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I’m never QUITE sure what wrestling fans want. They gripe about RAW being boring and Roman or WHOEVER being jammed down everyone’s throat, yet I also saw a bunch of posts ragging the UK Tournament, several because the posters seemed upset that they didn’t know who anyone was or they were “all Finn knockoffs and that dude who looked like Jack Swagger”.

I’m sorry…I’m just…why are y’all here again? “WE WANT NEW LEGITIMATE TALENT” the marks scream. “WAIT WHO IS THAT” they scream when someone new is brought it.

And did y’all even WATCH what was going on? Because Pete Dunne’s Bitter End is gorgeous. And for being so young Tyler Bate is miles ahead of anyone around him. And Mandrews has been an amazing high flyer for what feels like forever.

// these ugly wrestling fat smarks make me so mad, like they literally dedicate their time to finding old tweets/anything that could ruin someone’s career, and then when the new UK champ Tyler Bate wasn’t problematic at all, he literally got dragged and had to make his social media private. like, after Zahra and Aliyah got exposed they’re feeling like detective gadget or something, it’s not that deep 😩

  • One Song: We Need A Resolution by Aaliyah (happy birthday, Princess!)
  • Two movies: Suicide Squad and Selena.
  • Three series: Sons of Anarchy (I will NEVER be over that show), The Flash, and SVU.
  • Four people: My girlfriend Sasha Banks, my husband Finn Balor, my underrated queen Naomi, and my precious new smol son Tyler Bate.
  • Five foods: CHEESECAKE, pizza, empanadas, lasagna, aaaaand French fries. 
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