[title: Darkjira [shadowkyruem12′s take]
this is my friend’s verison of my kaiju persona! it’s sooo awesome!~~
name: Darkjira, Owen cerulean
allias: the last of his species, the monster of all hybrids
species: highly advance mutated alpha godzilasaurus
age: unknown
height: 150 meters tall
length: 130 meters
wingspan: in between MUTO’s, Rodan’s or king ghidorah’s wingspan 
status: taken by ahri foxtails ( @ahrifoxtailgoddess persona oc )
children: kenny cerulean, ruby cerulean/the divine moth (oprhaned daughter) gale/melody/shining!jenna (adopted daughter found by ahri) and abby cerulean (new born daughter)
bloodline: cyberjira (father), Rosejira (mother) gigasaurus (older brother) godzilla 2014 (surrgent grandfather)
DNA cells: godzilla 2014, shin godzilla, destroyah, M.U.T.O, rodan, angurius, ultraman, kaizer ghidorah, komodo dragon, viper, allosaurus, megalodon, tylosaur, rouge titan, king kong, godzillasaurus, Machimosaurus rex (prehisotoric crocodile), zilla junior, SpacetacoGoji and the basilisk,
allies: the earth defenders, atarojira, bendorah, bluezilla, zimzilla,  bendorah, hypertheruim, dragongoji/draco, NEO, timeline!zilla, albino/Kaiju!jaster, Lilo/Kaiju!shannon, godzilla tyrant, redraptorzilla, kaijuros, cj mcqueen/arkosaur, mothra lea, king kong, ethanzilla, nick dodge dajjigoji form ( @daizua123 )  Eragoji, owen.exe, seleo ( @seleomoonneo ) misty ( @mistymiddiana )  Shinagawa-sama, Podzhigate, kenneth, the wise one and lulu
enemies: shin godzilla, the corrupted gods, hisyao, necros/dark.owen, dark.ahri, king ghidorah, destroyah, parasiteshingodzilla, shin goji humanoids, arkosaurus, cellgoji, skullcrawler, M.U.T.O, gigan, space godzilla, kurushimi, hypertherima, timeline!monster X, mother ghidorah
quote: “we were born free people say they control us but we are the ones  that can control ourserlves”
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List of JW2 Fan Ideas

EDIT: Updating with confirmed plot points as of May 9, 2017!

Well, we have had a lot of speculation, idea tossing, and hopes for what the Jurassic World sequel entails these past few days. I want to go ahead and make a reference list, so when the film is announced and we get more plot details, we can see if any of it actually happens!

  • Spinosaurus redemption
  • Return of old characters. Most requested are Sarah Harding, Alan Grant, Ian Malcolm, and Ellie Sattler (EDIT: JEFF GOLDBLUM IS CONFIRMED FOR RETURNING!)
  • Doctor Wu injecting himself with dinosaur DNA
  • Dinosaur/Human hybrids
  • The return of Raptor Squad
  • More dinosaur hybrids (EDIT: This is up for debate, I think the leaked set images lean toward this being a possiblity!)
  • Better look at park employees
  • Incorporation of both Isla Sorna and Isla Nublar
  • Incoporation of the Muertes Archipelago
  • Marine reptiles (more Mosasaur action; perhaps plesiosaurs/tylosaurs/etc.)
  • More of Rexy kicking ass (EDIT: REXY CONFIRMED TO RETURN)
  • Lex, Tim, Kelly (and possibly Erik) returning

Let me know what else you’d like to see in an upcoming JW/JP sequel and I’ll add it to the list!

The Styxosaurus

Once within the times Cretacean, Leviathan, a grand creation,
Moved with grace and speed above the fractured ocean floor—
Presently her gentle gliding mirrored the fishes, all residing
In the depths while wafting, sliding to avoid the predator.
The styxosaurus, shard-like teeth, the reefs she did explore,
For a languid floating, noting nothing more.

But deep into the water peering was the Tylosaur, still leering
with his toothy grin endearing in an open silent roar.
Eagerly the beast had waited in the shadows with breath baited
Hoping soon to be well-sated,
on the lengthy styxosaur.

Though her world was spacious and her appetite rapacious
there is no safety in Cretaceous and in time her fate would find her.
Soon the Tylosaur was turning, adenine triphosphate burning,
all his soul within him yearning, as he pulled up straight behind her,
A fatal reminder.

Ennervation took its token and with force her neck was broken
And her prayers remained unspoken as the giant maw enclosed.
And she struggled in delirium, the great impressive therium,
Then fell, ensanguined, weary and to permanent repose.
(Soon she’d start to decompose.)

The story’s grim rhetoric on the victim prehistoric
Is the dysphoric fate that each creature will sustain.
And the beast, while waiting lonely will surely be beholden only
to whoever should discover what remains of her remains.

But bones do not grow weary, fossils don’t feel faintly teary,
And she’s waiting–with no organs she will not be sick-at-heart.
And what’s left has left no token, slowly she becomes more broken,
when for her no soul has spoken since so long ago she did depart. 
And the Tylosaur was slated with the same fate that was fated,
And their souls so long have waited till they both will fall apart.