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Rogan > L!ter@ti :)

LOUDER FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK. if the world understood this it would be a much better place imo. but also like i am well aware that logan isn’t perfect but news flash neither is rory? it’s also like can we talk about how tumblr can’t seem to let go of the “she stole a boat with him” thing but won’t ever address the fact that jonathan marashino practically assaulted her at that one party? it’s like someone brings it up and it’s like… ‘ but logan is rich and he stole a boat with her. ‘ like get a new argument tumblr please also just because lorelai didn’t like the world that her parents lived in doesn’t mean that rory wasn’t a part of it. like she went to chilton, she graduated from yale and i’m sure richard left her a trust fund. rory gilmore is privileged and she fits into that world and i’m sick of people pretending otherwise. also one more thing logan may have been an ass from time to time but at least he had enough courage to idk stick around… and accept his mistakes instead of running away like a little bitch baby like the emo man. 

like just try me tumblr lmao.

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Hey did you make your last icon? The blue cloud one with steroline/wescola on it? If so, can you post some in different colors?

I did make it! And yes i will!!


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credit is not reuquired but appreciated :)

if someone asks, do not say you made these

if you want something to be changed, just send me an ask of what you want. DO NOT EDIT

under the cut are 7 colorful icons just like my last icon!

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