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Twenty One Pilots is full of contradiction.

There is shouting and screaming, bright red in the dark of the night. There are concerts. Jumping along with a thousand other people in some sort of unpredictable dance. There is meeting new clique members, and screaming lyrics as loud as you can. There is waiting in line, and laughing. There is passionate defense. There’s Tyler Joseph shouting “Is anyone out there?” at the shows. There is Josh Dun, using every bit of his energy to bring sound to the arena.

But going against this great noise, there are the quiet moments. In addition to Twenty One Pilot’s celebrations and battles, shouts and voices, there is the spaces when you can’t feel anything besides their music. In the middle of the hallway, in the back desk at school. Wandering the streets at night when their music is your only friend, comparing Oh Ms. Believer to the stars over you. Long roadtrips when the headphones make your ears burn. When you’re falling asleep in your bed, and the ending chords of the Judge play from under your pillow.

This band is full of contractions. Loud moments paired with silent ones. Being alone, and being together. Contradictions.

Tumblr Made Me Do It

Pairing: Josh/ Reader/ Tyler/// Warnings: Threesome, Smut, Daddy kink, Bondage, Swearing, Choking, Exhibitionism// Rating: Mature// A/N: This is NOT the next part of Don’t Tell Him. This was a request so don’t accidentally put the two together.

