type 16

  • ENFJ: Guys, the weather it's not that good. I guess we can't go out anymore tonight.
  • INFP: Do you want to come home and watch a movie?
  • INFJ: Infp, your place is too distant from mine.
  • INFP: Don't worry, my father can give you a lift
  • INFJ: Are you sure I'm not a problem?
  • INFP: Yep
  • INFJ: I feel kinda guilty
  • INFP: Don't be
  • ENTP: why don't we go to the cinema?
  • ESTP: I get bored when it comes to movies. Why don't we go in a pub?
  • INTJ: I've got an idea! Why don't we stay at home?
MBTI Stereotypes VS the Types in Real Life

Stereotype ENTJ: Dominant. Efficient. Strategic and ideal leaders.

Real ENTJ: One of the few people able to actually physically frown, don’t understand how they’re “scary”

Stereotype INTJ: Evil masterminds. Smarter than you. Are the superior beings.

Real INTJ: Misplaces anything that isn’t physically attached to them, no longer able to recognize when they’re being sarcastic or serious

Stereotype ENTP: Quickest thinkers you’ll ever meet. Witty. Intellectual masters of debate.

Real ENTP: Used memes so much that they became one and are accepting of this fact, catchphrase is some version of “Well, actually–”

Stereotype INTP: In possession of more knowledge than the Internet. Reclusive geniuses. Know all, are humble.

Real INTP: Sexually attracted to science, volunteer plethora of useless facts every hour, zero spatial and social awareness

Stereotype ENFJ: Kind. Loving. Hearts of gold and wills of steel.

Real ENFJ: Will replace your mother and be okay with that, judge being judgemental of judging judgemental judgments

Stereotype INFJ: Mysterious and tricky to get to know. More unique than anyone you’ve ever met.

Real INFJ: One way or another, embarrass themselves every single day, somehow, consistently

Stereotype ENFP: Full of life and love. Passionate lover. Always fighting for a cause.

Real ENFP: Blink abnormally fast and probably should not drink coffee ever, have to make conscious effort to not smile, should take more things more seriously

Stereotype INFP: Gifted with emotional intelligence. Spiritual and believes in the soul, the natural course of the world, and love.

Real INFP: Really good at laughing at themselves which is necessary because they f*ck up constantly

Stereotype ESTJ: Intelligent. Dependable. Productive and competent. Forward-thinkers.

Real ESTJ: Remind teachers about homework distribution and collection every single day of the week, get off on educational videos

Stereotype ISTJ: Rule-followers. Responsible. Duty drives their perfection.

Real ISTJ: Sometimes sleep over 12 cumulative hours in a day

Stereotype ESTP: Daredevil. Live life on the edge. Famous and popular.

Real ESTP: 100% of decision-making is weighing the pros, ignoring the cons, and shrugging, then doing whatever stupid thing they got dared to do

Stereotype ISTP: Cool as hell. Detached and indifferent. Smart tinkerers.

Real ISTP: Won “Most Stubborn and Silent” for Senior Superlative page in high school yearbook

Stereotype ESFJ: Genuine and affectionate. Would take care of a sick stranger if needed. Make friends everywhere they go.

Real ESFJ: Value self-worth based on quality of and feedback for homemade baked goods, the holiday season is their life source

Stereotype ISFJ: Sweet. Innocent. Fragile and caring hearts who love their friends.

Real ISFJ: Hate conflict so much that they get second-hand anxiety from watching cliché emotional plot twist movies

Stereotype ESFP: Epitome of style and fashion. Impossibly cool. At every party and loved by everyone.

Real ESFP: Physically CANNOT stop making noises and fidgeting, all storage on their phones is taken up by hundreds of selfies in various poses

Stereotype ISFP: Exceptional artists. Emotionally deep. Humanitarians and always helping the planet.

Real ISFP: Just want to become trees, don’t get why people can’t just love one another, f*cking hippies

The Types in College

ENTP: overall a good student but they go out every Friday night to drink away their pain and get wasted – regrets it each week but will not stop until they feel like their life is going somewhere, never takes anyone’s advice

ESTP: they don’t look as dead inside but they’re the deadest inside, probably only passing their math classes because they make their friend tutor them once in a while, they act stupid but they really arent tho

ENFP: Asks all their friends to teach them things because they feel like asking the teachers will make them look bad, most likely to openly have a mental breakdown during class every other week, will get far in life if they stopped procrastinating

ESFP: They were getting ready for this since freshman year of highschool. They were preparing themselves. They truly, honestly were. But somewhere along the way, they lost it. What did they lose? yes.

