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You Love Him More - Tyler Seguin

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Word Count: 1559

Warnings: Slight smut


You hated to admit it but there was one thing in the word that you loved more than anything. And that was the chocolate colored lab that was laying right beside you.

Technically, Marshall wasn’t yours but he still brought you a comfort on lonely days when Tyler was gone. Like now, he was laying on the left side of the bed while you were on the right so you could smell your boyfriend’s scent that he left along with his pillow.

This time it wasn’t supposed to be long, only a week so he left some things that he normally would bring on the road. In fact, Tyler’s supposed to be home today, so Marshall and you decided to just chill on the blue bed that you and Ty shared.

As you continued to think about the hockey player, your right hand ran through the labs fur and you couldn’t help but kiss his precious forehead. This made the doggy open his eyes and he barking showing his excitement before attacking you with kisses. “Marsh-” you giggled pushing him a little to slide up so you could sit against the headboard. With the dog sitting on your legs, you cupped his squishy face in your hands. “You’re such a good boy. Yes, you are.” Marshall barked while his tail was swinging side to side.

“Sometimes, I think you love him more.” The familiar voice made the lab jump off you to run towards the bedroom door where his daddy was standing. He was wearing a black athlete shirt with green shorts. “Hey, bud.” Tyler dropped his duffle bag to crouch down, letting the doggy lick his face. “Did you keep mama safe while I was gone?” Marshall barked in response. “Good boy.” You just watched the two with a smile on your face and waited patiently for your turn.

Once Ty looked your way his smiled matched yours before walking over to you. His hands moved to your hips before pressing a kiss to your cheek. “Well, Marshall, doesn’t leave me for weeks to months a time.” He let out an aired laugh before saying.

“I missed you.”

You smiled. “I missed you, too.” Your hands when to the back of his neck to bring his lips down to yours.

Tyler moaned in response before pushing you down on the soft bed. As his hands went inside your shirt the both of you heard whining. “Marshall, go away.” The hockey player mumbled against your lips before slightly pushing the chocolate lab away with his leg.

Once the both of you didn’t hear the whining anymore, the kissed got more heated. You wrapped your legs around his waist to pulled him closer to add pressure were you needed him the most.

You’re hands played with the hem of his shirt, notifying your boyfriend that you wanted it off. Luckily, Tyler noticed this so he pulled away to take it off. You couldn’t help but stare at his nicely shaped chest down to his abs, plus that delicious v-line that made your mouth. However, what really drove you crazy would definitely have to be his tattooed covered biceps.

You finally looked away from his arms to look at his bearded face and that’s when you noticed the his signature smirk. “Like what you see?”

You didn’t say anything but sat up a little to remove your, well, his shirt revealing your lavender laced bra. “Like what you see?” A smirk was placed on your lips as his dropped into a snare.

Tyler pushed you back onto the bed then grind his hips onto yours making your mouth open to let out a mouthy groan. “That’s for mocking me, baby.” His lips moved to neck surely leaving a hickey then he moved back to your lips.

Suddenly, the bed dipped right beside the two of you and a wet feeling (other then in your underwear) appeared from your face to Tyler’s. The two of you pulled apart to see Marshall wagging his tail happily. “Aw, baby boy were you jealous?” The lab barked in response. You put a hand on your boyfriend’s shoulder to push him away.

“What?” The hockey player was so confused when you moved from under him to play with his dog. “But I thought we were-”

“Ty,” you turned to him. “Marshall just wants some attention.”

A pout covered your boyfriend’s face. “But I do, too.” You moved over to your side of the bed and patted to the spot beside you. Tyler quickly moved over to you and pressed a kiss to your lips. But Marshall started barking making you two pull away. You laughed while your hockey player groaned. “He’s such a clock block.”

"Oh, be quiet.” You said pushing him slightly making Ty laugh.

"No, seriously.” He commented while grabbing your hand. “Before we started dating, you know when I was a total douche.” You gave him a look. “Okay, more than I am now. I used to bring girls home and Marshall would bark at them like crazy. It scared them so bad that they would leave me all high and dry. If you know what I mean.”

You squinted your eyes. “Oh, I know what you mean.” You crossed your arms over your chest.

"Oh, come on babe. You know how I was before I met you.” Tyler wrapped his arms around your waist pulling you onto his lap so you would straddle him.

"I know,” a sigh escaped your month as you began to play with his hair. “But it doesn’t him I want to be reminded about it.”

"M'sorry.” He mumbled before pecking your lips. Marshall didn’t like the attention off him so he moved over to his father and started to lick his face.

"It’s funny.” You giggled while petting the sweet boy. “Because we wouldn’t have met, if Marsh didn’t tackle me in that park.”

"Yeah.” You boyfriend smiled. “I guess, at that time he had better taste than me.”

