Okay so I found this lovely youtuber a few months ago and I’ve been watching a lot of his videos, and it recently dawned on me that, oh no!

He has a surprisingly low amount of subscribers? I mean sure, it’s tons of people watching his videos and all, but it’s nothing like other people who I find just as funny! I feel like the reason for this is due to joining the game a bit later, the oldest video on his channel is 4 years old to date and it is a nerd off, because he’s obviously one of the cool kidz.

Of course, despite this video being newer than other popular youtuber’s oldest videos, he has matured and is better than he used to be. I guess it’s around time to get to my point, right? Ah yes, why should YOU be interested in subscribing to Evan Edinger? Well, I’ll friggen tell you.

1 - He’s sO AWKWARD

2 - He is sooo PUNNY (in the best way)

3 - Demisexual representation yo!!!

4 - He’s into all this cool stuff that you probably like too because tumblr…

Like song references

actual satire

(Also that’s the same shirt as AmazingPhil so c’mon)

5 - He’s an ogre.

(they have layers)

6 - He is an artisT

and yeah this (not counting bullets anymore tbh)

Some miscellaneous quotes:

“I never use the word ‘fan’ to refer to anyone who watches or likes my videos, even if they consider themselves fans, because that automatically puts me up on a pedestal like I’m better than everyone else and that leads to idol worship which is something I don’t want to happen on my channel.”

“Hello everybody and welcome back to my bedroom, you haven’t seen that in a while-”

“I like sitting in a room by myself talking to a camera and then spending hours and hours editing videos of my face, laughing at my own puns. I guess I could just shorten that to laughing at my own puns.”

“*crazy whistling solo*”

“Thanks for this.” (Pls someone get this)

“Who would bomb Australia? The-there’s just kangaroos there.”

“Watching the ball drop and reblogging some fireworks gifs on tumblr. That was my aesthetic.”

“I have to choose between being non-consensually kissed, and being slapped across the face.”

Please consider watching some of Evan’s things on youTube, I feel like some of you people who have never heard of him before may really enjoy watching his videos, and be sure to subscribe if you do!


On another note I actually spent a lot of time on this post so please consider ha h