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Baby Project (Pt. II)

Tyler Joseph Series

Part I

Summary: Two long life enemies, who supposedly hate each other with a burning passion are forced to spend more time than preferred together.

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Words: 744

(Y/N) straightens her posture, takes a deep breath and presses the doorbell. No more than a minute later the door flies open, revealing a shirtless guy. 

“Ms (Y/L/N)“, the brown haired man greets with a hint of ridicule, “To what do I owe the honour of your presence?“ he asks with a smug smirk, casually leaning against the door frame. 

“I need you to take care of the baby“ she answers straightforwardly and presses the object in his hands, catching him off guard; yet he still manages to get a grasp of it. However, the doll immediately wakes up from its slumber and starts crying.

“What no I can‘t-“ Tyler protests while trying to soothe the baby, but gets cut off. 

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Scared Of The Dark - Josh

It was about 1:00 in the morning, and you were downstairs grabbing a late night snack. Josh was sound asleep in the bedroom. You could hear the wicked wind whistling, and rain pounding on the shingles. Nevertheless, you quickly ate your banana and turned to leave when all the lights you had flipped on suddenly shut off. You screamed and dropped to your knees, looking around. You were terrified of the dark. Even though it might seem childish to some people, you were convinced that anything you couldn’t see, could be there. Anything or anyone could be lurking in the dark, gloomy shadows. Your breathing had quickened by the time you had the common sense to yell Josh’s name. You didn’t care move, anything could jump out. You screamed his name once more as he yelled yours back. “Y/n?” He must have tried to flick on a light, because you heard his puzzled murmurs. He jogged down the stairs, shining the flashlight on his phone. “Y/n..” He said and found you. He sat down next to you and pulled you onto his lap, entwining his fingers into your hair. He absentmindedly twisted locks of your hair around his knuckles as he calmed you down. “Shh.. You’re okay. It’s just the dark. Nothing’s there, I promise.” He consoled and rubbed your back reassuringly. “The lights just w-went out all of a s-sudden!” You cried and buried your tear-stained face into his shoulder. “I know.. Shh..” He assured and kissed your cheek. “It was because of the storm, it’s a pretty bad one”. He remarked and scooped you into his arms.

He sat you down on the bed upstairs and leaned his phone against the useless lamp. He also took yours, and did the same on the other side of the room. Both of your phones’ flashlights were gleaming across the room, making it slightly brighter. You sighed in relief at the light and looked up at Josh. “Do you want to go to sleep?” He asked. You shook your head quickly. “Alright. Then let’s play a game… How about… Kiss, Marry, or Kill?” He proposed and beamed as he sat down on the bed, making it groan under his weight. “What happened to Fuck, Marry, Kill?” You asked and giggled. He gasped and shook his head immediately. “That’s too bad for us. We’re more mature.” He said formally and smiled, his eyes crinkling at the corners. “Oh yeah, you’re real mature.” You laughed and ruffled his bright hair.

After playing endless games, you finally decided to go to sleep. You cuddled with Josh, knowing that he wouldn’t let anything happen to you.

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puppy parenting | tyler bate

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It was entirely my fault that I’d gotten much too used to a laughter-filled apartment, one fit for nights spent watching movies and ramblings about all the nothings of the world. Although Tyler didn’t live here, it was like he practically did; whenever he had free time, he was there and we were together. Since his presence was always an absentminded expectancy, the unsettling emptiness and silence of each room never felt right. I knew very well that his schedule was hectic and that relying on having him around was a terrible habit, however it’d become second-nature. Even when I tried to not let on how much I missed him, he’d mention how he wished he didn’t have to leave so often and that he was sorry. The truth of the matter was that he had no reason to be sorry, no reason at all; he was young and he was living his dream and I couldn’t have been more proud to be by his side throughout it all. I was the sorry one for making him have worries when his bright future should have been the only thing on his mind. 

Though I’d refuted his claims countless times, he just couldn’t seem to accept me being alone in the apartment we so regularly shared. Eventually, he decided I needed something to erase the loneliness. His resolution?

“Let’s get a puppy,” he announced suddenly one day during a brief intermission of our horror movie marathon.

For just a split second I’d thought I’d heard him wrong considering how out of place it seemed at the time. He was traveling all over the world doing big things with the UK championship slung over his shoulder, meanwhile I was getting caught up in my own career. Simply put, we were both extremely busy and it seemed there was hardly enough time for each other, let alone to take care of a puppy. 

“A puppy?" 

"A puppy,” he confirmed, all smiles and no reasoning. It must’ve slipped his mind how crazy our lives currently were.

I caught myself thinking about how adorable the sight of Tyler and the tiny pup would be before logic set in. “Tyler, sweetie,” I began, a comforting hand placed on top of his, “I hate to be the mean girlfriend, but we really don’t have the time.”

