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We really like Pokemon and so does SJC and Black Market Custom, so on our current tour with All Time Low we thought… why not?

Be sure to check out @BlackMarketCustom and @SJCDrums on Instagram and the like, they’re Pokemon masters! Not only are these pieces SUPER EFFECTIVE, they sound incredible too! :)

*Live Photos: Elliot Ingham and Jenn Curtis*


My Day With Issues… Yes I’m serious:

So this week has been FUCKING UNREALISTIC. I just had a jam session with Tyler Carter, Aj, and Scout… one thing lead to a fucking nother and BAM this son of a bitch. I got plenty of signatures and selfies. I sang stingray affliction. With Tyler Carter. He’s such a doll, seriously nicest guy i have ever met like totally laid back, and is all about the music. Scout and Aj are so silly. Scout showed us what kind of programs he uses to arrange the beats and how it works. We talked plenty about what kind of strings should be on our guitars.. IM NOT TELLING I MEAN COME ON. We got a sneak peak at a music video, but out of the respect for them I’m not telling you what it is. I promise its beautiful and its coming. They wrote on my shoes.. and my chest. I had a convo with Aj and he told me my shirt was dope and he fist bumped me. Yes he did. He signed my shirt and said “ right on the boob” When i sang Stingray Affliction to the instrumental… Tyler smiled and patted my back and i quote said “ This girl right here should just sing with us she knows it all” . I proceeded by having an inner panic attack. OH AND FOR ALL YOU FAN FICTION WRITERS. Tyler reads all that shit and he told me he does read it. so for all you sick muthafuckaas.. go take it down he thinks its weird. Hahaha. MISSION ABORT basically for all the people i know you’re almost worse than the directioners. But its ok we all have #issues hahahahah bAAADUMchHHHH. Why I’m so mad at myself i don’t knowww. hahahah ok ok il stop. Then he gave me much needed advice for stage fright. he said - GET OVER IT. then he laughed and told me just to get in a zone where I’m with myself. The set was unreal, also not telling the set because whats the fun if you know whats coming? During the set, scout blew me a kiss, then he walked over and gave me the set list. MAWAWMFAWNFLW yes i have the set list. Then MICHAEL CROWD SURFED DURING PERSONALITY CULT. ugh like yaaas. He also came over and said “This is for all those who feel like outcasts” and he screamed and grabbed my hands. Lets just say this was the most amazing day of my life- I apologize for this long ass thing but its needed

So here are pictures of me spending my day with Issues!