Tyler Jacobson (born 1982) is an American science fiction & fantasy artist and illustrator whose work has been featured in publications by Wizards of the Coast, Simon & Schuster, Entertainment Weekly, Rolling Stone, Men’s Journal, The Weekly Standard and Scientific American.

Jacobson is best known as a fantasy artist, due to his significant contributions of art to Magic:The Gatheringtrading card game cards, package art, and promotional materials, as well as character design and game art for Dungeons & Dragons. via

He is represented by Richard Solomon in New York City. 


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Garruk Wildspeaker is a Planeswalker who wields green magic. His specialty is creature magic: spells that coax abundant mana from the land, summon wild beasts, and unleash the ferocity and power of his summoned creatures. But since being cursed by the Chain Veil, his nature spells have been tainted by black magic.

Garruk has always been a skilled hunter, and his calling has been a plane-spanning hunt for the hugest and most powerful creatures in the Multiverse. But now his chosen quarry is a fellow Planeswalker: the death-witch Liliana Vess. At their last meeting, Liliana used the power of the Chain Veil artifact to curse Garruk, corrupting his power to summon wild beasts. As the curse takes hold and Garruk’s fierce predator-companions become sickly fiends, he finds that he’s gaining new, chilling powers of death. This only enrages him more.

Liliana still carries the Chain Veil, and Garruk won’t stop until he’s cured of his intolerable death-tainted state. After failing to corner and defeat Liliana Vess on Innistrad, Garruk was captured by a commander of the Gavony Riders named Odric. Accused of a crime he did not commit, Garruk became enraged and escaped his captors. The Curse of the Veil had taken hold.

Now, Garruk continues his search not just for Liliana, but all Planeswalkers. The curse transforms him into a creature more unrecognizable with every kill. He embraces his newfound darkness and considers every Planeswalker to be his prey.

Some of the amazing artwork featuring Garruk Wildspeaker.


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Congratulations to Tyler Jacobson for winning a Chesley Award for Best Cover Illustration! Tyler illustrated the cover for “Beyond the Pool of Stars” by Howard Andrew Jones. For the full list of nominees and winners, view the list at Locus Online.

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Ugin, the Spirit Dragon is a Planeswalker, and he is ancient beyond measure. His long life has given him a unique perspective on the Multiverse; he sees it as an unbroken whole and seeks to understand its deepest mysteries. He has studied the energetic patterns of entire planes–their creation, destruction, and renewal–and he has applied these universal principles to creating his own form of magic. Ugin’s magic deals with the transmutation of matter into energy, and it is a power that can be wielded by all.

The Eldrazi are another enigma that Ugin has dedicated his life to understanding. He has tracked and documented these great titans in an attempt to comprehend their purpose and nature, and has frowned upon any who have sought to destroy them. Working with the Planeswalkers Sorin Markov and Nahiri, the Lithomancer, the three trapped the Eldrazi on Zendikar. Eventually, Ugin returned to Tarkir to continue his research on his unique form of magic.

Over a thousand years ago, Ugin ran afoul of the ancient and evil dragon Planeswalker Nicol Bolas. Though it is unknown why the two battled to the death, they fought each other in the skies of Tarkir. This fight would be the most important event in Tarkir’s history. Bolas defeated Ugin and left the plane. As one Planeswalker had been his end, another would be Ugin’s salvation. The dragon shaman Planeswalker Sarkhan Vol found a way to travel back in time to this pivotal event and save Ugin’s life using one the very hedrons the dragon had made on Zendikar.

Some amazing art featuring Ugin, the Spirit Dragon.