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I have a question and I'm having a hard time finding the answer, and you seem like you actually know your stuff. Say you wanted to get into the Green Lantern comics, but have no idea where to begin because...well the series has been going on forever, and there's the reboot and other things. Do you have any suggestions? I'm sorry to bother you with something like this, I'm literally just having a lot of trouble finding a definitive answer.

Ahhh it’s flattering of you to think so anon! I’m always up for recommendations but sometimes I’m worried I oversell myself! I only got heavily into Lanterns like 7 months ago, and only got their full runs in December and like… yeah, yeah, I’ll try and help with what I can.

Now, where to start… is always the most difficult question with lanterns! Because there is so much history built up, with mild retcons hidden along the way and wow I’m not really making this sound easy.

Since you mentioned the reboot, I will say— the most hospitable title for beginners of the GL titles of the nu52 is Green Lantern Corps! The main Green Lantern title basically continues DIRECTLY from the War of the Green Lanterns preboot, and Green Lantern: New Guardians is… complicated… but I WILL suggest it considering it was the nu52 title I went into with only basic knowledge of the show! And it has Bleez and Saint Walker and bros!!!!! … for the first 12 issues and then everything starts to suck /opinions. It’s really because they’re squishing in everything in real quick to try and match up with the main GL title for the cross over. So yes, GLC stars Guy and John and it’s basically about their friendship and how Guy RLY RLY cares about John and they’re such good friends aND GOD I LOVE IT. cough. Guy’s history is heavily retconned though in the 0 issue so basically you can get into it as a new person!

But!! If you want to go for preboot……

You need to decide what Lantern you want to read most about! If you want to read broadly about the Green Lantern Corps and them all, I suggest a Tales of the Green Lantern Corps which there are several volumes of!

It’s really a bit complicated from there but let’s see if I can do a steady suggestion list………

  • for Hal Jordan, I would LIKE to say a beginner could start with Green Lantern: Rebirth and then just go onto volume 4 (the 2005 run of Green Lanter, the first volume being No Fear), BUT I’m not sure how well that would be. Personally, I had dove into a lot of stuff and had basic knowledge and even I get confused. as I said, GL keeps a lot history. OH and there isSecret Originby Geoff Johns which is a modern retelling of his origin how could I forget. That could help you loads actually!! Cause like Sinestro originally didn’t have such a role in his origin and such and it sorta explains stuff and what not yeah that should go before Rebirth omg I’m terrible at Hal. You COULD start back all the way at the beginning of volume 2 if you’re like me (1960 run) ((though Hal originally appeared in DC Showcase 22-24)) and the extensive run onward has began to be collected in omnibuses as far as I have seen
  • OKAY GUY GARDNER IS REALLY HARD TO DO because if you wanna read him as being a big asshole but it being funny, read JLI, but JLI is Justice League International and it’s a team book and there’s tons of other characters and plot threads and it doesn’t focus on him and GUY STARTED OUT A SWEETHEART and then brain damage happened and it’s just?? Also read Justice League International Quarterly #4, his story with Tora is darling just do it. But if you want to read him after character development happens (which it happens in his solo series from the 90’s unfortunately which is actually p. terrible as a whole) I’d say go for the 2006 Green Lantern Corps run (which starts with To Be A Lantern) which is the first lantern thing I ever read!!! and I got through it just fine bc I already knew in my heart I loved Guy, and the first story is actually what Heir Apparent from GLTAS is based on! Granted, note the story of Iolande’s family is a little bit more twisted :c (also I should mention, I didn’t read it before it, BUT Green Lantern: Recharge actually precedesTo Be a Lantern so year read that first.) oh and. uh. Let’s see oh!!! Guy’s first bit of character development from his 90’s jerk era was actually the Guy and his G’nort storyline from the v.3 (1990 run) of GL which was issues 9-13 (tech it ends at 12 but you see the conclusion for it in 13) and it’s just a nice story! To know the basic of who G’nort is, you can just watch “The Eyes of Despero” episode from Batman: Brave and the Bold. It’s sweet to see Guy change ;w;
  • OKAY JOHN!!! John is hard. Wait why did I do Guy before John I FEEL BAD BECAUSE JOHN IS REALLY GREAT. He FLOURISHED utterly in volume 2 (1960/1967 run) of GL and like!!! He showed up in issue 87 cause Guy was hurt and the Guardians dismissed him as improper back-up so they got John. I warn you some of these early issues can be a little stereotyping and such, it was a different time, but then Hal quit being a GL! And went off with Oliver Queen to bum around America and do shit together and have talks about political views. I’m not exactly sure of the issues. He met his wife, Katma Tui, and they formed a bond and grew and loved each other and basically volume 2 is the place to read John. I’m not sure of the trade names for this :( There was also Cosmic Odyssey which a big mistake happens for him in that and it’s something that hangs over his history for a long time. In Volume 3, a crazy Guardian took over his mind and things got… weird. There’s also his solo series Mosaic, which… is weird. volume 3 era wasn’t the best time for him. His wife had been murdered by Star Sapphire at that point and just. JOHN. SIGH. He’s also featured in the.. um… I think 1999 run of JLA a lot but again, team book!! Other things happen!
  • KYLE IS REALLY EASY OKAY HERE WE GO. In volume 3 like it’s common knowledge at this point but if you don’t know, writers decided they needed to make GL important in the middle of Superman and Batman being injured/dying so HAL GOES EVIL AND KILLS THE ENTIRE CORPS. and then Ganthet shows up like “here u go” and gives Kyle the last ring ever and bamfs out. WITHOUT EXPLAINING SHIT. Not his best moment. Kyle appears for a page of issue 48, but then gets in the ring in the final pages of 50, and officially is a GL in 51. And basically Green Lantern volume 3 from then on is allllll a Kylefest. His run HAS been collected and #51-55 starts in a trade called A New Dawn. 51-181 of a run is ALLLLL Kyle. Note that it. Goes down. A lot. After a while. But then Kyle becomes Ion and just. Yeah. KYLE’S REALLY FUNNY I tried to start with Kyle before I threw my hands up in the air and was like “I WANNA READ ALL THE THINGS” and went back to volume 2.
  • YEAH SURE IF YOU READ KYLE HER RUN IS BASICALLY INTERTWINED WITH KYLE BUT WHY WOULDN’T YOU WANT TO READ ABOUT EARTH’S ONLY FEMALE GREEN LANTERN AND EVERYONE FORGETS HER BUT SHE’S SO FABULOUS. cough. I’m sorry. Anyway, basically in issue 86 of Kyle’s run (which is a fab issue), she shows up at his apartment and like “Hey dude, you’re a friend of my dad (the original Green Lantern Alan Scott), can I stay here I have nowhere to go.” And he’s like “Oh uh okay you’re here anyway.” And then Green Lantern/Sentinel: Heart of Darkness happens sometime after that (maybe before issue 100), where Jenny loses her powers saving her dad, brother, and Kyle in one foul swoop (u should read it) and it’s also the first time she kisses Kyle after he breaks up w/ Donna. They officially get together in issue 103, BUT THEN, after the Hal from the past goes back to the past (it’s complicated), Kyle’s left with a GL ring and 107 is all like “What dude I should give it do OH WAIT MY GF USED TO BE A SUPERHERO” (she was in Infinity Inc, a team book from the 80’s which is like so fun for me but probs not for everyone it’s really cheesy) and she becomes the only GL of Earth til about 112 where Kyle gets back from space, but she still continues to be in his run almost the entire time and still has the ring! Until Kyle becomes Ion and gives her back her powers later in volume 3.
    *109 is a piece of shit issue that retcons her history to have sexual assault in it and I was always, always, always say just take what it says about her past with a grain of salt in that issue and just enjoy her overprotective brother
  • I’M NOT INCLUDING ALAN CAUSE HE’S HARD TO EXPLAIN but if you are interested in him I’ve already written up a more coherent and specific reference list for him right here.



