tylers arrested

when tyler gets arrested

policeman : you have the right to remain sil-


policeman : anything you say can and will be held against you in a-

tyler : JOSH DUN!

jenna : wtf

tyler : it’s just the lyrics babe

josh : ;) ;)  

Dating Alex Standall Would Include (Male Reader):

hey guys! sorry it took me so long to get this out, ive just been super busy this week. again, this is super long and i feel like i could have done better, but i didnt want to keep you guys waiting so long. thank you for your patience! please give me your feedback!


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  • the first time you officially meet alex, youre completely unprepared
  • its the first day of junior year and even though its only third period youre already exhausted
  • youre one of the first students to walk in to ap english and youre horrified to note that this class not only has the desks paired of in twos, but also has a seating chart
  • you take you assigned seat (thankfully in the back of the class) and wait for more students to file in with baited breath
  • you decide to just pop your headphones in scroll through twitter instead of watching the door like an idiot, ignoring the anxiety that comes with being in a new class
  • its about a minute before the bell rings when someone plops down next to you, startling you away from your phone

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Word Count:1,500

Warnings: Daddy kink, language

Summary: Bad boy/psychopath Tyler in prison, based off of Heathens music video

Request: can u do a tyler joseph daddy smut

I looked at my reflection in one of the many metal tables around me and centered my thin silver necklace. It was a gift from Tyler and I never took it off. The necklace was just a thin chain, but where someone might put their name or a small heart charm, I instead had “Daddy” in silver, cursive letters hanging delicately around my neck.

I took a deep breath and turned to the prison guard behind me, “I’m ready.”

We walked through the gray, concrete hallway, the only noise being my black heels against the hard surface. The prison guard accompanying me remained stone-faced the whole walk to Tyler’s visiting area. I couldn’t visit Tyler like everyone else got to visit their incarcerated loved ones. He was in the isolation unit. I wasn’t even supposed to get to see him, but he was friendly with some of the guards.

I could vividly remember the moment I showed up on my mother’s doorstep, crying, telling her that Tyler had gotten arrested. She looked down at me, her lips in a tight line, her eyes cold and adamant, and said, “If you know what’s good for you, you’ll leave him and run as far as you can.” Those were her last words to me before slamming the door in my face. I understood. Hell, I always knew Tyler would end up in prison, and if not prison he’d go somewhere worse.

Tyler had never been mentally stable. He never killed them though. That’s what he told me, even when he came home soaked to the bone in someone else’s blood, he never killed them. I believed him; even when he got sentenced to 25-life in a maximum security prison, he was still innocent to me. No one understood that. But they didn’t see the man that I did. I was his princess, he was my daddy, and I was going to visit him as much as I could.

The six foot something prison guard led me through several locked doors until we finally came to a room. There weren’t any windows, but the single fluorescent light hanging from the ceiling was enough for the teeny tiny room. It was just like a concrete box, except one wall was made up of the bars they use on prison cells. The only difference between this and an actual cell was the table and chairs in the middle.

I muttered a quick thank you as the prison guard pulled out a chair for me. It was the chair facing the bars. This was the chair I always sat in. I liked it because I could see Tyler as they brought him to me. No matter how many men, dressed in their full military uniforms, with their big guns pressed to his back, were with him, his face always lit up when he saw me.

“They’re bringing him down.” The man told me before leaving and locking the heavy metal door behind him.

I knew he was just outside the door, ready to start the clock. Thirty minutes. That’s all the time I got, and I planned on making the most of it.

Being by myself was an adjustment in more ways than one. Tyler and I had gone from having sex five or six times a week to nothing at all. It was torture; especially because Tyler looked great in his orange jumpsuit.

I knew it was wrong. I mean my boyfriend was in prison and all I could think about was sex, but I had always been attracted to the “bad boy” type. So seeing Tyler in handcuffs did something for me and there was nothing I could do about it.

My head snapped up and the sound of footsteps coming down the hall. I smiled and adjusted my cleavage so just enough was spilling out to get Tyler’s attention, but it still looked effortless and natural. Me, of all people, didn’t have a problem with pushing my boobs up to my ears, but Tyler did. Every time I tried to make any sort of advance, he shot me down. I didn’t see why, he was already in here for life with no chance of parole, it’s not like he could any more trouble.

A man, dressed like the SWAT team members I saw on TV, removed the lock from the bars. Then, for the first time this week, I saw Tyler. His face looked pretty banged up, but other than that he looked the same as usual.

When he saw me, he smirked and looked me up and down before being led inside by a group of officers. Once he was inside they sat him down in the chair across from me and re-handcuffed him with the handcuffs that were connected to the table. That meant he was basically chair-bound, which was perfect for me.

After Tyler’s posse finally left us alone, I sat forward in my hard metal chair, “I miss you, daddy.”

“I miss you too babygirl.” He said smiling.

I began slowly dragging my heeled foot up Tyler’s leg, “I miss your eyes, your mouth, your hands, and most of all I miss your-”

Tyler jerked his leg away from me, “Not here (Y/N).”

I sat back and crossed my arms over my chest, “If not here then where? Your five star hotel suite?”

I knew Tyler didn’t like it when I mouthed off, but it wasn’t like he could punish me for it, unfortunately.

“Was that sarcasm I just heard?” Tyler asked, his eyes now dark with what I hopped was lust.

