tyler the real creator

A// Age: 22

B// Biggest Fear: Existence tbh

C// Current Time: 11:38 pm

D// Drink Last had: Water

E// Everyday starts with: Read some manga

F// Favorite Song: Fucking Young-Tyler, The Creator

G// Ghosts are real: Heck yes they are >:|

H// Hometown: Victorville, CA

I// In love with: 2D boys ♥

J// Jealous of: People with more motivation to learn awesome things then me😭 

K// Killed someone: In my imagination?

L// Last time you cried: Last night 😭

M// Middle Name: Mariah

N// Number of Sibilings: 1, my little sister lol. 

O// One Wish: To find something to be truly happy about. 

P// Person you last called/Texted: Called: My friend Brittany. Texted: My dad.

Q// Question your always asked: Can you draw me a picture? <– Same lol

R// Reason to smile: Frirends, food, ice cream, sims and anime/manga. 

S// Song last sang: DoomDada- T.O.P.

T// Time you woke up: 12:10pm

U// Underwear color: Black lol

V// Vacation Destination: Japan

W// Worst Habit: Self Loathing lmao

X// Xrays you’ve had: To look at my bone that time I was hit in the shit with a skateboard

Y// Your Favorite Food: 

Z// Zodiac Sign: Aries  ♈

Thank you @acoldsummer-sims for tagging me in this challenge! 💋

I tag: @kenzar-sims4 @lovex3pink @purefuknbeauty @geekysimz @sellasusims4

made a guy cum by saying 4 words

“Give me your tongue” we were making out and this guy has a thing for french kissing and was acting shy because he wasnt sure I liked it but I got money to make?? so I said that in like a hella sexual, thick voice and pulled his hair and he did one hard jolt and then just stared straight into my fucking eyeballs, his face looked like he was having an internal war with his nut game, this boy dun monica lewinsky’d all on me. IT WAS ALL JUST FOREPLAY TOO LIKE NO PENETRATION I DIDNT EVEN TOUCH HIS DICK YET IT WAS JUST OUT N HE WAS TALKING MAD SHIT BEFORE THE APPT LIKE “I can’t wait to spend the whole 2 hours with you!!” “I’m gonna make your night amazing” “I’ll be the best you ever had”

nigga looked at me like tyler the creators mugshot 

He was real quick to pull the, “Oh I haven’t masturbated in like a week..”, “I’ve been so sensitive lately” and I’m sitting there like

I had to spend the remaining time stroking his ego and telling him its okay and he was like “can you pls spend the rest of the time with me…just cuddling, i feel so bad. I can only cum once a day and I can’t believe I didn’t masturbate before to get ready for this” i was yeah of course suurrreee

then he walked me to valet to get my car and he waited until I got in and was about to drive away and i swear on my life I looked at him like this and gassed it. bye