“You’re at this apartment alone so often, wouldn’t you love the company? And when I’m home, I’ll be right there with you taking care of it.”

The idea did seem rather enticing. It would surely make the apartment livelier and the time pass much faster. And, not that I would admit it, but that image of the two of them curled up on the couch together was too cute to pass up.

“I mean…” I trailed off, attempting to keep up the disagreement for even just a minute longer. Tyler didn’t need to know I’d given in that easily.

He grinned, tugging on my arm gently as he realized his plan would work, after all. “C'monnnn,” he exaggerated.

“Alright, alright, fine. We’ll get a puppy." 

Tyler insisted we get the dog the next day, more than likely because he was afraid I would change my mind. That’s exactly how we ended up in this situation, him driving us back to the place that would be complete with the arrival of our cocker spaniel and me smiling down at the tiny thing, fast asleep in my lap. 

Reaching across the console, Tyler held a hand out to pet our yet-to-be-named puppy before earning a sound of disapproval from me.

"Both hands on the wheel, Bate,” I chuckled, watching as he stuck his tongue out at me in annoyance. “You’re not mature enough to be a parent,” I sighed. 

“Try me.”

Now we had a bigger task ahead of us- agreeing upon a name. We’d gone back and forth as if we were naming an actual child, and to us, we were. After a discussion that lasted much longer than it should have, I opted for searching up dog names on Google and hoping we’d come across one that we could agree on. 

“Ace is cute,” I pointed out, scrolling down the page slowly, “Please tell me you like Ace.”

He was silent for a moment and I was worried we’d have to sit through yet another ten minutes of never-ending disagreement. “I like Ace. Ace it is,” he beamed, said puppy already sleeping the day away on his lap.

“My two boys,” I smiled, resting my head against Tyler’s shoulder and thinking about just how perfect the whole thing seemed. A proper beginning to our entwined future, all right here in this moment with Ace between us.

Just hours later, I learned I was both wrong and right about some things. Tyler was mature enough for this task, heading out to buy all of the things we’d need to be proper dog owners. And when I found him sprawled out on the couch with Ace sleeping so peacefully upon his chest, I discovered I was right in my thinking. It truly was an adorable sight to see the two together.

dream concept:

you and me are sitting on the ledge of a building. from our perch we can see the distant lights of a music set. it’s twenty one pilots. they are playing semi-automatic, but we can’t hear the lyrics that well, so we look up the song on your phone and play it so the beat matches with the lights on the stadium. 

the air is just perfect: the last lingering warmth of the late summer day is casting itself over the town below us. the air smells of summer: flowers, pavement, grass and strawberries. the clouds above are tinged pink with the setting sun. a warm breeze toys with the edges of our t-shirts and ruffles the hair on our heads. 

we swing our legs over the side of the building. we mouth the words and drum our hands to the beat, rocking to the rhythm of the sound. the air is clear, and the city is quiet, and we are free.

Tyler doing the thing.

So it has recently come to my attention while searching for pictures of Tyler’s ugly shorts that Tyler does a thing.





And it’s driving me insane. 

I need it to stop.

I need him to find a new pose.

Somebody give him something to do with his hands ffs.








Sir while I do appreciate the pocket change this is not really helping.

In conclusion: Tyler Hoechlin and his pockets are a menace to society and must be stopped.

distractions | tyler bate

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Tyler Bate was the UK champion, accomplishing such a prestigious title at just nineteen years old. He had the world in his hands and just about everything anyone could ever wish for- an incredible job, dedicated fans, considerable wealth.

The only thing missing was her.

And at one point, Tyler did, in fact, have her in his life. He had all of her quirks and habits, all of her cheesy jokes and references, all of her love and support. Lucky didn’t even begin to describe his circumstances, but he failed to show it enough; just as quickly as she came into his life, she left.

Or, she didn’t leave, per say. She was driven away by his inability to balance his rapidly-growing career and their relationship. There wasn’t that mutual effort they swore on however many months ago; it was just a pipe dream, after all. The electric feeling she once got even just hearing his voice via short-lived phone calls had sizzled out. There wasn’t much of anything anymore. 

It wasn’t to be blamed on her, either. Though it had been tough, she’d worked through the issues sure to come about with Tyler moving onto the big league of WWE. Greater time away from each other was among that list, looming over them like a dark cloud. If they could make the distance work, they could make anything work.

That was just a pipe dream, too. She’d done her part, devoting countless time to work around his schedule, despite her parents’ disapproval. They’d been convinced it wasn’t worth it, Tyler not being “good enough” for their daughter, not putting forth enough effort to truly make her happy. She’d fought so hard for him, saying over and over again just how happy he made her, the happiest she’d been in her entire life.