A huge smile covered your face. “Guess so.” You kissed the lab’s forehead then Tyler’s lips. “You know,” you started. “Maybe he’s just lonely.” The both of you watched as the dog moved to the end of the bed to lay down in his original spot.

"Yeah.” You turned back to your man and noticed the gears in his head moving.

"Hey.” You called out getting his attention. “You can still feel me up if you’ll like.”

You watched as a big smile covered his face. “Have I ever told you how much I love you.”

You smirked a little. “Maybe a little.”

"Well, I love you.” Tyler kissed your cheek.

"Love you, too my little douche.”


The next morning Tyler left you a note saying he’ll be home by noon, he had something to do with practice so you started to cook some fried pork chops with string beans and mashed potatoes. Yes, that may seem like a lot for lunch but Tyler is always very hungry after practice.

Anyway, Marshall was standing at your feet ready for anything you accidentally drop. As you stirred the mashed potatoes a text appeared on your phone.

Ty🖤: come outside

You squinted your eyes before rolling them. You turned off the stove then walked out the kitchen. “Come, Marshall.” The lab followed after you as you made your way through the house to the front door. “Ty.” You called out while walking down the steps. Suddenly, a small black thing ran up to you, nearly causing you to fall. “Oh my goodness.” You squealed as you picked up the little black lab. “You’re the cutest.”

"So you like him? I think his name will be Midnight or Cash?”

"I love him.” You turned away from your boyfriend to carry to new pup into the house. “You hungry?” The puppy started to lick your face. “Yes, I’m sure you are.”

"Um, Y/n.” You paid Tyler no attention as you put the little thing on the floor near Marshall who was trying to figure the black lab out.

You went over to the pork chops and started to cut up some pieces. “Here you go my babies.” You gave them some to which they very much appreciated it.

"What about me?” You looked at the hockey player and smiled.

"Come over here, daddy.” You giggled at the new puppy who started to paw at Marshall.

Arms wrapped around your waist. “You know better then to call me that.” You picked up a piece of pork and turned around to put it in your boyfriend’s mouth.

"Later.” You kissed his cheek. “But now, you eat.” He smiled before the both of you watched as the dogs played together. “I like Cash. It sounds more human.” Tyler looked at you. “Since Marshall is a human name. It would be crazy to name him Midnight.”

He smiled before replying. “Cash it is then.” You hopped on the counter so Tyler could stand in between your legs.

"Oh, and once the babies go to sleep-” you slid a finger down his white shirt to stop at his belt buckle. “Mama and daddy are gonna have some grown-up time.”

A smirk appeared on his face. “I’ll like that.” Once his lips crashed onto yours, a pair of whines were heard. “Oh, come on!”

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Parent! Tythan HC’s (part 1)

Hi! So I’m Emma and I absolutely love writing head canons (feel free to send in requests 😊). I’ve had this idea in my head in for while. Enjoy! 

- Ethan being the strict one 

- Ethan trying to be the “cool young” dad

- Tyler would be the parent who sneaks cookies to the kids after dinner 

- T w i n s 

- Annabeth and Zachary 

- They’d be little shits and would try to swap, despite looking nothing alike 

- Tyler sometimes turning blind eye to it and saying “You know Annabeth, I really like the stubble you have going on. Oh, and Zachary your new barrettes compliment your skin tone nicely”

- Tyler and Ethan swapping sometimes too to embarrass them

- Annabeth being very embarrassed when she’s walking out of school and there’s Tyler in Ethan’s shirt (that fits like a crop top) and v skinny jeans 

- Zachary finding it hilarious 

- Uncle Mark spoiling the crap out of them 

- Amy being the surrogate (if they opt not to adopt)

- Domestic! Tythan!

- Going on vacation and taking touristy photos 

- Like Tyler holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa 

- Ethan encouraging young Annabeth and Zachary to draw on a sleeping Tyler 

- With sharpies of course 

- Tyler making Ethan do laundry as his revenge 

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Yo! I'm relatively short, slender, with pastel green hair at the moment! Few tattoos, few piercings, and the kind of dress style that merges emo and hipster! I'm probably a bit of a pain tbh, but I try to be nice!

