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Tyler the Creator talks with The FADER about Wolf

“Recently all these rappers are into stupid fashion Tumblr bullshit. For example, I didn’t know what Givenchy was until Kanye said it. There’s this one nigga who was never into that shit and he tweeted the other day, “Givenchy tee, Balenciaga pants,” and some other high fashion shit I didn’t even know. A year ago, he wasn’t like that. He’s following a trend and it’s sad that everyone’s a fucking follower. Those are the kids that I hate.”



Ok so I’m listening to an interview with Tyler the creator where talks about everything. One of the topics was about the Internet and how it’s changing the way kids see things now a days. And if kids keep their minds more on the Internet than what going on around them, kids will stop having emotions because people post sad shit on Facebook for likes. If that’s all you want is someone to like you, than go out and tell someone they’re beautiful. Help someone out and make their day. Love

This Nigga<3

And just on the videos again, what is your inspiration for them aside from making people scared?
I Really Don’t Fucking Know. I Like The Way Shit Looks. I think Every Song Should Have A Visual Aspect To It. That Fits It, And Seriously, if I had The Time And Money, I Would Do That With Every Song In my Music Library. Wait, I Seriously Did Not Just Answer The Question. I Get My Inspiration From…I Think Porn And Horror Movies. And Mind Fuck Movies. And Just making Shit That Parents Wouldn’t Want Their Kid To Look At. Yeah, That Shit. Swag.