tyler to win

"When Stiles said he loved Lydia, he meant it platonically."

Oh I’m sureeeeeee, because mentioning every year he had a crush on her and clutching her hand and reminding her of the (multiple) times she saved him is platonic. Oh and him leaning into her and glancing at her lips when he tells her he loves her is like totally platonic. STILES LITERALLY TELLING LYDIA BEFOREHAND THAT HE WANTS TO KISS HER IS PLATONIC. mhm.. sure. Keep on trying anti’s, this game will be 10 times more fun when they’re finally back together and they admit to their feelings. (:

So I got to meet Tyler again tonight after the show. He was such a sweetheart for coming out and taking pictures with everyone! When I went up to him I told him that I printed out all of the FPE papers and passed them out to everyone and he said that he really appreciated it and loved seeing them held up during Goner. So I asked him if he could hold the last sign up in the picture and he said that we should hold it together. The show tonight was INCREDIBLE and I’m so happy right now, I can’t even describe how much I love this band. Happy birthday Tyler |-/ @twentyonepilots @fpeproject


Some music videos with lesbians in them.

My fav ship(s) (part 5)

PHILKAS (Philip Shea + Lukas Waldenbeck) 

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Too precious for this world

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Damn boy..or should I say…hmh..boys?…

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i’m not freaking out

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I wanna sleep next to you
But that’s all I wanna do right now
So come over now and talk me down

I wanna hold hands with you
But that’s all I wanna do right now
And I wanna get close to you
Cause your hands and lips still know their way around
And I know I like to draw that line, when it starts to get too real
But the less time that I spend with you, the less you need to heal

(Talk Me Down)