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Have you ever thought about writing an ongoing fan fiction that's based around Josh or Tyler and another character with multiple chapters? I think you'd be awesome at it.

i have yeah but i just haven’t come up with any solid ideas for one yet. i’ve got the blurry one that i wanna write but every time i work on it, i get mad because i don’t have an ending even planned out yet. idk maybe if i get a really great idea for one.


I’ll never get over the fact that everything they say is so accurate.

tvd ig series (race swap)

Orion Carloto as Bonnie Bennett

Chloe Bennett as Caroline Forbes

Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ as Damon Salvatore

Kiera Rose as Elena Gilbert

Nathan Zed as Jeremy Gilbert

LOOKNFIVE (on IG) as Lorenzo “Enzo” St. John

Ryan Guzman as Malachai “Kai” Parker

OKDEON (on IG) as Matt Donovan

Hasan Piker as Stefan Salvatore

Don Benjamin as Tyler Lockwood

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The Tenth Doctor and Alec Hardy introducing their partners to important people from their past (and then dashing off)

Doctor Who - Series 2, School Reunion
Broadchurch - Series 2, Episode 1