tylerknott gregson

Typewriter 1316
Tyler Knott Gregson
Typewriter 1316

Typewriter Series #1316 as read by me, Tyler Knott Gregson

Couldn’t we be great again, once more?
Couldn’t we rise above the mess we’ve made
and be the ones they stand and stare at,
mouths open in awe and reverence, the
green tide of envy washing upon the shores
of their glances?  We were once, big and strong
and brave in beautiful ways, the unarmed big
brother, steady handed and tender
to the little sisters of the world, the courage
to walk away from some fights, while diffusing
the rest with the calm confidence that came
from the struggle endured to become what
we became.  We were handouts and hands extended
instead of boot heels on the chests of those
too weak to force themselves up, too starved
to bother.  We were the pulling together, not the
pulling apart, the knowledge that the same dust
fell upon us all, the same depression that forced
wealthy men from penthouse windows forced
proud men to wait in long lines for pennies
to protect those they produced.  Where did
we forget which Ism to throw faith into, that
no matter how similarly the two are painted,
when sanded down, being a patriot never looked
like being a racist.  We were the open arms
to the big seas on both sides, to the oceans
of grass and desert we were sandwiched between,
we were home to the huddled masses,
never the need for castle walls and moats
built to segregate the freedom we forget
doesn’t belong only to us.  We are more
than the buffoonery and blowhard bullshit
clogging the airwaves and saturating the
evening news, it takes more than a soundbite
to run a country.  We are more than the flag we
hold hands over hearts to honor, more than the
trumpets and twilights last gleaming, more
than the pride that seems to unite us only once
every two years, when some sport is played in some
far off place, when we swim faster or score more
or stand highest on some medal podium.  We were the
space seekers, the star dusted travelers brave enough
to strap themselves to rocket fuel and hope, we
were the first to help, and we could be again, we
are more, and it’s time we were it again.  

-Tyler Knott Gregson-

“I saw from the start,
we had old photograph love,
black and white passion.”
— Daily Haiku on Love by Tyler Knott Gregson