mehcadbrooks: Just wrapped up Supergirl S2 in Canada and now off to Australia til early May. I want to thank the wonderful cast, crew, writers and producers we’ve been blessed with. Even some of the toughest times on set were made enjoyable from @jeremymjordan playfulness, @melissabenoist willingness to break out into song and dance at the drop of a hat, @davidharewood multiple characters he does which would have me 😂, @chy_leigh beautiful calming energy, @florianalima and @christophrwood way of saying the funniest thing possible at just the right time, #katiemcgrath (don’t think she has IG; correct me if I’m wrong) ability to pepper any conversation with high brow comedy and a sharp Irish wit. @strongbrenda and @officialterihatcher it’s been a beautiful experience to be on set again with you since I began my career on set with you two and thank you @gberlanti and @andrewkreisberg for another amazing season and introducing me to my new little brother @tylerl_hoechlin it has been a helluva year and we are looking forward to many more. Lastly and most importantly 🙋🏾‍♂️🙋🏾‍♂️🙋🏾‍♂️ thank you to you – the fans. We wouldn’t have a show if you didn’t love what we do. -MJB

    happy holidays everybody!!!! :)))) it is currently 03:18 AM and I am finishing this off as my eyes shut because I really wanted to get this up today and not have to worry tomorrow with sense8 and that. I know the header’s crappy but it’s prison mike and the office has taken over my whole year and I love it so much and it’s not very christmassy and it’s quite ugly (i tried to get the picture of the whole office trying to jump for the christmas picture, if u know the office you’ll know, but that was impossible so prison mike will do) and if you don’t know prison mike i think it’s well worth your time a quick google. I’m sorry if there are any mistakes or if I’ve left anyone out, I know I fucked up somewhere in the S section but I’m too droopy to fix it (no matter how many times I sing the alphabet in my head I’m still somehow doomed to fail). I love everyone here, all my mutuals, feel free to message me any time I’d be delighted to talk to any of you, your posts never leave me without anything to reblog and ur all so amazing so happy holidays everyone, I love you all and enough rambling here’s the frickin list of people (holy bejeezus ming-na that was a long ramble, I’m tired okay. I think I’ve reached the delirious phase) I LOVE U ALLLL !!!!! :)))))

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So here it is! It’s nearly christmas so I decided to do Follow Forever. Also it was my birthday yesterday so it’s another reason to celebrate! Thank you for following me. I love you very much! If you’re not in this, it’s probably because you changed your url and I forgot! Merry christmas and happy new year!

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@tylerl_hoechlin ya está firmando autógrafos en Vancouver. Vuelve a interpretar a #Superman en la serie #Supergirl para el final de la segunda temporada.

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Hello lovelies,

To celebrate 6,000 followers milestone, FYSA team is hosting Sterek AU Fest.

What is ‘Sterek AU Fest’ -

This is a Fest to spread Sterek love with original fan-created works. Your works have to be Sterek AUs or canon divergent.

Type of work -

fic, fanart (graphics/manips/drawings/photosets), or videos about Sterek AUs.

How to sign up -

Deadlines and Dates:

  • Signups close on - February
  • Check-in on - March 1 
  • Assignments are due on - March 17 
  • Posting begins on - March 21 (for a week, depending on the participant count. You’ll receive your post schedule on submission)

Mods of the event:

FYSA team  - @loveactually-rps,  @nerdyderekhale,  @oncetherewasapirate, @tylerl-hoechlin

If you are not participating we’d really appreciate it if you could spread the love by re-blogging this post.

Thank you!

oh shit i reached 600 followers thanks you guys so much
i’ve been on this site for 5 years now and i don’t think i’ve ever did one of these, so i just wanted to make a follow forever because i really appreciate all of you guys

first of all a special shout out to my one and only @radiotiet, ik hou van jou jwz ntb 5ever samen 420blazeit BAE <3<3<3<3

other very special mentions are @symphonyresounding @thekingsbuccaneer @matshhoog  👌 👌 👌

bolded are my favorite blogs, whether right now or some time in these past 5 years, i included all of you(i think)

a - d
@25thomas  @acidkatze  @aeroplaneovrthesea  @alexhamiltcn  @alexiwobi  @alltimelords  @amathemas @ameliaapond  @archbald  @ashagrxyjoy  @astriides  @azkabanished  @baederwiel  @barnesbeesandbutts @beholdthebedlam  @biglywolf  @bjthekick  @blaiseit420  @btwnrageandserenity  @buffongianluigi @bulbaslr  @byern-munich  @catalunyas  @cechh  @charmingbucky  @connnorkenway  @cqptbarnes @crouseey  @cuddlybitch  @cullensbuttwiggle  @damnrollins  @desolationrow24  @doctopus @doctoroffuturepast  @dontyouforgetaboutm  @doriantrevelyan

