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Doctor Who Gifset School Reunion- Of course Sarah Jane Smith would be upset after losing K-9. He was the one thing that tied her to the Doctor and her adventures she had with him all those years ago. Yeah, he was a daft metal dog, but K-9 was her daft metal dog, and that makes all the difference in this moment.


On this day in 2006, the Doctor and Sarah Jane were reunited, Rose competed with Sarah, and Mickey summed up the situation perfectly.

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Man-child David Tennant making funny faces at the camera (Doctor Who behind-the-scenes). 

Yup, he’s a real grown man and a very well respected professional actor.

Note: In all fairness, it’s usually the Doctor Who Confidential cameras or video diary cameras that he’s goofing around with - not typically the real camera that is filming the episode.

Professional yet fun at the same time - that’s DT.


Behind the scenes of the Doctor Who Radio Times Cover Shoot (2006)

From Totally Doctor Who (Series 1, Episode 13)

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And I would walk 500 miles…  | David Tennant & DW Company (x)


29th April

On this day in 2006: School Reunion

After several years, the Doctor and Sarah Jane start investigating the same mysterious goings on in a London school.

On this day in 2008, the Doctor had the Torchwood rift looped around the TARDIS by Mr Smith, to fly Planet Earth back home!

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