tyler's face and laugh

Game: *puts Craig and Tyler on the same team*

Tyler, singing: Me and Mini Ladd are on the same team!

Craig: *immediately starts laughing* Lookit- look at our pictures!

Tyler: *starts laughing* Look at our faces!

Craig: The pictures!

Tyler and Craig: *recede into giggling messes*

Ryan and Anthony: *awkwardly laughing*

Ryan: What the fuck Mini?

Craig, in a stupid voice: Team wetard, at the weady!

Craig and Tyler: *more giggling*

Me: *happy sigh* I love these nerds… 

(from Wildcat’s most recent Gmod Prophunt video, their steam pictures are ridiculous looking pictures of each other, Ryan’s is the typical OhmWrecker symbol, and Antony’s is… I’m not sure actually, probably something panda related)

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I like the idea that we already see Dark!Tyler. Like a 2-Face situation. All those times where he grins and laughs before "hurting" his friends, and any kinda dark humor or stuff like that. We don't have to imagine him. He's already here.

he’s just a sadistic fuck

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virgin!j wearing panties just bc he likes how they looks/feels and he doesn't know that they're supposed to be sexy and when ty spots them it drives him wild

awh he tugs j into his lap an josh just melts as ty runs his fingers over the hem an lil bow reaching his hands under to rub at joshs thighs “y'an angel.” an josh blushes hiding his face “they’re j-just p-panties, ty.” an tyler laughs softly as he kisses him running his palms all over

whether it's the weather or the letters by my bed

sometimes jokes sound better when i say them in my head