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I cannot possibly explain how much I love this side of the Clique. The side that does not care if you got here on the Blurryface era or if you have been here since Self Titled, but instead they welcome you and help you through rough times. I know Tyler and Josh would be very proud of all of us if they could see the beautiful messages you sent to each other to reinforce the idea of keep on living. I am thankful for being part of this side of the Clique, please never change frens. STAY ALIVE |-/

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High School! Tythan HCs

Hey guys! Here are some High School! Tythan head canons from this lovely request. Enjoy!

- Emma 

- Ethan would be a worried bean at all Tyler’s matches/games

- Especially water polo because that sport is i n t e n s e  

- Tyler would reassure him and say he’ll be fine

- But then he does risky stuff to show off to his babe 

- Ethan would cheer louder than the cheerleaders at Tyler’s football games 

- Like seriously, he gets dirty glances from the cheerleaders

- Tyler loves that though 

- Ethan wears Tyler’s varsity jacket to school all the time the day of a foot ball game and to the game itself 

- Tyler has a hard time getting his jacket back because “It smells like you… plus Sweater paws!!”

- Tyler is nicknamed “Stoneface” because he can easily intimidate and psych out everyone his wrestling opponents 

- He can easily pin somebody 

- Ethan takes notes 

- Tyler would be the proud boyfriend #1 at Ethan’s gymnastic meets

- Like he’d be honestly amazed by all the flips and twirls Ethan can do

- Telling Ethan he was the only good person there when they talk about it later

- “But didn’t you see-” “They didn’t compare”

- Tyler doesn’t want to stretch out Ethan’s team jacket (plus baby boy blue may get cold and need it) so he color coordinates his outfits with whatever Ethan is wearing to the meet

- They both thoroughly enjoy each other’s uniforms (but never vocalize it)

- Cheesy dates traditions after each match/game

- Diner date (with milkshakes!) after football games

- Pizza and video games after wrestling matches

- Swimming dates after water polo

- Tyler goes out with Ethan and his team for lunch after a meet (They all love him. They consider him an honorary member despite not having any gymnastics abilities)

- Proud boyfriends getting each other flowers (Daises for Tyler and Amaryllis for Ethan)

- Just being really supportive and making sure everyone at school knows how amazing their boyfriends are

Tyler Breeze - “Pretend to be his wife”

Prompt: “You have to pretend to be his wife” ‘why?’ “immediate family only”
Requested: no
Warnings: None
Words: 900+

Tyler and Dango were your best friends from the moment you joined NXT. You’re not quite sure how the friendship became, just one day you were friends. They went up to the main roster first. But would spend 24/7 texting you and sending memes into your group inbox. It was their favourite pass time. They’d be up to all hours of the night, lighting your phone up with stupid photos. So when you surprised them one smackdown live they we’re ecstatic. 

“What are you doing here?” Tyler asked wrapping you up in a bear hug 

“Thought I’d surprise you guys” you grinned as he let you go and Dango lifted you in the air making you squeal. You spent a few moment catching up before they were pulled away to go over this weeks fashion files. 

“They don’t know yet do they?” Shane asked biting into an apple 

“Nope” you grinned 

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Probably Derek. You know I feel like that’s really pivotal for Scott and to see the man that Scott is now in Derek’s eyes. That would be really cool for the both of them. You know to get some kind of closure and be like ‘look what you created man, your weird fucked up twisted ways turned me into a pretty solid dude’ and Derek would be very proud.
—  Tyler Posey when asked what character he’d like to see return (x)


“Probably Derek. You know I feel like that’s really pivotal for Scott and to see the man that Scott is now in Derek’s eyes. That would be really cool for the both of them. You know to get some kind of closure and be like ‘look what you created man, your weird fucked up twisted ways turned me into a pretty solid dude’ and Derek would be very proud.“

Tyler Posey when asked what character he’d like to see return

‘loook what you created man, YOUR WEIRD FUCKED UP TWISTED WAYS  turned me into a pretty solid dude’

So, according to Poopsey, Derek Hale is a WEIRD FUCKED UP TWISTED character…  #DISGUSTING

If someone can get the time code I would be grateful because this is some grade a, bs, nonsense. Derek wasn’t your alpha Scott, Derek tried to help after his uncle ditched you, you used him as a weapon against his will, told him his family was better off dead, and then basically ignored him until you absolutely needed him afterwards. I constantly want to see the Scott that the writers think Derek loves so much, and apparently so does Tyler Posey. What a dick. They must be actually close to getting him back if Tyler is trying to sabotage it like this. You know how fiercely protective Hoechlin is of Derek.

tl;dr we don’t deserve tyler posey

after watching that video of tyler posey talk about his mom and wanting to be a good role model for his fans, i am just sitting here baffled that someone in his position could be so genuine and loving towards his fans 

people older and more renowned than him seem so apathetic, so restrained and then there’s tyler posey with his uninhibited sunshine and gratitude and floppiness 

and while it’s really fun to use tropes like ~cinnamon roll~ and ~puppy~ to describe how we feel about someone, i just wanted to take some time and express in real terms what tyler posey and his portrayal of scott mccall has done for me

a couple of months ago, i was so sick that i had to be hospitalized in the ICU. everyone pretty much thought i would die bc my condition was getting worse and i had to undergo a surgical procedure and dozens of blood tests couldn’t determine what was wrong with me. and i used to always let tiny inconveniences overwhelm me into depression, but through this actual real life affliction, even at my weakest points, i had hope that i would be okay 

and this is where it gets really cheesy. i knew i would be okay bc for some reason, i kept thinking about scott mccall the whole time. maybe my illness was one long fever dream, but i just kept thinking, scott mccall gets up every time he gets beaten down. scott mccall believes in himself. scott mccall absorbs all the blows and comes back swinging 

and what strikes me most about tyler posey is his fearlessness, or rather, his resolution in the face of fear. bc i’m sure discussing his mom’s death with the internet was immeasurably daunting, but his resolution served the larger cause of helping his fans cope with their own personal tragedies. his raw display of emotion alone comforted me when i was laying in a hospital bed with tubes sticking out of my veins 

even after my recovery, i still think about tyler posey and scott mccall when i’m feeling down, like they’re my wind-scattered mufasa, watching over me and guiding me into becoming a better person

so in conclusion, scott mccall is the protagonist we all need. tyler posey is the role model we all need and we’ve done nothing to deserve him but we should be grateful to be born in the same era as him and soak up his kindness

live your life in a way that would make tyler posey proud :) 

i hate when people act like tyler and troye and any other youtubers are gods gift to mankind

they are people like you and i and they have flaws so praising them blindly and putting them on such a high pedestal is not only embarrassing but harmful

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I finally got the twenty one pilots tattoo that I've been dreaming of. It's on my wrist right over the scars. This tattoo is my reminder to never, ever cut again. That I'm not alone. I just wanted my kitchen sink to be heard. I'm sure Tyler and Josh would be proud of me.

super super proud of you and i know the boys are too

keep creating

keep searching for purpose