Highlights of the Voltron Wondercon panel:
•Jeremy Shada screaming “Let me have this Lance is Altean!” when Tom Hendrick tried to point out a flaw in a fans logic
•Tom Hendrick saying lances skin care consists of food goo and fermented food goo.
•"Lance is as beautiful as he thinks he is"
•There was legit irl hunk who actually majored engineering and minored in culinary arts and offered Tyler Labine a cinnamon role.
•Finding out in the original story idea in space mall Shiro was supposed to be looking for a parking spot the entire episode
•Lance was supposed to park in a handicap spot
•Also Shiro and Allura were supposed to bathe the mice together
•Lotor’s beautiful voice

Tyler Labine acknowledges that Hunk is a gourmet chef and not just a big guy who just eats and is used for fat jokes, he actually has a passion for cooking which shows a lot in the space mall episode. He said Hunk probably misses food he is familiar with so when he has an opportunity to create something he takes his chance whenever he can. Cooking is a source of joy and Hunk likes using food to make himself and others happy.

Ok I’m gonna get real for a second here

Hearing Tyler talk about Hunk’s relationship to food, how he’s keen on the whole process of producing and preparing food from farm to table, how he loves cooking and sharing food with people, how he gets joy from feeding others, how food brings people together, how food is a very grounded, basic, human thing, how good familiar food can often be the thing that keeps you steady in an unfamiliar environment, it hit a real special place in my heart, cause he and I relate to food the same way

Thank you Tyler for voicing that feeling so eloquently

I know you're upset, but don't attack the Voltron cast

THEY ONLY RECORD THE LINES. All the stuff they said in interviews about backstories or plot lines or whatever, that’s probably true. They recorded such lines and figured they’ll be in the final cut.

Because here’s the thing: voice actors don’t know what happens ahead of time. They watch the premiere with about the same level of knowledge as we do.

All that stuff about Lance being from Cuba? Jeremy Shada said it, but it was cut. Tyler Labine talking about Hunk’s backstory? Cutting room floor. All of it is technically true.

No, if you want to get mad, blame Dreamworks. They allowed for the comments to be said, to become fandom law, and then remove any hints of it from the final product. They’re the reason the season is the way it is.


Addition: these were recent interviews about scripts they just read. Cuban Lance and development for the boys is probably intended for season 3. Not ideal, I know, but. I’ll take what I can get.
  • To Tim: What’s the difference between writing for  the comics vs the show? 
    • The comics happen so fast, write the adventure and 3 months later it comes out, and there’s no production limitation with comics, in terms of how much Voltron can be in or how many giant monsters they can plug
  • Every paladin has bonded more with their lions - where can they go from now? 
    • Tim: “Bonds can become closer” plenty more to unlock emotionally and intellectually, we’ll see who steps up
    • Bex: bond with lion like bond with people - it can deepen and develop over life, will keep going and evolving
    • As seen with Zarkon, a bond with a lion can be broken, and a bond can be damaged if you betray the lion
    • Tyler: Just cause you form a relationship doesn’t mean they show you everything right away - nuances to the relationship
  • What was fun to discover with characters 
    • Bex really likes 1st ep. Season one Pidge is all family, then she has realization that these have become her people; catapulted into community growth instead of just self growth
    • Tyler enjoyed going to new depths, not just regular scenario like school, higher stakes cause defending universe. Lots of characters (esp Hunk) were a bit of a mess in the beginning and then became more sure-footed, all paladins got that in season 2 to an extent
    • Ty’s fave character to watch was Keith, his internal struggle and the test with the BoM. Almost like watching a superhero origin story - want to see the person becoming the hero
    • “we have 5 superheroes and they’re always progressing”
  • Fave scenes: 
    • Ty: the space caterpillars, when they came out with theglowing  eyes
    • Image of Pidge smuggling some onto castle “she must’ve” “Pidge is a hoarder so-” “castle is big” 
    • Ty: another awesome moment was getting farted out of the weblum, found it hilarious
    • Tim: fun how Hunk and Coran went to get the crystal and mentioned the weblum - foreshadowing, things pay off
    • Bex: when Coran thinks he’s gonna fly the lion. Tim: it’s a suit he made, he didn’t steal Alfor’s 
  • Pidge and Hunk seem much more the ambassadors of the team - good at getting aliens to trust them
    • Ty: Hunk can trust himself in a situation, his softer side really services him like on the mermaid planet. He’s approachable and likeable and personalbe, it’s a skillset and he’s learning to embrace it 
    • Tim: Hunk is able to see multiple sides of a situation, never forgets how crazy this situation they’re in is, he’ able to put himself in other’s shoes
    • Bex: Pidge communicates with technology, needs an extra step to make that connection with people. So when she meets the Olkari it’s like “these are people I can actually communicate with