Topographical artist, curio- and book dealer Trevor Newton and Rodney Archer got to know each over a number of years as friendly rivals at the antique stalls of Spitalfields Market. It was when Rodney asked Trevor to appraise a number of his books for sale that the two developed the idea of opening the first floor of 31 Fournier Street as an occasional but ongoing venue for exhibitions and other cultural events. The aim is to assemble and curate exhibitions which will benefit from a intimate setting where the attention can be focussed on smaller works and enable a closer perusal than is possible in other more open contemporary gallery spaces. In summer, the hidden walled garden at the rear of the house will also be brought into play for gathering, conversing and general mingling.

While Rodney Archer’s role will be that of the ‘Genius Loci’, the creator and 'onlie begetter’ presiding over a richly fascinating interior environment which has become a work of art in itself. Trevor, with the help of fellow-artist Edward Firth, will act as Master of Ceremonies, assembling, curating and presenting exhibitions and events at Number 31. The three will also collaborate on publishing illustrated catalogues and books related to the various shows.

2014 will see a series of intriguing artistic events taking place at number 31. The first, in May, will be an informal Retrospective selling exhibition of Trevor Newton’s topographical drawings and paintings to mark the tenth anniversary of his association with dealer Nicholas Bowlby.

Read about Rodney Archer, Aesthete, here.

Photography by Jay Morthland.

Dictionary Encyclogeekia: TYP0

Typ0 (type-oh / type-zero):

  • When a person is not your type and has ZERO chance of ever being with you.Most people have a type when looking for a mate. Some people dont have such a concrete criteria but know who they wont be with under an circumstances, this is referred to as Typ0 or Type Zero.
  • Typ0 referring to someone with attributes that you cant look past even just for a quick fuck. To fat, too skinny, too old, too ugly, thin wrists, big head or some other thing about them that leaves them zero chance of getting laid.

“Dude why not just get with that girl? Hit it and forget it!”

“No way man shes a total Typ0, not even if she was the last girl on earth.”



Been working my nubbins off for the past few months, making new work  for a printed collection of portraits. Click on this to go through to the facebook page where there’s a ton of work from the past year and a bit.

Thanks to Symbear for the inspiration :}D


My first solo exhibition is happening in East London next month, contact me if you’d like to come. The venue was constructed in 1725 so we have to be careful with it… plus Fitzroy and Earl, the cats, like to know whose busy hands will be wandering over them each night.

Silkscreen prints and Giclée prints of new work/images from Pound Shop 1.

See you there,



Issue 2 of Pound Shop, the illustration zine for the fur enthusiast, touches down next Wednesday, 13th August.

This issue is produced in a limited edition of 200, each initialled and numbered. It’s 24 saddle-stitched pages of illustration with an interview between myself and a rapper/beartrapper called EarthTone from New Jersey. You can order here: www.typ0.bigcartel.com

Available at Tate Modern shop, Gay’s the Word, and Foyles Charing Cross from Wednesday 13th.

I’ll be away setting up my Edinburgh prints show from 14-18th August, so I’ll get time to personalise and ship zines from the 19th. The quickest way to get a copy is to stop by one of the outlets listed above. Personalised zines include a signed thumb-sized portrait of you in brush pen.