Look this is really incoherent but like, basically, suggesting Green Lantern is really hard. You just sorta gotta choose a lantern you want to dive into and take the leap from there. Because basically everything leads everywhere, and if you REALLY wanted to, and decided who you wanted to get into, I can get you more specific and detailed suggestions to the best of my ability! I’m sorry this isn’t the best, I hope I didn’t confuse you more.

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It honestly explains why I was having trouble finding a real starting point for the series! The one thing is that I want to read /everything/ so I’m going to read over this a lot and THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU ARE AMAZING. <3 ;w; As I read this 234343145x

YEAH! Like tbh I tried to start GL like several times, and as I said I started with GLC because at the time Guy was my favorite (my favorite lantern switches a lot but Alan tends to stay on top the most), Hal is ~sorta~ the easiest to find issues for because he’s in errything, but if you want Guy or John I can get their specific issues for all the volumes and such.

I’m still not the most well versed in John’s essential works, but I can look into it more for you! Of all the lanterns, honestly Kyle is the easiest, but I got frustrated wanting to learn more, and it really is funnest imo for Green Lantern when there’s corps and interactions and friendships. I tend to enjoy a majority of the middle of Kyle’s run, because he has Jenny, and then he goes out with John and Guy and Alan and they all have drinks together, and he hangs with the younger Hal and is bros for 7ish issues and just like. Kyle’s a really fun character!

I just love all the lanterns having fun together.

the volume 4/volume 2 of GL/GLC run (2005/2006) is the easiest to track because they’re the most recent and all the bibliography is in order and basically all of it has been collected in an easy way to read side by side leading up to certain events that happen at the same time, and none of it is out of print.

Like Kyle’s run/volume 3…

honestly, downloading is the best for GL because there’s also so many spin-off titles too, and Secret Files specials, and annuals— oh but!!! if you do want to get into John!! I know comixology is having a special for Black History month and all his issues are. 99 cents if you don’t know torrents/file hunting and have cash to spare.

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Also it’s just wonderfully amazing to see how much you love this, and how nice you are about everything. It honestly makes me want to get into the series even more. \QwQ/ Thankyousomuchonceagainyouhavenoideahowentirelyawesomethisis.