harrisonfort  asked:

hey there! is it okay if i use your art in my blog sidebar if i credit you? ~

hey…oh.. whoa.. someone wants my art on the sidebar…im so honored

i’m going to publish this for future reference so I hope you don’t mind. it’s alright to use my art as icons or sidebar images as long as you credit me somewhere! e.g. you can put it on your description or have a visible credit page or write my name on the picture, etc.

and thank you for telling me in advance! that’s really cool of you

harrisonfort  asked:

haha i'm watching snk with ava and ymir is like "lol krista let's get married hahaha jk jk hahah what if i was gay and i liked you lol" and we're gonna cosplay them and like… that's how our relationship started


holy shit am i smooth man that was so smooth

it was like 

You: omfg this dude is hitting on me

Me: haha u should tell him ur hanging out with ur gf

*1 week later*

Me: wait so are we totes gay for each other or-

You: yea

You: *smooch*