tyler's court

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please i need a new tyler smut whatever you want

how bout a thicc sweaty basketball tyler drabble whoops

You  sat on the front row of the bleachers of the gymnasium, cycling through apps on your phone; Tyler and Josh were playing a show that night, and managed to talk a local high school into letting them shoot hoops in their gym a few hours before the show. You enjoyed watching Tyler play basketball, because he loved the sport almost as much as he loved playing music. Not to mention, when he had been working out, he built up some muscle, which did something to you that you couldn’t explain.

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“Remember this feeling. This is the moment you stop being the rabbit.”

The Palmetto State Foxes

Dan Wilds, #1 Offensive Dealer
Kevin Day, #2 Striker
Andrew Minyard, #3 Goalkeeper
Matt Boyd, #4 Backliner
Aaron Minyard, #5 Backliner
Seth Gordon, #6 Striker
Allison Reynolds, #7 Defensive Dealer
Nicky Hemmick, #8 Backliner
Renee Walker, #9 Goalkeeper
Neil Josten, #10 Striker

So i finally decided what i want on my dash

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- Troye Sivan

- Harry bloody Styles, I forgot him…

children of eorl - A mix for the home of the horselords, for tumbling rock and the whisper of golden grass, beating hooves and a stark wind at your back, for hearth and song and the hard, noble people of the plains.

music of the realms series

01 The Courier - Trevor Jones. 02 The Ninth Legion - Atli Örvarsson. 03 The Dalish Elves Encampment - Inon Zur. 04 I Am Merida - Patrick Doyle. 05 Mornay’s Dream - James Horner. 06 A Merry Life And A Short One - Brian Tyler. 07 Wallace Courts Murron - James Horner. 08 Winterfell - Ramin Djawadi. 09 Tenuous Winners / Returning Home - James Newton Howard. 10 Honourable Discharge - Atli Örvarsson. 11 The Gathering Storm - Jeremy Soule. 12 Main Theme -  Brian Tyler.