I think you and Rocky would be good together! He is a sassy young man, and is a bit of a hipster, but is also a ray of sunshine when you get on his good side and will go out of his way to try and make people feel good about themselves. He’s got a couple tattoos and an eyebrow piercing and really likes hawaiian shirts and skinny jeans. He is Deaf, and has a twin brother named Tyler, who is also Deaf. They are thick as thieves so if you get one you kinda have to get the other, but they basically adopt any of their close friends and treat them as family so I’m sure you would get along well with them! Rocky is the edgier of the two, and likes that sort of style on other people too. He has naturally black hair, long on the top and short on the sides, and he dyes the tips bright colors, normally red, but that is subject to change

"Can't Continue- Part Three" One Shot

Author: amorluzymelodia

Summary: Imagine Sam and Dean saving you from an abusive relationship

Warnings: abuse, self hatred/loathing, cursing, nightmares/panic attack, alcohol (not excessive but just thought I’d mention it)

Word Count: 4673

A/N: Thanks for requesting more parts guys! I didn’t think anyone would like it so that means a lot! Let me know if you guys want any more. Also sorry this one is longer I was originally gonna make it two parts but it fit together better as one. Thanks guys :)


It was late when you got to Bobby’s. Almost one in the morning. Bobby owned an old salvage yard with more abandoned, run down cars than you could count. His house was run down too, with remnants of a woman’s touch he hadn’t cleared away. A throw pillow here, an old quilt there but from the obvious lack of it being kept up you guessed whoever she was, she was gone. Bobby was a lot like his house, run down and rugged but with a softer side that was still poking through. He greeted the boys with a one armed hug and gave you a fatherly smile.

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I noticed that some of you liked my Tyler bookmark, so I decided to give these away. Yes, for free. I don’t really have a reason to do this, I’m jut that nice. jk

So, if you want to win one of these all you have to do is reblog this post. Nothing else. Then later next week I will randomly pick four of you.

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Also, I tagged some people, because it seemed to me that they wanted to have one, so they might want to see this.

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Nine/Rose "Your pizza keeps getting delivered to my apartment by mistake and I need to talk to you about your choice of toppings" AU

The knock on the door woke John up from where he was napping fitfully on his sofa. He was considering ignoring the interruption and trying to go back to sleep when the knock came again, more forceful this time. He pulled himself to his feet with a groan and grabbed his jumper from the floor and pulled it on as he walked to the door.

“Bout time you got here. Was starting to think this was one of those prank pizza orders or somethin’,” the irate looking ginger at the door said as soon as he yanked the door open.

John blinked at her, corners of his mouth turning down. “I didn’t order a pizza.”

“I really don’t care. Just sign the receipt and leave me a tip and enjoy whoever’s pizza you got. They’re footing the bill anyways.”

The rest of John’s sleepiness dissipated as she talked and he recalled the other times recently that someone had attempted to deliver pizza that he hadn’t ordered. “Pretty sure the pizza’s for the person who lives above me. They keep putting in their address wrong.”

“Look, I really don’t care. This is the address on the order and I’m not takin’ it anywhere else. Just sign the bloody receipt and take it to your neighbor yourself.”

John rolled his eyes and took the receipt and scribbled a facsimile of a signature and grabbed his wallet from the kitchen and gave the delivery person a few quid.

He brought the pizza into his flat and left it on the counter as he found his shoes. He’d glanced at the pizza and made a face at the combination of pepperoni and pineapple that he found on it. Definitely wasn’t going to eat that - fruit had no place on a pizza - so he had to take it up to his neighbor who he’d never actually met.

John walked up the stairs and found flat 409 and knocked on the door. It opened almost immediately, revealing a blonde woman in a t-shirt and sweatpants and disheveled hair and who looked more attractive than he thought anyone had any right to in such a getup.

“Oh thank god, I’m starved,” she said eyeing the pizza in his hands.

“You’d get your pizza faster if you put your address in right online,” he said, thrusting the food in question at her.

She blinked at him. “What do you mean?”

“I live in the flat below you, your pizza keeps being delivered there. Usually the delivery people just bring it up here when I tell them that it’s yours and not mine.” He grimaced internally. Here he was faced with a pretty girl and he was running off at the mouth like a fool.

“Oh. I’m so sorry, I’ll change it! No one’s ever mentioned it so I didn’t know it was wrong.”

John shrugged a shoulder. “No trouble.”

“It’s really nice of you to bring it down to me though,” she insisted.”Do you want to, I don’t know, come in and have a piece of the pizza you delivered? I have beer.” She tugged on the hem of her t-shirt as she talked.

John’s lips quirked up in a small smile. “You just going to invite a stranger in for pizza and beer?”

She freed a hand from her pizza and stuck it out to shake his. “My name’s Rose. Rose Tyler.”

John shook her hand, lingering a second too long as he savored the tingle in his palm when it made contact with hers. “John Noble.”

“Well then, we’re no longer strangers. Want some pizza and a beer?”

John grinned. “I’ll take you up on that beer but we need to have a serious talk about your choice of pizza toppings.”

Rose laughed and moved inside her door, letting him follow behind her. “What’s wrong with my pizza toppings?”

“Rose Tyler, fruit does not belong on a pizza.”

Her laughter was spilling out in the hallway when the door to her flat closed.