Initially, both side puts in equal effort, until it eventually disintegrated into nothing more than a poor relationship drug on by two people unwilling to let go. Tyler knew, to some extent, that he wasn’t the same; his life was ten times more hectic and unfortunately, his relationship felt the consequences. But she would stay, right? They’d overcame too many battles for her to walk away because he was a little distant and distracted. She wouldn’t leave him, he was sure.

Meanwhile, she was fighting this battle on her own. Staying with him hurt like hell, his changed behavior feeling like they had already broken up. And leaving him would be just as painful; she was at war with herself, but neither potential outcome was a victory.

When she finally made a decision, the weight on her shoulder all but lifted. Instead, fifty more pounds were added upon it. The time had come to stop making excuses for Tyler, time to stop hanging on, time to stop being the sole reason they were still together. She hated that she had to finally fulfill her parents’ wishes after all the fighting she’d done with them to defend Tyler, but all along, she’d been the fool in too deep. 

He was due to come home for a few days, but soon enough, he’d be gone once again. Even though she could barely handle talking to him when she was planning to end things as soon as he was home, he deserved much more than a phone call break-up. He may have become too endowed in his career, but that didn’t mean she sought out to break his heart, even if he had unconsciously broken hers. He was chasing his dream and all she could do was chase him.

“Hey, beautiful,” he greeted, his voice alone nearly making her forget about her upcoming announcement. 

She smiled, a weak replica of the one she usually donned when around him. “Hey.”

Rather than springing up from the couch to meet him by the door, she folded into herself, his eyebrows furrowed a bit as he noticed the odd behavior. “Everything alright?” he ensured, dropping his bag as he took a seat and pulled her to his side. 

Every fiber of her being was begging for her to say yes, yearning to stay tucked in his side and away from the harsh reality. It always felt like she belonged there, right in his arms, but she’d learned long ago that she could no longer find a home in Tyler.

“Is it?” she asked, trying to keep the tears at bay. She’d done enough crying to last a lifetime. “Do you think everything’s alright?”

“I’m here with you, everythin’ feels alright with you.”

A sad chuckle slipped past her lips, unfit for the situation at hand. “But are you really here?”

His head turned slightly, unsure of what she meant as he reached forward to wipe away the few unrelenting tears that had managed to bypass her repetitive blinking. She was being too cryptic, but it was a way to avoid the direction this was ultimately heading. Stalling never did her much good, though. 

“Talk to me, love,” he begged, taking her hands in his as she pushed away from him softly, “Y/N, you gotta tell me what’s goin’ on.”

“You can’t be that blind, Tyler. When was the last time we had a conversation with actual substance? We talk to each other just to convince ourselves we’re okay.”

He was silent, attempting to wrap her back into his side again, but she shook her head and stayed in place. 

“Let’s just end it, okay? You’re doing big things and I’m just…I’m just here.”

“No….” he disagreed, his voice much, much quieter and broken than just mere minutes ago, “No, you can’t do this. I’m sorry, I promise I’ll try harder to make this work. I love you." 

Tyler had a life to live. He had schedules to fulfill and goals to be accomplished. At this point in time, she just couldn’t be with him along the way. He could deny it all he wanted, but that was a simple fact. While he was living the life, she’d be rebuilding hers. 

With a tear-stricken face and a wavering voice, she finished it. "It’s over, Tyler.”

There was no moving on process. Tyler didn’t move on; the idea was foreign to him, the words tasting bitter on his tongue when he even thought about speaking them. If he couldn’t be a good enough man for the one he loved most, he didn’t deserve to find new happiness in someone else. Not that he would be able to, anyway. She was it for him, he’d told himself that numerous times when he watched the gentle rise and fall of her chest in the morning.
Even so, he’d fallen into the one trap he vowed to never fall into, losing her in the process. Maybe she was gone for good, maybe he’d never get the chance to hold her in his arms again. For right now, he could somewhat live off the faint memory of her warmth radiating against his chest and the countless pictures they’d taken together in their prime.

And as he explained the story to a friend who had asked about his downcast expressions, he realized just how many mistakes he made. A long time ago, he’d told her he would treat her better than anyone else ever could, yet it had become just another lie. He’d become the man her parents viewed him as, a distracted shell of the person he used to be. 

“Her parents always hated me,” he admitted, tracing his fingers along the rim of his drink, “I guess they were right.”

Point Taken  (Tyler x FemReader) fluff short

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Request:  Hi! I was wondering if you could do a Mark imagine where the reader and him are best friends and Amy gets a little jealous and tells Tyler about it? But Amy doesn’t know that the reader and Tyler are engaged so he either like points out her ring or shows her engagement photos? Please&Thank you!

