Music Video Monday #4- My Girl Friday- Love will find you

This music video makes me feel:

Where do I start? My Girl Friday, forever giving me hope that I will find my fairytale! If I sit still in my room with my undivided attention on this song, I might end up in tears. The lyrics in this song are so down to earth and real life. Okay, I know I’m not using many advanced words, it’s hard to get my feelings down on this post. “So what if you haven’t found the one, somebody who will give you their love, don’t give up”. Wow, Justin Godsey, Thank you for restoring my sanity. So many days I get upset over the fact that many of my friends are in successful relationships and then here I am, I mean I’m not getting any younger and sometimes I just need that reminder. I need to stay focused on positive aspects of my life in order for the rest to fall into place. This song reminds me of all that. In fact, as one of my first tattoos I am planning to get Live Well. Live Happy. Live Free on my foot!

Now let me talk a bit about this band. If you haven’t heard of them, they’re some chill dudes from Arizona and you should hit them up on twitter, instagram, facebook, whatever. I am so excited for the day they come play a show in Toronto that I can make it to! I remember attending the EFSS tour in toronto back in February and being too shy to walk up to Justin and say hi. My friend insisted I did, and so next thing I know I’m standing in front of this guy who inspires me telling him how much I love his band. It was a great night!

So…Did I mention they are very attractive? Talent, Attractive and Arizona Accents? Can it get any better than that? :) I love these dudes music and their album American Kids is worth the purchase on itunes, I highly suggest it!

On that note, enjoy the music video and remember that Good Love Will Find You Someday, Till Then Live Well, Live Happy, Live Free.