a homestuck nostalgia mix, in rough plot order

- [listen here]

showtime (piano refrain)malcolm brown & kevin regamey // sunriseerik sscheele // homestuckmark hadley // doctorclark powell & michael vallejo // creationtyler dever // alterniaseth peelle // keeperstoby fox // candles and clockwork (alpha version)alexander rosetti  // underfooterik scheele // cascadetoby fox // moonsettertoby fox // stargazenick smalley // do you remem8er memalcolm brown // heir of griefjoren de bruin // mother (piano)erik scheele // thanks for playingmax wright

❀A Quiet Place❀ (27 tracks) [listen]

Calming instrumentals for study time, alone time, sleep time, or any time.

Track listing: 

Clair de Lune - Claude Debussy ♪ Spring Day, Cherry Blossoms and You - Epitone Project ♪ Where is My Mind - Maxence Cyrin ♪ Istumo Nando Demo - Youmi Kimura ♪ Sarabande - Erik Scheele ♪ The Name of Life - Hisaishi ♪ River Flows in You - Yiruma ♪ Chronicles - Tyler Dever ♪ Gymnopedie No.1 - Erik Satie ♪ Brahms’ Cello Sonata E Minor - Jacqueline du Pre ♪ Requited - Clark Powell ♪ Life and Death - Matthias Dobler ♪ One Summer’s Day - Hisaishi A Tender Moment - Toby Fox ♪ Chopin Nocturne Op.9 No.2 - Arthur Rubinstein ♪ Three in the Morning (Aftermath) - Erik Scheele ♪ Moonlight Sonata 1st Movement - Isaac Priego ♪ Arabesque I - Claude Debussy ♪ Serenade - Clark Powell ♪ Dearly Beloved - Shimomura Youko ♪ Theme - Jon Brion ♪ Kiss the Rain - Yiruma ♪ Questant’s Lament - Thomas Ferkol ♪ 좁은 문 - Epitone Project ♪ Waltz of the Flowers - Tchaikovsky ♪ Revelations III - Tyler Dever ♪ Summer - Hisaishi

Edgelord of Timeshit
Edgelord of Timeshit

I’ve been wanting to try out a strife arrangement for Caliborn for a while now. And all of his songs fit really well together.

Arrangement of:

Power Fantasy - Clark Powell
Red Sucker - Tyler Dever and Kalibration
Constant Conquest - Michael Guy Bowman
The Lordling - Toby Fox
Carne Vale - Malcolm Brown
Eternity Served Cold - Malcolm Brown
English - Toby Fox

Songs belong to them and What Pumpkin.

Tyler Dever

Creation- From the Homestuck album Sburb by Tyler Dever

I love the Sburb album, because it really captures that underlying heartbreaking tone in Homestuck. I thought that this album would be more electronic and video game-ish, since it’s the one for, well, a video game. But it is the most emotional out of all the albums. It really hits home how this game destroyed their planet, killed their guardians, and thrust godhood upon them. And they’re only thirteen. 

The most beautiful Homestuck album. :‘D 


New character time! Aw yeah, now which of the SoC members should be this guy…


Of course! Tyler LOVES suplexing trains.


He’s even written a solo album. 

Just like in real life.


Calm down Nick

To the surprise of no one, Nick decides to take out his anger by setting fire to the castle.

I wish every final fantasy had people shocked about the usage of magic.

Lol later nerd.


So I come back online and one of my favourite composers has reblogged and answered one of my posts

Did I ever mention I have this huge music crush on Tyler Dever and spend hours trying to play the songs from the Sburb album? 


Well, now you know. 

So yeah basically me right now =