Warnings: none really


“You can’t just–”

“Well I did.”

“Mark, I swear to fuc–”

“Oops, did it again.”


Blue shells, no matter whom they come from, are cruel. Also usually uncalled for. An overall dick move and friendship ruiner.

You had your triumph- though apparently very short lived. First place in classic Wii Mario Kart was like taking candy from a baby. In this situation, it was more like taking first place from a man-child.

But even the least thought about have their tricks.

“I can’t say I didn’t warn you, (Y/n).” the Youtuber sang, tying his hands together to support the back of his head in a leisurely fashion.

“Warn me? Warn me fucking how?” you laughed instead, pretending to throw down your wheel in a fit.

Mark whistled lowly and made a ‘tsk’ noise before saying:

“I said ‘oops’.”

You pulled a face and contorted your torso stiffly to stare at the man. Three seconds past before you could speak over an almost spilling pool of giggles.

“If I say ‘oops’ before I twist your nipples, will it still hurt you?”

The American looked surprised; eventually he cracking an airy smile “Yeaaah, probably-!”

Flooding of laughter charmed the walls of the studio. Both you and Mark were enjoying yourselves much like you’ve done many other times- that is what close friends do after all.

From the side wall, Kathryn chuckled a bit on her own. She found your pair’s antics to be amusing in of themselves.

Close beside her, Amy seemingly didn’t have the same impression. Childish, she knew, how she felt was solely childish.

Amy couldn’t convince herself that Mark and yourself were just best friends. Don’t plead her guilty, she loved you both to death- you being one of her closest friends that she trusted the most. Mark also being on a certain pedestal.

That’s why it hurts?

“No use pouting about it.” Amy thought sourly.

Her luck was that maybe she could rant to someone- as soon as she could- and the feeling would slip away from her psyche.

So she got up. Soon after Amy exited the room, the blonde happily found Tyler resting in the kitchen. The video editor engaged Tyler in a conversation and asked for his ears.

“I know how stupid this sounds, but I’m a little jealous of Mark with (Nickname).” Amy said daftly “I mean they are so close and it’s cute and well… I overall just don’t want to be replaced, you know?”

“Because who would?” she stopped.

Amy leant aimlessly against the cold counter top and supported her face with two palms. The girl offered a deflated vibe.

Tyler laughed.

“Amy,” the tall male began heartfully, nursing a mug of tea “I wouldn’t worry too much about it.”

The female in question flickered her eyes to meet opposing blue ones, catching them in a minute of confusion. She squinted; Tyler began to move his hands.

He pointed gently with his right index to his left ring finger. A bold silver ring stood strong.

Amy’s eyes fixated on the accessory for several moments before she allowed her eyes to widen and her posture to straighten.

“Wait- is that a–” she began to speak.

“I’m only hoping, but (Y/n) is wearing one similar to this, no?”

I guess shock consumed the girl pretty fast. She didn’t have anything more to say. To compensate, I think, Amy started to giggle instead. Tyler beamed at her.

“I guess I really shouldn’t be worried…” the blonde was able to say.

“You’re lucky I’m not the one who’s jealous- Mark might be in the emergency with blunt force head trauma if I was.”

Tyler was laughing as well as Amy now.

“She is mine after all.”

“And Mark to me.” Amy agreed.

After a few more short chuckles, Tyler relished:

“They are kinda’ funny to watch though-”

“They so are.”


(A/n): this is trash oml I love it

I’m sorry,

One more thing,

Before I close my eyes tonight.

I want you to remember,

That this is a continual fight.

You will fall, and fall again,

But you will rise and then,

Learn that music and words,

Can make sense for a bit at a time,

That is why I write rhymes,

To calm my mind.

That is why we write rhymes,

To calm our minds.

Being Together is Enough Part 3 - Zig x MC Fanfic

[A little note: Man, I didn’t think I’d be doing another one of these but an awesome follower of mine requested it - so viola, here we are! It’s my first actual request and I am super nervous about posting I hope I don’t disappoint you. I know you were interested in a little more backstory with regards to MC and unlike the ones that aren’t a part of this series - these are nowhere canon.This MC has a special place in my heart. Anyway, for those of you who actually read the whole thing because it is super long and I am sorry to put you through this. I hope it’s enjoyable! ]

[Summary: As MC and Zig reach another milestone in their relationship, MC realizes she can’t keep hiding behind her walls anymore. Not at the rate that Zig tears them down. ]


What a concept.

Not tangible by any means, and yet that had never stopped anyone before from searching for it. It certainly doesn’t stop most people from spending their whole lives trying to find it. Trying to figure out if there was at least one person in this entire universe that could understand. A single person that could make them feel like they matter.

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