Important! Let’s help Tyler!

Tyler is looking to accomplish his mom’s bucket list.

Watch video here:

He recently made a video explaining that his mom was just diagnosed with a rare form of cancer that is highly aggressive. All he wants to do is help complete her bucket list and spend as much time as he possibly can with her. He asks that we just share this video to help make that happen

If you don’t know, Tyler is also someone who is all about spreading love and positivity. He uses his phrase SmileAlways to do so much like we have done with PMA.

As a community we can help Tyler accomplish this. Please spread his video out as much as you can or reblog this. Anything to help this man out. He is so deserving of being able to do this for his mom and I know as a community we can do that.

Sorry the tags aren’t completely in line with the subject matter but this is important as he is a friend of Mark, Seán, and Ethan.

Designs for a space au cause hecc do I enjoy space

Mark is prolly a regular human- that or his mom is human and his dad is an alien idk- he’s kinda the leader of the group but people usually refer to Tyler anyways. He’s a good fighter and he can basically fly any ship (if you give him a few moments to figure it out)

Amy is a cyborg, she’s prolly like the navigator but she’s also pretty bad ass in a fight too

Kathryn is some type of purple alien, she does a lotta technical work, can prolly hack shit, and maybe she makes cool shit. I’m not sure yet

Ethan is a robot, he has a heck ton of knowledge on everything but the most usuful info he has is medical stuff and he’s basically their doctor (he knows a fuck ton of completely useless shit also)

Tyler is a rock alien (I didn’t look up any names okay) he’s kinda the real leader and their ships are kinda all his and he knows them inside out and does all the maintenance and shit.

Welp, that’s all for now, but I’ll prolly do more

Tyler uploaded his first Youtube video.

…Please go watch it.. it’s very important to Tyler and give him the support.

I know i don’t normally tag people, because i don’t wanna be rude or annoying, but for this, i’m don’t care and i want to help spread this around, as tyler asks in the said video…

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For just this once… i’m not sorry for taggin yall… please let people know about this)