunny suits or bunnies in raccoon suits?

20. favourite insult?

21. best thing you’ve gotten for free?

22. favourite type of bread?

23. best joke you’ve made?

24. biggest risk you’ve taken that payed off?

25. finish this sentence .. ‘don’t panic..’ ?

26. best way to reject someone?

27. biggest turn offs?

28. favourite chocolate/candy wrapper?

29. favourite workout?

30. best url you’ve seen?

31. sleeping in a car or on a boat?

32. colour that relaxes you the most?

33. best advice?

34. favourite word starting with ‘L’?

35. something you think is way too underappreciated?

36. describe your hands?

37. any commonly given advice which you think people shouldn’t follow?

38. word/s which you always spell wrong?

39. dream band (members can be dead or alive)?

40. how did you meet your best friend?

41. how did you hear about tumblr?

42. best advice to any 14 year-olds floating around on tumblr?

43. what is the best at motivating you?

45. something weird but kind of pointless that you wish you could do?

46. if you could re-name anything, what would it be and what would you re-name it?

47. best / most helpful life hacks?

48. what is on your wrists right now?

49. fear that you think is weird?

50. most effective way of flirting?

51. 5 songs everyone should hear?

52. what is death like?

53. what are the best things to do when you’re sad to cheer you up?

54. if you got to create a new species, what would it be? describe it?

55. favourite accent & why?

56. weirdest compliment you’ve recieved/heard?

57. if you could marry a cartoon character, who would it be?

58. any bands you’ve tried to like but really can’t get into?

59. have you ever/would you ever change yourself for someone else?

60. if you were reincarnated as an animal/drink/yoghurt flavor/household item what would it be?

I may or may not be creating an EMR Cowey

No spoilers for Sai she has to wait so nobody tag her!

Here’s what I got!

Name: Cowey
Type: Human/Siren
Mask/bird type: Crane
Age: 22
Gender: Female (She/Her)
Sexuality: Bisexual
Emo, Punk, or Nerd: Punk/Nerd
Clothing: Ripped blue jeans, black and white tank-top, fishnet glove, bracelets, black combat boots, and leather jacket (only when cold)

Some notes:

Has a giant crush on Faith

Though she seems extremely outgoing, she is very shy and quiet.

Tried to quit “sirening” when she was given the task to kill her girlfriend, so she has a scar on her eye as result of her punishment

Thinks she is terrible at singing

Good in school but acts like she isn’t

That’s all I got! I’ll be drawing her with her mask and wings later! :D


22. Taeyang (BIGBANG)

21. Suho (EXO)

20. J.Y.Park

19. Yesung (Super Junior)

18. Simon D

17. Won Bin

16. Yeo Jin Goo

15. Hongki (FT Island)

14. Park Seo Joon

13. Taeil (Block B)

12. Hyungsik (ZE:A)

11. Sangdo (Topp Dogg)

10. Seo Kang Joon

9. Taecyeon (2PM)

8. Youngjae (B.A.P)

7. Ken (VIXX)

6. Hoya (INFINITE)

5. Ricky (Teen Top)

4. Jonghyun (SHINee)

3. Henry (Super Junior M)

2. Heechul (Super Junior)

1. V (BTS)