e - k
@echosong  @eyesoffelina  @farenris  @fc-baes  @fc-muller @fcthomasshole @flower-punk-princess @fraud-monet  @freldn @freyas  @get-in-my-tardis @giantsuicidalteddybear  @ginevrarweaslye @gliitterbug  @granitixhaka @guillamsgirl  @haleythekilljoy  @hctrbellerin  @humanityishowlingatthemoon @ianto-inthetardis  @imagineightion  @immersudkurve @impalala  @inquisitordorkfucker  @izzybee25 @jonssnark  @jordnhenderson  @kat-the-phoenix  @kelba  @kylosvader

l - n
@ladyrossum  @lastofthemadones  @letyourangerrise @lightmangopudding  @littleklimt  @lockbearer  @loki-friggason  @loriskariius21  @lucifer-ismy-bae  @majorocelot  @manuelnxuer   @mattmursocks  @me-myselfand-aye  @meowskateboards  @mindhand  @moodyhawkeye  @moviesgeek  @mulleister  @nadia141491  @neilpatricksharris @nonconformingconformist  @nyakoha  

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@official-myki  @oficialmuller @ofolives  @opal-deception  @piszczyna @properlypadfoot  @puengnk  @quirkyinquisitor  @rafaelsbarba  @ramimalelc
@raptorwhisperer  @reiloki  @revaaaaan  @rumbleroar-of-isengard
@schweiniqueen  @schweinstgrs  @shannenjpg  @simplyanovergrownchild  @sleepymeep  @soft-petal @spacedaddameron  @spaceman-earthgirl  @special-agent-spooky-mulder  @spockitty  @starlightgems @sunshine-and-thunderstorms  @surroundedbyfandoms @sxtrovert

t - y
@tardis-on-enterprise  @tazzypenguin  @teamredmayne  @thelinuxdemon @thenyoustoleme-and-istoleyou  @theportabledoor  @theqwibqwib  @theselovereyes  @theswahn @thingsareterrifyingbutamazing @thoumasmuller  @tonysttrk  @trauma-llama  @trebaelyan  @tylerl-hoechlin  @uglish  @undeadnerds  @velsevul666  @voldevolts @weveoutfoxedthefox  @wibbly-timecat  @wickdprince  @wildphoenixofthe80s  @wolfgangbogdnnow  @wolfgangrs  @wolvenwitcher  @yamisora  

With exams right around the corner and anxieties rising for everyone, I thought I’d do something to thank and celebrate everyone on this website! I appreciate  and love every single one of you, and it was really hard to get my list down to this few people.

(mutuals bolded)

@obi-wan-panobi, @reymantic, @thebisexualmandalorian, @wookieepedias@poefinn, @theforceawakened-me@dcrthkenobi, @borderlineanakin, @leechbrain, @norcumi


@ahsoka@alrightarya, @alyciaxdaisy, @anakihn, @anakinskywkler, @benkcnobi, @cataleerc@corellian-skies, @darthwannabe, @drthskyguy, @fairlyelliee, @finnskywxlker, @gaystevebarnes, @javertisasgardian, @jessikapava, @jynskywalkerr, @kenobiwcn, @kenvbi, @king-anakinskywalker, @kyl0–ren, @lukeskyboy, @lukeskywlkrs, @maelfoy, @markhamillls, @megan-the-magical@my-chains-are-broken@nxtalias, @obewan-kenobi, @padawxn@povdameron@prince-of-wind, @protectskywalker, @punishur, @quigonjinns, @radiatingdiamond@reyskyvalker@sithlordd@skywader, @solo–out, @theforcee, @triple-gay-latte, @tylerl-hoechlin@wandamaxiimovv

(mutuals bolded)

@anakinpadrne, @anakinshouldnt@asokha@autistic–rey, @cbiwcn@darthvcder, @hothgf, @jamillia, @jedie, @kylux, @obidaddykenobi, @octavigustus, @ofseasworth, @oikenobi, @oobwan, @padanidala, @poees, @powerbottomhux, @royalamidalas@sjwpadme@steverogiers, @sullusts@the-archeologist@trans-ahsoka

And I just wanted to, once again, thank everyone that’s followed me and appreciated my blog since I started it. I don’t know how many people know this, but I deleted an almost 1k follower blog just over a month ago and that fact that I went from 30 followers to almost 200 in the span of just two and a half weeks just astounds me. I hope everyone is doing fantastic tonight, and if you have exams coming up I wish you only the best of luck on them.