“I’m sorry, but it’s just been soooo long. I need something daddy.” I whined.

Tyler’s eyes flicked up to the security camera on the wall behind me, “I know, but I can’t baby.” He wiggled his handcuffs for emphasis, “You know that.”

I glanced back at the camera and smirked, “I have an idea.”

Getting up from my seat, Tyler’s brown eyes flew to the short hemline of my skirt. I traced a manicured finger along the table as I walked over to where Tyler was sitting. With a little squeezing and shifting, I finally sat in Tyler’s lap, straddling his thighs.

“We have to be quick and quiet, okay?” He told me, glancing toward the door where the prison guard was standing with his back to us.

I grabbed the sides of his face and pressed a desperate kiss to his lips. It had been so long since I’d touched Tyler, let alone kissed him. Tyler, much to his dismay, couldn’t touch me because of the handcuffs, but my hands roamed everywhere. I made sure not one spot was left untouched by my hands or my lips, but I was truly concerned about one spot in particular.

Keeping my lips on his, I lightly palmed Tyler through his boxers until I felt him grow painfully hard beneath me. Tyler attached his lips to my neck, nipping at my sweet spot.

“D-daddy,” I moaned, grinding my hips against his.

Tyler groaned against my neck, “Shit babygirl, keep doing that.”

I brought his face up to mine and connected our lips. I started grinding down on  him as fast and as hard as I could. It was obvious that neither of us were going to last very long. Even though we were both fully clothed, it had been months since anything but my own fingers had touched me down there.

“You’re so fucking beautiful babygirl.” Tyler moaned.

“Oh god daddy, I-I’m gonna-” I tried to warn Tyler before my orgasm washed over me in waves, making my whole body feel tingly in the best way.

I felt Tyler come shortly after me, letting out a long groan and a string of curses.

He placed his forehead against mine, breathing heavily.

“I’m sorry daddy, I made a mess on you.” I said, already feeling the moisture drip down my thighs.

Tyler laughed, “God I missed you.”

I laughed too and pressed a quick kiss to his chapped, swollen lips. Tyler turned his head and deepened the kiss, making me moan involuntarily. I was just about to work on Tyler’s neck, when I heard the harsh banging on the door that signalled that our time was up.

I pulled away from Tyler, lightly biting down on his bottom lip before wiggling out of his lap.

Back in my chair, I fixed my hair and the lipstick that had mostly rubbed off on Tyler’s mouth. As if on cue, the prison guard swung open the door and told me it was time to go. But before leaving, I discreetly traced a line up my cilt with my index finger and cleaned it off in my mouth, keeping eye contact with Tyler.

I saw his jaw clench and I smiled, innocently blowing him a kiss before prancing out of the room.


Honestly I’ve seen a lot of Heathens theories but my favorite is that Tyler went crazy and killed Josh so that’s basically what I went with here and idk but I think I might be in love with incarcerated Tyler??????

Also P.S. I kind of based this off of the Harley Quinn and Joker vibes I got from the Suicide Squad trailers 

So everyone is talking about how Justin beiber got arrested. Honestly, there are more serious things to discuss. This 8 year old boy saved 6 people from a fire and died trying to save the 7th. This 8 year old boy gave his life trying to save his family. We should be paying respect to this brave soul instead of talking about some idiot getting arrested. The media disgusts me.


In July 2007, 17 yearold Tyler Hadley killed his parents. The reason was because they would not allow him to have a party. Tyler beat his parents with a hammer, and stuffed them in the master bedroom. The party was scheduled, and non of the 60 guests knew that the bodies of two people were hidden away in the home. Later that evening, Tyler confessed to a friend, and took a selfie with him, because he knew it was going to be the last time they would see each other. The same friend told police, and Tyler was arrested.

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any new fics where one or both of them are youtubers?

yes !! 

Message Man by fairlyfloral (11/? | 31,106 | Mature)

tyler is a youtuber, who never shows his face to the camera. videos and photos are his way to scream at everything surrounding him. his fanbase isn’t big, but there are many people, who want to know about him more. he never answers any question asked towards him. he wants to be a different and mysterious one.

tyler is a stalker.

josh doesn’t know tyler exists.

I don’t want to be heard (I want to be listened to) by LoudandDangerous (3/? | 3,317 | Teen And Up)

Under the lost cat fliers and lawn services, Tyler placed the small note. An advertisement looking for a friend because he was lonely and needed somebody to talk to. He was alright with being alone, but sometimes that isn’t enough.

He just didn’t expect anyone to answer.

Not a sweet boy with a crinkly smile who spilled black coffee all over the flier. Certainly not a sweet boy who was famous not the internet.

(Or, The AU where Josh is a YouTuber on house arrest and Tyler is an idiot.)

Unplugged by franticatlantic (1/1 | 12,930 | Explicit)

“The truest of loves start online these days.” - Tyler Joseph

- Mel

I wanted to try including Veni in @israphael-x‘s high fantasy au ~ 

She’s a sorceress specializing in illusion magic! She uses her Triton and her pendant to create the most realistic illusions possible. 

Her job was to arrest thief Tyler but she fell in love with Tegan and decided to join the company instead

When she met Axel for the first time, he tried to flirt with her by saying “Hey, girl, is your beauty real or is it just an illusion? ;)” She chained him up and forced him to follow them until he redeems himself :’) Good ol’ bard Axel started since then singing all their adventures. 

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