• Jason: Tim.
  • Jason: Timothy.
  • Jason: Timbo.
  • Jason: Timmy.
  • Jason: Timtam.
  • Jason: Tympole.
  • Jason: Tim-tack-toe.
  • Jason: Tim-ber.
  • Jason: Tim-bucktu.
  • Jason: Tim-belina.
  • Jason: Tim-Jim.
  • Jason: Tim-celot.
  • Jason: Tim's-a-snot.
  • Jason: Tim-ora Pierce.
  • Jason: ...
  • Jason: Come on, Bread Robin, don't ignore me.
  • Tim: I'm sorry what?
  • Tim: Bread Robin?
  • Jason: Is that the only thing you paid any attention to?
  • Tim: Bread Robin. What the heck, Jason?
Seismitoad Family Headcanons

(For @fangirltrash​! Apologies for the long wait!)

  • Trainers who allow their seismitoads to roam the house rarely invest in actual drinking glasses, and those who do keep them safely secured when they’re not in use. An irritable or overjoyed seismitoad may express its emotions by sending tremors through the earth and inadvertently (or purposefully, as the case may be) shattering some fragile objects. Plastic is safer. 
  • Palpitoad saliva used to be a key ingredient in many ancient glue mixtures. Even today, trainers that own palpitoads may sometimes tempt them to lick broken shelves or shoe soles to temporarily fix them.  
  • Tympoles were once used by old, riverside communities as part of an alarm system. These communities, understanding how the pokémon emitted sound waves at the sight of danger, would put metal forks outside their houses which were capable of resounding a tympole’s cries, reverberating them at a level the human ear could detect. This system would alert the communities as to any signs of unrest near the river.
  • Palpitoads and seismitoads gain speed when swimming by invoking tremors in the water around them, making it sway and rock and propel them forward. Without their ability to create vibrations, they would be as sluggish underwater as they are on land. 
  • Although seismitoads are supposed to be fed on insects, they have remarkable appetites and will eat almost anything. They have been known to snaffle burgers, swallow apples whole, and eat entire sacks of raw potatoes that they find long-abandoned at the backs of cupboards.
  • The tympole line does not croak. For the most part, they interact completely silently.
  • By gripping a person’s arm and sending vibrations through it, seismitoads are easily capable of breaking bones. Their superior abilities in shattering debris make them common to rescue teams, particularly those dedicated to the recovery of earthquake victims, trapped cavers, people affected by avalanches, etc. - anything that involves vast piles of scree.  

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ITS OPEN YES!! and can I get some Pokemon hcs for the characters of ur choice!!! it don't matter I love them all and thank u SM if u answer this aaaaa

With my huge love of pokemon I HAD to do this one. -Admin Shouto

more under the cut ^^

Midoriya Izuku
His team consists of:
-Eevee (his first pokemon, and probably evolves into a sylveon)
-Vulpix (eventually its given to todoroki)
-Mew (All Might’s gift to him ^^)
-Deerling (it’s spring variant)
-Feebas (eventual Milotic)

-he kicks ass on the battle field, even though his team is a bit weak. his strategy goes unmatched by almost all of the trainers he’s faced.
-his dream is to eventually beat the elite four + champion and become champion

Todoroki Shouto
His team consists of:
-Ice Vulpix (his first pokemon, from his mother)
-Vulpix (from Izuku!)

-his father is a member of the elite four who’s always wished to be champion. he forces that wish onto his son. endeavor mostly uses fire type pokemon
-todoroki hates his father and fire types, but midoriya changes his opinion when he battles midoriya’s vulpix.
-his dream is also to become league champ, but he would give up that dream if something better came his way

Bakugou Katsuki
His team consists of:
-Cyndaquil (his starter)

-bakugou’s very very good battler- he doesnt have much strategy but his explosive team can easily take down tough opponents.
-he’s the other one who wants to be champion- he wants the title for glory and pride, as well as the chance to meet his idol. he’ll never tell you that.

Uraraka Ochako
Her team consists of:
-Starly (her starter)

-she’s not so much into battling, and is one of Izuku’s companions on his trip around the region. she’s into breeding and the stats of pokemon, as well as how wonderful they are.
-her dream is probably to start a pokemon ranch where pokemon can be safe and cared for. (sorta like the dog sanctuary)

Tsuyu Asui
Her team consists of:
-Mudkip (her starter)

-she’s on the hunt for powerful legendaries, like suicune and such. it’s been her dream to see something so beautiful
-she’s good at battling, but doesn’t like doing it. fighting isn’t her thing, unless her pokemon are up for it.


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Pikachu and Stunfisk!

  • Pikachu: Who is your favourite Pokemon?

… L-Lunala…

; _ ; I HAVE BETRAYED THIS BLOG! Ampharos was my #1 til I played thru Moon. Now it’s my #2 favorite, and my #1 non-legend Pokémon, which is good enoug but…

I Love Space Bat Like A Son

  • Stunfisk: What Pokemon is your least favourite?

… Tympole. It’s just… SO uncanny, to see a human face in a tadpole, it SERIOUSLY irks me. I just… can’t deal with it…