Dating Tyler Bate Would Include...

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💗 Tyler is a complete gentleman 

💗 Tyler takes Anniversary seriously making cute plans 

💗 Tyler accidently spills out that he loves you 

💗 Tyler blushing but pretending it never happened. 

💗 Tyler calling you love 

💗 Tyler is so loving 

💗 Breakfast in bed

💗 Love notes dotted everywhere

💗 Tyer buying you fresh flowers every week 

💗 So much cuddling 

💗 Cosy movie date nights 

💗 Picnic Dates 

💗 Tyler always finding new restaurants for you to try

💗 You being so supportive of his career

💗 Long Skype chats especially after he’s had an important match. 

💗 Tyler is a massive fan of PDA

💗 He’s touching you at least 90% of the time whenever you go out.

💗 That means a lot of hand-holding

💗 His arms around your waist. 

💗 Or your shoulders 

💗 So much kissing; 

💗 Soft kisses 

💗 Passionate kisses 

💗 Gentle kisses 

💗 Rough kisses 

💗 Tyler has to kiss you before he goes to bed

💗 Tyler is definitely a cuddler

💗 He loves being the big spoon 

💗 He loves when you fall asleep with your head on his chest 

💗 Tyler’s 19 so he’s got an extensive sex drive

💗 He’s willing to try anything 

💗 Tyler’s considerate and he always asks if your okay 

💗 Tyler being a great boyfriend 

Hi, hope everyone’s having a great Friday. If you would like to see more Tyler Bate then feel free to request. 

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anonymous asked:

Can you do a sex with Tyler Bate please? 😍

Sex With Tyler Bate

- it’s all about you
- that sweet lil cinnamon roll will do anything to make you happy
- he’s a romantic at heart, so he always tells you how beautiful you are
- he also makes sure to tell you how good you are making him feel
- he isn’t into anything kinky
- he just prefers making love to you
- but on occasion he might spank you just a little 😏
- afterwards he’s all about cuddling
- and he likes to take showers with you