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A Fairytale Ending

Request: Could you do a Tyler storie/blurb thing where reader is his girlfriend and she is a singer on youtube, she gets a sponsorship from Disney for Beauty and The Beast and gets to record at one of the Castles at Disney world dressed in a Belle style dress and she has Tyler be her ‘Beast’/Dancing Partner for the music video and he proposes in at the end of it??

Summary: Fem!Reader is filming a Beauty and the Beast music video when boyfriend Tyler proposes and everyone cries :)

A/N: Hey y'all! Don’t know what it was about this fic that was really difficult for me to write? Anyway here it is! It’s based on the Ariana Grande and John Legend music video, just pretend there’s no John Legend lol. Enjoy!

Wordcount: 1086, the hardest fics are always the longest why to heck

Requests are closed at the moment, sorry dudes!

“You look gorgeous,” were Tyler’s first words when he finally saw you in the rose costume.

“We were just on a 4 hour red eye. I could look like shit and still be gorgeous compared to how I looked on the plane,” you laughed waving off Tyler’s compliment to you.

“No, really, you look amazing!” Tyler continued as his hands found your waist. “Like a delicate little rose,” he whispered before leaning down and placing a chaste kiss on your lips.

You giggled and wrapped your arms around his neck, hugging him close to you. “How dare you call me delicate, I instill fear into the very core of my enemies,” you spoke into his chest jokingly.

“Aww, that’s cute babe.”

“Y/n, we need you on set in five for the singing scenes,” one of the crew members said to you as Tyler swayed you back and forth slowly.

“Ah, yeah, sorry I’ll be right there!” You replied, cheeks flushed as you remembered you and Tyler weren’t the only people in the room. “Gotta go Ty, love you!”

“Break a leg babe!” He replied as you scurried off to go stand by the ‘balcony’.

After about a million takes of the singing portion of the video, the director barked out a few orders. “Alright, lunch in 10 and then after we’re filming the dance between Tyler and y/n. I want them ready to film by 1:15!” He yelled into his megaphone.

Tyler’s blood ran cold when he heard the announcement. Why had he agreed to this? He wasn’t much of a dancer, scratch that he was a horrible dancer when it came to slow dancing. He had two left feet that he was sure he’d use to step all over you. Nonetheless when he saw the excited look on your face, he felt a little calmer about everything that was going to go down soon.

The two of you were whisked away to hair and makeup. One hour later magic had been performed on the two of you. You hair had been left down and straight for the singing portion of the video with a warm smokey eye to match your magenta ball gown and a nude gloss. Now you were dressed in the iconic Belle dress and your hair was in the same updo she wears. Your eye makeup has been wiped off to go for a more soft and natural look using only a few ‘barely there’ shadows and a pound of blush.

While you looked relatively the same, Tyler had made quite a transformation. He wore the same blue dress suit that the beast wore in the movie and a bunch of those little suction cup type of dots on his face for when they cgi the beast’s head onto him.

The first time he saw you dressed as Belle he felt his heart drop into his stomach. He smiled at you as you giggled at the dots all over his face and legs, not even a little annoyed.

After receiving the instructions for the dance and the change from beast Tyler to regular Tyler, the lights dimmed, the music started playing, and the cameras started rolling. Despite how unprepared you’d both felt after only a week of practicing the dance back in LA, it only took a few takes to get the first part of the dance done. Tyler was promptly pulled away again to get the dots taken off and a few touch ups on makeup.

“Nervous?” Amy asked as you sat around waiting for them to finish with Tyler.

“Not really, why?” You asked, a little confused by her question.

“Well because this is gonna be one of your most viewed videos! It’s gonna be on the Disney vevo, it’s getting at least 100 mil!”

“Well not this version with Tyler. This ones going on my channel. Emma and Dan fly in tomorrow to do their dancing scene and that’s the one going on the Disney vevo,” you shrugged. Sure you always got nervous before shoots, but knowing Tyler was going to be by your side made everything much easier to manage.

“I’d still be nervous,” Amy laughed, “but that’s just me.”

When Tyler came back out you were called back to the set and you heard the music start playing. This time, the take started with him spinning you rather gracefully which they’d edit together with the first portion to make him transform from beast to human during the spin. The dance wasn’t particularly hard, just regular ballroom dancing that you two had learned the week prior to filming back in LA.

When the music started slowing down and it was just you riffing towards the end of the song, you and Tyler were supposed to walk away from where you’d be standing by the piano and walk up a few stairs. The music ended, but you knew not to break character until the director yelled cut. Which …he wasn’t doing?

The whole set was quiet, almost holding their breath as you glanced around. You turned to Tyler and let out a small gasp when you saw him down on one knee beside you. “Oh my…”

“Y/n, I’ve loved you since the first time I set eyes on you in the library back in freshman year. I loved you all throughout college, and fall in love more and more with you everyday. You’ve been my rock through everything these past years and all I want to do is be yours for the rest of your life,” he took a pause as he reached into his jacket pocket. Your eyes were brimming with tears and you did your best to keep them from falling but it was no use. You’re emotional dammit.

“What I’m trying to say is,” he pulled out the little velvet box and opened it for you to see, “Y/n, will you marry me?”

