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Dark and Wild Album Review

Finally! Dark and Wild has released! I’m excited about it and I have a lot to say about both the tracks and the album in general! A lot of people have made posts about how they love it and how they hate it, so here’s my two cents! 

Inside I have a couple opinions and a track-by-track review with links to other songs that I think sound a little similar.

So for starters, I have to admit to thinking that the album would have come out more hiphop styled, but the entirety of the album is more poppish than I imagined. I don’t think I am disappointed though. The way that Korean Pop Culture works is that regardless of what BTS does outside the country, there is always that feeling of idol group on them that they just cannot escape. 

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It was so awesome. I’m glad I was able to come again a year later to see the anniversary show. We got to see the trailer for Season 3 of Loiter Squad before they put it out and it was pretty cool having them introduce it and seeing it on the huge screen. People came out and performed with Tyler so overall I think it was a chill show.

Wolf one year anniversary 4.5.14