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Orders- Tyler Seguin

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Ok so this is another angsty one! I honestly don’t have much to say about this one so just… Enjoy!

Warning: affair, cheating, cursing

Anon Request: Hey please can you do a Tyler seguin one where the reader is supposed to meet up with Tyler because she has to tell him that she getting deployed the next day but he doesn’t show and eventually she calls him but some girl picks up and in the background she hears Tyler ask “babe who’s that? ” and the reader puts down. She ends up leaving without telling him and six months later when she gets back she assures Tyler that they have zero chance of being together again


              You had gotten your orders from the military a week ago, but for some reason you just… couldn’t tell Tyler.

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things tyler and josh do in interviews

things tyler does in interviews

takes his wedding ring off his finger and plays with it

picks at his nails intensely

sits with his head on his hand and stares into space

pulls at his hair

sits on his hands

wears sunglasses indoors

makes a lot of hand gestures

stares deadpan into the camera like he’s on the office

avoids the question and goes off on a tangent

refuses to name any other bands as inspirations

insists his dream band is the dixie chicks and celine dion’s backing band

says he wants to get a baby cow tattooed on his calf

says ‘see you on another time’ at the end

stares at josh

things josh does in interviews

spaces out while tyler talks

says ‘um’ at the start of every sentence

says ‘yeah’ after anything tyler says

takes years to get to his point

chuckles at tyler’s dumb jokes for moral support

gives advice from his grandpa

puts his arm on the back of the chair/sofa

wears hats

nods gently along to tyler’s speeches

mentions their physique a lot

talks about cereal

retells his most tattooed guy at the record store story in a slightly different way each time

stares at tyler


#when you unintentionally insult the bae #and you gotta apologize for it