zagglezig submitted:

Blademaster, warrior, and archer, respectively, from the Tynon class selection screen.

I admit to being a little surprised that most of the males were poorly armored, as well. Guess there was a short supply of metal and the animals got most of it.

Ah, Tynon, lovely to see more from this game. I don’t think we’d heard about the animal-loving aspect of it yet. Protect your furry friends, go naked yourself.

For those not willing to click that link, here’s a refresher in Tynon ads:

arlmyeamon submitted:

With all those fancy feathers and jewelry on her shoulder, I think she really needs to start rethinking her financial priorities…

unlabeledpunk submitted:

I don’t know if you’ve been given this yet, but…what is she even wearing?! Like, seriously, how are her boobs not falling out of that!? Also, her squishy bits are totally up for being stabbed. Not sure how great of armor that is if it’s so easy to be STABBED, I prefer a full chest of full plate myself, but maybe I’m the insane one. I haven’t played the game yet, but with the advertising, I personally don’t want to if that’s the kind of armor I’d be getting.

And then compared to Tynon in-game:

H. Savinien submitted:

This is apparently “an elite knight named Rosaline”, an archer, in her advertising/fanservice and chibi gameplay modes.  (I’m 80% sure they’re both meant to be the same character.) For the love of all things holy, someone get Rosaline some fricking armor.  She’s got a wizard to defeat and I’m sure some clothes would help with that.

So while the recap stuff has all been fixed here before, I invite people to fix the Tynon animal advocates. Which may or may not be an excellent band name.