ENTJ: mastered the superiority complex face four years ago and somehow they just keep improving it, gets through their classes easily, thinks college is chill (actually not haha psyche that’s what they want you to think)

ENFJ: Started to consider dropping out of college back in high school, probably more interested in the fine arts classes, lowkey scares everyone but they dont realise it and they get genuinely surprised when people tell them that they’re kinda scary

ESFJ: They used to be one of the top students in high school but they became a little better than mediocre in college due to stress stress stress, really self conscious, poor thing pls show them warmth in this cold cruel world

ESTJ: Often seen as the leaders during those dreadful, wrenched group projects and their group almost always gets the highest score. Wants to become a dictator but those weren’t the options

INTP: They treat college like highschool, but like a really hardcore highschool. Sure, they can get the studying done easily and (somehow) get pretty good grades but everything else is like climbing Mt. Everest. “Okay but how do you expect me to go out there and–and BUY things?? Why did they think leaving me alone was a good idea. I’m so malnourished”

INTJ: mental breakdowns every other day that last like ten minutes, sits in the front of the classroom, sort of a teacher’s pet but not in the obnoxious way yknow man they just wanna get through life successfully

ISFP: Average by day, dreamer by night. They’re doing fine so far but whenever they have free time, they plan on how to escape from civilisation and build a cabin in the middle of the woods in Alaskan wilderness. Stress free and hey! no diploma necessary

ISTJ: they sit in the middle of the classroom and aren’t really seen studying (ever) but somehow pass with a grade that’s better than half of the class, they’ll go days without shopping and binge shop whenever they do

ISTP: Only raises their hand whenever they come up with a smartass comment to piss off the teachers but the teachers cant get rid of them because other than that they’re [ISTP] actually good students, goes on backpacking trips during free weekends to get away from everyone

INFP: Probably failed their first year because they really, genuinely, had no idea what the shit they were doing, needs to be reminded of what to do next all the time, intelligent but lazy

INFJ: The really approachable one who probably wants to be a biology teacher and everyone loves them as a student teacher. Reeaallly popular but not in a bad way and they probably have sparkles trailing behind them wherever they go

ISFJ: Nobody knows who they are, never raises their hand during class, always tired even though they get more sleep than the average college student, puts in the most effort and gets along fine but not socially

gay ask game for gays only

1. describe your idea of a perfect date

2. whats your “type”

3. do you want kids?

4. if you do, will you adopt or use some other form of child birth?

5. describe the cutest date you’ve ever been on

6. describe your experience having sex for the first time (were you nervous? or was it easy peasy?)

7. are you a morning time gay or night time gay?

8. opinion on nap dates?

9. opinion on brown eyes?

10. dog gay or cat gay?

11. would you ever date someone who owned rodents or reptiles?

12. whats a turn off you look for before you start officially dating someone

13. what is a misconception you had about lgb people before you realized you were one?

14. what is a piece of advice you would give to your younger self

15. (if attracted to more than one gender) do you have different “types” for different genders?

16. who is an ex you regret?

17. night club gay or cafe gay?

18. who is one person you would “go straight” for

19. video game gay, book gay, or movie gay?

20. favourite gay ship (canon or not)

21. favourite gay youtuber

22. have you ever unknowingly asked out a straight person?

23. have you ever been in love?

24. have you ever been heartbroken?

25. how do you determine if you want to be them or be with someone

26. favourite lgb musician/band

27. what is a piece of advice you have for young / baby gays

28. are you out? if so how did you come out

29. what is the most uncomfortable / strange coming out experience you have 

30. what is a piece of advice for people who may not be in a safe place to express their sexuality

The Stereotypical Types as Siblings

ENFJ: The elder sibling who’s sort of popular but like not sports/cheer popular and hates everyone else’s siblings

ENTP: The bossy elder sibling who intimidates the shit out of their younger sibling’s friends but their younger sibling loves them because they’re actually really fun to be with

ESTP: The (probably younger) sibling who never leaves the house unless it’s to play Pokemon Go and their parents are “kinda” disappointed in them

ESFJ: The “cool” sibling who /is/ the popular kid at school and does cheer and is really sweet and nice and does anything they can to get away from the annoying little play dates their younger siblings bring along

ENTJ: The elder sibling whose younger sibling’s friends are constantly intimidated by and always avoid even though they [entj] dont always mean to be that scary

ENFP: The younger sibling who everybody likes because they’re so outgoing and nice but secretly they’re emo shits

ESTJ: They’re like the second mother and annoys the shit outta their younger siblings because c'mon, why have a second mother when you have a real one yknow

ESFP: The younger sibling who’s cooler than the elder sibling (and they know it) and they have a ton of friends and wakes up with new things to talk about during breakfast every day

INTP: The sibling who their parents are the most disappointed in because they’re nothing like what their parents hoped to be like they’re good siblings but they’re just not what was supposed to happen

