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“Remember this feeling. This is the moment you stop being the rabbit.”

The Palmetto State Foxes

Dan Wilds, #1 Offensive Dealer
Kevin Day, #2 Striker
Andrew Minyard, #3 Goalkeeper
Matt Boyd, #4 Backliner
Aaron Minyard, #5 Backliner
Seth Gordon, #6 Striker
Allison Reynolds, #7 Defensive Dealer
Nicky Hemmick, #8 Backliner
Renee Walker, #9 Goalkeeper
Neil Josten, #10 Striker

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children of eorl - A mix for the home of the horselords, for tumbling rock and the whisper of golden grass, beating hooves and a stark wind at your back, for hearth and song and the hard, noble people of the plains.

music of the realms series

01 The Courier - Trevor Jones. 02 The Ninth Legion - Atli Örvarsson. 03 The Dalish Elves Encampment - Inon Zur. 04 I Am Merida - Patrick Doyle. 05 Mornay’s Dream - James Horner. 06 A Merry Life And A Short One - Brian Tyler. 07 Wallace Courts Murron - James Horner. 08 Winterfell - Ramin Djawadi. 09 Tenuous Winners / Returning Home - James Newton Howard. 10 Honourable Discharge - Atli Örvarsson. 11 The Gathering Storm - Jeremy Soule. 12 Main Theme -  Brian Tyler.


anonymous asked:

Im sure a lot of people asked already but are Tyler and Josh homophobic? I looked at their twitter and i couldnt understand anything. Thank you for answering.

I shouldn’t be answering this right now because I have a million other things I need to do but no, I have never seen any indication of that. Let’s take a look at Tyler’s tweet on his silence and break it down because there seems to be a whole lot of confusion about what was being said and it resulted in a lot of hurt feelings.

Let’s start with what he was silent about: “It breaks my heart to see that not posting would lead some of you to believe that I do not love and support you. That is simply not true. Any day where loved defeats hate, you can know I am celebrating, just maybe not on twitter.”

Simplified: I love and support all of you. I stand for love in all forms. I oppose hate. Silence does not equal opposition.

Explained: Tyler celebrates the Supreme Court ruling in favor of marriage equality, he just didn’t tweet about it.

Now let’s get to why he didn’t tweet about it: “As for the silence: through personal experience, I want to create and influence something that might help others navigate through the battlefield that is the brain. And for those of you who understand that terminology, you know what battle I am talking about. But while at this mental ground zero, I have found that any other influence added on, no matter how noble, becomes too heavy for me to carry. I am not strong enough. Be patient with me as I grow, that some day I might be able to carry more weight. But for now, I write what I know.”

Simplified: My goal is to help you guys get to a better place mentally because that’s what I struggle with. Because of my struggle, I can only handle speaking out on that one issue no matter how much I might like to be vocal about other issues that I care about. I hope that one day I am strong enough to do more, but right now I have to focus on this one thing.

Explained: No matter how much he wants to fight against injustice in other forms, he needs to limit his focus to the struggle inside the brain. That’s what he knows and that’s all he can handle at this point. And he sounds contrite about that (he’s sorry).

And as an aside he adds: “PS. I disliked seeing artists/bands/peers use the lovewins news to sell singles and tshirts. So I shut up.”

Simplified: It’s easy to say what’s popular to gain favor but I’m not going to do that.

Explained: I know a lot of people said why not just tweet #lovewins and this is his response to that. He and Josh have mentioned in interviews that they came up with a plan at the beginning of how to conduct themselves and they’ve stuck with it. Yes, it would have been very simple to tweet that and appease the people who wanted that response. But I think this is one of those things that they agreed to do in the beginning: to keep their message focused. He’s not going to cave to pressure on that and I don’t think he should.

Food for thought:

I’ve watched many interviews where Tyler is asked about religious messages in his music and he’s always avoided answering that directly, instead responding that anytime a band writes about something more than love and relationships, people don’t know how to react. Does anyone question that Tyler is Christian? Do you think he’s ashamed of his beliefs? I don’t. I think he’s just consistent with keeping focused to one thing alone. I think the same applies to this or silence on other issues of national or worldwide concern. There are tons of things I believe and support and never vocalize that support on social media or even in person necessarily. You could also as why he doesn’t speak up on race or gender issues as well. He’s given his reasons above, and I respect them.