sakura-drops vs cryingondylanships - (movie poster)

Sterek AU - Scott and the whole gang decide to spend summer vacation at Jackson’s (parents) beach house, but because there’s too many people to fit in one car, Stiles was forced volunteered to take Derek with him in his Jeep. Trouble is, Stiles & Derek can’t stand each other, and their constant bickering ends up distracting them both and they get lost. Really lost. With no cell service and a limited gas supply, Stiles & Derek will have to put their differences aside to find a way out of this mess.


SC Graphic Battle Round #6: AU gifset

sakura-drops vs. stubblehale

Sterek AU: Beacon Hills was a small, fairly quiet town in California, where nothing bad or out of the ordinary ever happened… until a mysterious gang lead by the Sheriff’s son showed up and started wreaking havoc. - Well, that’s what someone would say if they had no idea what they were talking about (which unfortunately includes most of the Beacon Hills police force). The truth is, Stiles Stilinski is completely innocent - but the person responsible looks and sounds exactly like him, so you can see why people would get confused. With a warrant out for his arrest, the police patrolling his house, and any other place he’d be likely to go, Stiles turns to the last person anyone would suspect: Derek Hale - the werewolf he’s secretly dating (but everyone thinks he hates). Together they have to find a way to defeat the clone & clear Stiles’ name before they get caught or killed.