INTJ: The sibling who never leaves their room and has a shrine of their obsession in a corner and they always cry over their grades even though they have like straight A+’s

INFP: They’re the hippie of the family and they probably have peace signs painted in pig’s blood on their wall but they love their family so much even though they complain about them 24/7

INFJ: The elder sibling who actually hangs out with their younger siblings and watches the same tv shows as them and goes to cons n stuff probably the perfect elder sibling

ISTJ: The sibling who has their fifty friends over all the time one by one but they lowkey hate them all so they shove their friends to their siblings to deal with and their siblings are better friends with them anyway

ISTP: They’re their younger siblings’ model but also not because they’re so uncomfortable to be around at first but otherwise they’re the sibling you want to become but not have yknow

ISFP: The sibling who sorta disappears a lot but always comes back alive with some new story to tell. Most likely to become a vagabond lmao

ISFJ: The really distant sibling who’s always worried about the future and seems like they don’t really care about others but those who are close to them know that they care a whole whole lot and that they just get caught up in their work a lot

in case anyone needed help, here are the function stacks of the types:

INTJ: Ni-Te-Fi-Se

ENTJ: Te-Ni-Se-Fi

INFJ: Ni-Fe-Ti-Se

ENFJ: Fe-Ni-Se-Ti

ISFJ: Si-Fe-Ti-Ne

ESFJ: Fe-Si-Ne-Ti

ESTJ: Te-Si-Ne-Fi

ISTJ: Si-Te-Fi-Ne

INTP: Ti-Ne-Si-Fe

ENTP: Ne-Ti-Fe-Si

INFP: Fi-Ne-Si-Te

ENFP: Ne-Fi-Te-Si

ISFP: Fi-Se-Ni-Te

ISTP: Ti-Se-Ni-Fe

ESFP: Se-Fi-Te-Ni

ESTP: Se-Ti-Fe-Ni

The functions as little embarrassing things we all do

Si: starting to reminisce about an experience you had with someone until you realize they don’t remember it at all

Se: starting a sentence and then having no idea where you were going with it

Fe: smiling and waving at someone and they don’t wave back

Fi: apologizing for bumping into inanimate objects

Ne: repeating “what?” way too many times because you CANNOT understand what the other person is saying

Ni: accidentally saying something really heavy during a light conversation

Te: not realizing someone was trying to be nice to you and dismissing them

Ti: trying to talk to someone about your obscure interests and then seeing them give you the “uhh that’s weird” look

MBTI Contradictions

These are just for fun so don’t take it too seriously people, each type is Amazing!!

ESFJ: Uptight Party Animal 

ISFJ: Meticulously compliant

ESTJ: Really doesn’t care, but thats all they tend to talk about regardless

ISTJ: Devotes all their time and energy into something, hates every minute of it

ENFJ: Their bubbling happiness puts others into a bad mood

INFJ: Brilliant and stupid at the same time

ENTJ: Controls themselves with dignity, loses their temper at the drop of a hat

INTJ: Wants to conquer the world, never wants to be left in charge of anything

ESFP: Sensitive marshmallow always causing arguments

ISFP: Dramatic but calm

ESTP: Dad disguised as skateboarder

ISTP: Calculated spontaneity 

ENTP: Doesn’t care about you, but totally cares about you

INTP: Warm robot

ENFP: Timidly outgoing

INFP: Has plans of revenge written down in their cute kitten notebook

giorgospiros  asked:

Hello! How are you? 😄 I have a question.. Well, we all know that unhealthy types usually act different in a bad way. For example, an unhealthy ENFJ can be manipulative, care only about power etc. Can you write how each type acts when unhealthy? Thank you! 😄😄

I am great, thank you! And, yes, I’ve been meaning to do this for awhile:


  • Unhealthy ENFJs are manipulative, fussy, whiny, very emotional, self-conscious, self-hating, depressed, and sporadically cruel.
  • Healthy ENFJs are kind, orderly, well-kept, passionate, confident, and self-sacrificing.


  • Unhealthy ESFJs are mean, very emotional, jealous, egoistic, sassy, dramatic, power-hungry, and sporadically cruel.
  • Healthy ESFJs are kind, orderly, well-kept, good leaders, community workers, and self-sacrificing.


  • Unhealthy INFJs are manipulative, fussy, self-hating, explosive, critical, feels constantly victimized, and egoistic
  • Healthy INFJs are kind, orderly, well-kept, self-aware, altruistic, humanitarian, and community workers


  • Unhealthy ISFJs are manipulate, compulsive liars, chaotic, dramatic, critical, stifling, condescending, and mean
  • Healthy ISFJs are nice, sympathetic, self-confident, passionate, dedicated, achievers, and organized


  • Unhealthy ENTJs are condescending, mean, explosive, stifling, control-freaks, dogmatic, cold, lazy, and self-centered
  • Healthy ENTJs are organized, good leaders, self-aware, coolly confident, self-sacrificing, and understanding.


