• Jason: Tim.
  • Jason: Timothy.
  • Jason: Timbo.
  • Jason: Timmy.
  • Jason: Timtam.
  • Jason: Tympole.
  • Jason: Tim-tack-toe.
  • Jason: Tim-ber.
  • Jason: Tim-bucktu.
  • Jason: Tim-belina.
  • Jason: Tim-Jim.
  • Jason: Tim-celot.
  • Jason: Tim's-a-snot.
  • Jason: Tim-ora Pierce.
  • Jason: ...
  • Jason: Come on, Bread Robin, don't ignore me.
  • Tim: I'm sorry what?
  • Tim: Bread Robin?
  • Jason: Is that the only thing you paid any attention to?
  • Tim: Bread Robin. What the heck, Jason?

Tympole is so annoying with those constantly worried eyebrows and that weak-ass smile. I ripped those brows off and made his mouth into a big, strong 0 that can blow bubbles at anyone at any speed for any reason and always with devastating results. Tympole is strong now.


Good Pokémon Edits Master Post #X8-13b

  1. Gus T. Lee
  2. Hetero Lurantis
  3. Puke Man
  4. Baberooth
  5. Sumo Meteor Starfish Man
  6. Tympole (improved)
  7. Mawile
  8. Spider Baaallll
  9. Ice Cream Cat
  10. Alolan Smoochum

Day 456 - Otamaro | オタマロ | Tympole (Shiny)

Otamaro can wriggle and shake to make its croaking noises. Each Otamaro has its own note, so they hang out in groups of one of each. In the nights, you can hear their song.

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