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You know you’re trash when you read “x reader” stuff and you automatically read your name instead of y/n…

The new cancer cover is so cool. I admit I was thrown when I first listened to it, and I was even a little mad at first but I totally get it now. When I listened to it the first time, I got sort of riled up because it’s so much more processed and edited that the MCR version, but then I realized why. 

This version is set from a different perspective that MCR’s. The original was classic and bare, it was from the mind and mouth of the patient fearing for what his family would do without him, he feared his death because of what it would do to those that he loved. It was raw for that same reason, because the emotion itself is raw and primal. They were giving a clear perspective and that meant one point of view. 

The TOP version is edited and hollow in a spooky sort of haunting way. It feels segmented and cut because in their version the patient is thinking about himself and what it means to die. You can literally hear the moments as he fazes in and out of his own mind and hovers over the line between life and death. It’s scared and almost resigned, it lacks the emotional passion of MCR’s because it’s not telling the same story. It’s not designed to 

MCR’s music throughout has strong messages about thinking about other people and what life is like from other people’s points of view, this is why their song is about seeing a death through the eyes of their loved ones. TOP has themes about ones self throughout in contrast. They sing about a person’s own state of mind and dealing with your own situation as if it’s a sentient being. This is where TOP’s cover is amazing because it manages to take a song and tell the same story of the same character but in a different light and through different eyes. They tapped into something vulnerable and pure in it. They listened closely and saw a different sort of story and told it the way that they saw it. 

It is supposed to sound the way it does because it is from the mind of a dying man who is full of regrets and sorrow and knows full and well that he is about as powerless as he could be. No wonder the books we see are 1984 and All My Sons, the messages about regret and resignation are clear. The cover is restrained and vacant by design. Say what you will about the changes but don’t over look the intention behind them. They didn't “steal” the song and change it out of spite, they were contacted to cover it and they did that by telling the story in their own original way.