  • Unhealthy ESTJs are condescending, control-freaks, dogmatic, explosive, “OCD,” inflexible, and self-centered
  • Healthy ESTJs are organized, good leaders, self-aware, kind, self-sacrificing, understanding, and structured


  • Unhealthy INTJs are mean, controlling, manipulative, spiteful, egoistic, have a superiority complex, and lazy
  • Healthy INTJs are put-together, understanding, organized, coolly confident, flexible, open-minded, and self-aware


  • Unhealthy ISTJs are control-freaks, “OCD,” inflexible, dramatic, very emotional, egoistic, and explosive
  • Healthy ISTJs are moral, kind, good leaders, open-minded, organized, efficient, hardworking, and dedicated


  • Unhealthy ENFPs are highly emotional, frantic, stifling, rude, self-centered, “cry babies,” and oblivious
  • Healthy ENFPs are kind, altruistic, self-aware, self-confident, helpers, achievers, and passionate


  • Unhealthy ESFPs are manipulative, egoistic, unfocused, lazy, selfish, rude, crazy, and mean
  • Healthy ESFPs are orderly, well-kept, helpers, understanding, good leaders, energetic, and quirky 


  • Unhealthy INFPs are self-centered, oblivious, “cry babies,” depressed, anxious, lazy, explosive, and egoistic
  • Healthy INFPs are kind, self-aware, stable, charitable, creators, open-minded, coolly confident, and passionate


  • Unhealthy ISFPs are “cry babies,” self-centered, oblivious, explosive, highly emotional, dramatic, and critical
  • Healthy ISFPs are kind, creative, fun, quirky, hardworking, dedicated, stable, self-aware, and passionate


  • Unhealthy ENTPs are self-centered, rude, cold, know-it-alls, manipulative, lazy, “cut-throat,” critical, and hateful
  • Healthy ENTPs are kind, quirky, excitable, motivated, energetic, creative, and good leaders


  • Unhealthy ESTPs are self-centered, rude, mean, “ADHD,” unpredictable, critical, and know-it-alls
  • Healthy ESTPs are motivated, hardworking, challengers, good leaders, energetic, fun, and motivators


  • Unhealthy INTPs are know-it-alls, mean, self-hating, critical, highly emotional, explosive, and oblivious
  • Healthy INTPs are thoughtful, kind, altruistic, coolly confident, creative, fun, and hardworking


  • Unhealthy ISTPs are risky, unpredictable, mean, know-it-alls, dramatic, fatalistic, and cold
  • Healthy ISTPs are dedicated, hardworking, energetic, kind, altruistic, creative, quirky, and coolly confident 

*Please take into account that many traits overlap with one another, and that those with average health fall in between; you may have traits from both the healthy and unhealthy descriptions. Healthy types may exhibit one or two traits from the unhealthy sector when in a bad mood/situation. Unhealthy types may exhibit a few traits from the healthy sector when in a good mood/situation. 

The Types as I Know Them

The list isn’t complete but still :^)

ISTJ: They’re really quiet and more awkward than awkward at first but once they get used to you, they don’t really shut up and they talk to themselves when you’re around to make it seem like they’re having a conversation with you

ENFP: They’re really clingy and they do a lot of developing while you know them and they kinda disappear without saying anything for a while but they come back like nothing happened which is pretty chill and also contradictory

ENTP: Gets high and drunk a lot, like, a lot a lot but loves everyone while they’re under the drunk affect. You’d sort of expect them to be the dictator type because of their egoism but they’re really not. It’s sort of like their egoism is a little card they play a bit too much

INFP: Can literally write paragraphs about how awesome you are when you’re feeling down. Or just when they’re happy about something. They write a lot of positive paragraphs

ENTJ: Really bad at understanding jokes like they take them too seriously and try to understand the meaning and if it’s a joke about them, they’ll say “Is that really a problem with me? You should’ve told me earlier before announcing it, gosh”

INTP: Probably the most extroverted introvert like they can easily rap in front of a stranger when asking a question but get so exhausted after a few hours and need like 9 hours of sleep but they can also be like a monkey when they’re hyped but they never actually sleep so yeah, your local mad scientist with issues??

INTJ: They’re really hard to communicate with at first but once you get under their skin enough, they’re one of the best people to sit around with and do almost nothing

ESTP: They can make anything seem funnier than it really is and they repeat the same short joke all the time and the joke doesn’t seem to lose its worth. And they never forget things really so they’re probably the best people to have inside jokes with