You were left breathless by everything. Here you were, standing in Cinderella’s castle in Disney World dressed in a full Belle costume while you were filming the most important video of your entire life and the love of your life was kneeling down asking you to marry him? It was overwhelming in the best possible way.

“Of course, Tyler!” You laughed, through the happy tears as he stood up and pulled you into a searing kiss.

As a couple, you two were never big on pda, but an exception can be made during a proposal at Disney World.

A/N 2.0 hello everybody! In case you guys are wondering I’m drunk and typing this at 6 in the morning how are y'all I’m lit ok hope you guys enjoy this pile of crap idk why this one was so difficult prob just bc I don’t like beauty and the beast and bc I’m an incompetent pos lmao ok anyway bye ily thx 4 reading

ok hi sober me is here and it’s 2:30pm am srry for drunk me but wow how did drunk me type up everything and have almost 0 typos damn im proud of her anyway hope you guys enjoyed this it was sorta hard to write but it was probably just cuz I was on a plane all tired and uncomfortable and hungry while writing this lol anyway thanks for reading!

Special thanks to the anon that requested this! It was a bit specific, but i powered through, hope you liked it! AM SORRY IT TOOK ME A MILLION YEARS TO GET TO THIS PLS FORGIVE ME.

Requests are closed at the moment, sorry friendos! On the bright side I only have 1 more request to write before I get to the newer ones (that are still like a month old rip) in my inbox! :D

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That Special Time of the Month

Originally posted by antisepticdark

Summary: Fem!Reader wakes up to find that her period came during the night and now she has to deal with the guys being annoying at the office… Well mainly just Mark. Hope you guys like!

A/N: Hello! I wrote a fic, and trust me its not very good and it’s waaay longer than it needs to be. Be gentle, I’m new to the whole posting my writing thing. Also! I speak fluent Spanish so i used some slang in the fic!
“No mames”- Spanish slang/curse for “no way”/“no fucking way”
“Sentida”- Spanish for upset or offended (in this context reader is sad)
Lastly there’s a text conversation in the fic so ‘-’ is Ethan and ‘=‘ is Tyler.

Wordcount: like +2k I’m sorry this is too long bye

Requests are open? This is no good so I don’t know why anyone would be requesting but yeah you can do that if you want. Hope you guys enjoy!

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Count it (Tyler x FemReader) jealous fluff

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(A/n): wow okay I kinda’ really like these

Request:  OK SO I WANTED TO DO A BEAUTIFUL REQUEST FOR A BEAUTIFUL PERSON (that’s you) Could you maybe do a one-shot where Tyler (obvs the jealous type) gets jealous and lots of fluFFfffFfFFFF i WanT FLufF

Warnings: swearing and stufffff





Some idle things were whispered from Mark to Ethan. Next to each other, in a hollow living area, they giggled like a pair of school boys.

Ethan nodded enthusiastically to what was said; peering at Mark with giddy eyes.

Mark threw him a smirk and tossed an extra look to where I was standing, which was off in the corner grazing my phone. Even though I was preoccupied, their not so subtle actions were quite obvious in thick air.

I could see Mark quickly countdown from three in silent hand movements.



“So-!” he then said “(Y/n) was dressed actually pretty adorably today, don’t ya’ think?”

Ethan seemed to nod soberly “Yes, she was dressed quite cutely. It is honestly almost a shame that she decided to change for this.”

“Isn’t it?”

I believe it was pretty visible; my head peaked with sudden interest. I was basically alerted by the call of (Y/n)’s name. The fashion in which the boys were speaking about her didn’t help much either.

Did Mark just call her adorable? Did Ethan say cute?

“Ah, what-?” I began hoarsely, my words dropping short.

“Well don’t get too down about it, Ethan. This is a dinner out. She might be dolled up even prettier.”

Pardon me.

“That’s true- that’s true.”

What are they getting at? (Y/n) is my date, not theirs. I’m the one that claimed dibs when we litterally first met. Do they not recall?

I let my jaw hang loose, and tongue run dry. Not one word was good enough to describe how much this time with her meant to me.


Fucking assholes. They’re just trying to get me jealous, aren’t they?

I’ll show them jealous.

“Well since it’s going to be just (Y/n) and I,” I started forcefully. With meaning, I walked my way over to my two friends and spun them each around- to face the exit.

“I don’t think you’ll need to stay here much longer. You can go to your rooms, masturbate together- I don’t care. But stay away from my girl.”

I had just finished my demand when Mark gasped loudly.

“Your girl?”

As I shoved them out the doorway to the living room, I said ‘adieu’ and shut the door heavily.

I turned to be greeted with (Y/n)’s heavenly smile.

Oh lord…

“Your girl~?” she repeated sweetly, tilting her head in adorable question. Her hooded eyes gave away her taunt like reasoning.

“Wow.” I said in a huff tone.

I was now directing (Y/n) to the front door instead- with gentle pushes on the shoulders. She began to giggle and fidget while we walked. I opened the door softly for her.

“I never said I was yours.” she laughed jokingly, stepping out the door with a big dopey smile falling into her features.

I grinned down at her kindly. There was a reason I loved her this much.

“Well now, you’re mine.” and I shut the door with a happy click.


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So, who is your fav character to draw?

The Master and the Cockatoo