“Man I don’t really… I just, I just be myself a hundred percent… And, I just wanted to let the kids know, or adults, or just any human being that just keep their color… cuz this, this world try’s to, to take people’s, to their, their color that they were born with and turn it into black and white, and tell them to tone it down, and be normal, and not speak up for themselves… And that shit, I hate that shit. If you have something to say, fucking say it.”
-Tyler, The Creator-


We have seen versions of people who are famous, they get famous on tv or radio…then they go off and do a direct to fan thing, but, Tyler, for you…you got a deal on Cartoon Network thats Time Warner, you got a deal with Sony, you’ve used this apparatus - even though you’re 23, you used this existing system to build your profile. Do you think you could start literally without any of this support system, and create yourself?


Honestly, this is my baby <3