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You had been friends with Josh and Tyler for a considerably long amount of time. They were your best friends and you felt that you could trust them with anything. Of course, that did not include the copious amount of fanfiction and smut that you read about them. Your favorite to read was the ones that had both of the men… You know where I’m getting at. It was a dirty little secret to you. You would walk around just knowing you’ve orgasmed to the thought of both men pummeling you. As of now, you were currently laying in bed, using your vibrator on yourself, while scrolling to find your favorite smut writers page, and seeing that they had the new three way smut out. The feeling in the pit of your stomach was indescribable as you were reading through and masturbating. It was very detailed and it was the kind of smut that you liked. It was more on the rough side and, well, had the Daddy kink in it. With the smut and the intense setting on your vibrator, it didn’t take you long before you had came, panting and sweating hard. Just as you come down from your high, Tyler walks through followed by Josh. You pull your hand out of your pants as fast as possible, but the damage was done. Tyler looked slightly embarrassed, but both of the boys looked intrigued. You could only imagine the horrors present on your face. “That was such a great time for you guys to walk in” you say, breaking the awkward silence. The guys laugh and hesitantly walk over to your bed, so you move up and press your back to the headboard to show you weren’t doing anything. They sit on the end still, worried about getting too close. “So uh” Tyler starts. You roll your eyes and push yourself off the bed. “God, Boys, stop being so weird about it. Not like you don’t do it” you say, looking through your clothes to change. “Okay, what were you doing it to?” Josh asks. You hear a shift in your bed and you look over to see them going for your phone. “No!” You practically jump at Josh and yank the phone from his hand, shoving it in your pocket. “It was nothing” you shrug. Tyler cocks and eyebrow at you. “Nothing? That’s why you tackled Josh so fast?” He asks. “Exactly” you say, grabbing a towel and your next set of clothes, going to the bathroom. You strip down and step into the shower, beginning your process. While being alone with your thoughts, you started to think about that smut and how hot it really was. The basics of it was that the boys fucked you downstairs in your house, in the living room, with the blinds/curtains open. It was very hot and just thinking about it was making you horny all over again. You hear the bathroom door open, footsteps, and then the door shut again. “Hello? Tyler? Josh?” You call out, and there’s no answer. You assume the boys came in for something and left, no big deal. You’re almost finished with your shower when the door opens again and you hear the footsteps. You quickly pull open the curtain but, and see Tyler walking out. “Hey, what are you doing? And did you come in here earlier?” You ask, making sure the curtain covered you. “Uh, I just wanted to look at myself, you know?” Tyler asks, gesturing towards the mirror. “And it was Josh who came in earlier, got tissues” You nod your head and gesture towards your towel. He gets the hint and throws it to you. “I would’ve taken you as an exhibitionist” he says, walking out without another word. You furrow your brows but shrug it off, getting redressed and walking downstairs where the boys were. They were currently sitting in your kitchen, just eating. You clear your throat and grab yourself something. The boys were sitting in your chairs next to the table, so you got up and sat in the middle of the table, facing them. “How was your shower” Josh asks, and you could’ve sworn there was a smirk, or even a hint of one. “Uh, it was find?” You laugh off, pulling your legs underneath you. “Hope you had the curtains closed over the window in there, wouldn’t want anyone to see anything” he says. You practically choked on your drink and looked at the both of them. Their eyes were dragging over your entire face, your body, it was as if they could see through you. You shift uncomfortably and stand up, crossing your arms over your chest. “Did you get in my phone?” You ask, glaring between them. Neither of them answer, but you knew when Tyler dragged his lower lip between his teeth, that it was a yes. “God you guys are in fucking believable” you say, putting your dishes in the sink and walking to the living room. “No, what’s unbelievable is that you read smut about the both of us fucking you, and masturbate to it.” Tyler says, following close behind you. You stand silent, not knowing what to say, what to do, where to look. You just got caught and you were feeling a mix if anger, fear, embarrassment, and a weird feeling if excitedness, as if you had wanted to be caught. You turn your back to them and look out your window, the feeling returning to the pit in your stomach. “I told you guys not to go through my phone, and that’s the first thing you do when I turn my back. I don’t even know what to say to you guys, like, fuck” you say, dropping your head onto your hand. The room is silent until there’s footsteps once again, and you feel your hair being pushed to one side, and someone’s mouth latching onto your neck. You pull in a shaky breath, having not expected the sudden contact, but also the wetness forming more between your legs than you could’ve imagined. They wrap their arms around your midsection loosely, but firmly, which is when Tyler walks out in front of you, meaning Josh was the one leaving his mark as of now. Tyler doesn’t make a move to touch you, but instead, walks back to the couch that was in front of your window and pushes it out of the way. At that moment, you knew they wanted you to be on full display to anyone and everyone that passed by or even looked, because it was the window on the front of your house. Tyler walks back over and lifts your shirt over your head, blocking the view of you for the time being. He drinks in your body while Josh is continuing on your neck, tilting your head for a better angle. You impatiently reach out and grab at Tyler’s shirt, dragging him closer to your body. He lets out a low and soft laugh, working his own shirt over and off his head. “We’re going to lay out some ground rules” Tyler states. Josh stops what he’s doing, but continued to hold you from behind while Ty continues. “You will refer to the it of us as daddy. Any other name or term will result in you being punished.” You nod your head and Josh slowly moves his hand down, unbuttoning and sliding down your pants. “The curtains of this window will be open at all times, any attempt to close them, you will be punished. Today, you are ours to use, understand?” Tyler finishes. Josh lets go of you and removes his shirt. “Yes” you say. Josh hits you hard on your backside. “Yes what?” He says. You bite your lip. “Yes daddy” you say, feeling dirty from using the word. Tyler wraps his hand around your neck, squeezing slightly as he pulls you in for a deep and intimate kiss, while Josh is unbuttoning his pants behind you. Tyler’s grip on your throat doesn’t let up, but neither does his kiss. So, while that was happening, Josh unclasped your bra and pulled down your panties, leaving you naked and feeling vulnerable. Tyler finally pulls back, releasing his grip. You breathe in a shaky and strained breath, not having even realized you couldn’t breathe as well. Josh presses you against the glass window, not wasting even a moment to press himself inside of you. Tyler had stepped behind Josh and let him have his way, finding it hot how you were pressed against the window, being on display, when the idea pops into his head. He runs outside while Josh continues to thrust into you. You see Tyler pull out his phone and start to take pictures, and you instinctively grab for the curtains to close them. Josh immediately grabs your arms and holds them behind your back, when Tyler runs back inside. “We warned you” he says. Tyler goes and grabs a rope, tying your hands together behind your back and looping it around your neck, so anytime you moved your hands, you choked yourself. Josh didn’t let up, in fact, this encouraged him to go harder and faster. “Ty, I think she needs some encouragement” Josh says. Tyler nods and gets on his knees in front of you, latching his mouth onto your clit. You let out choked groans, trying to reach out for him, but being unable to. You can feel him tracing figure eights into you while Josh grabs onto your hips, forcing you to hit his thrusts harder. This goes on for a while, each thrust and movement feeling like it was going to send you over. Josh grabs your hair and pulls you back, getting deeper than you had thought possible. After that, it wasn’t long before you released, Josh following closely behind you. Tyler smirks and licks up what he can, standing in front of you and untying the wrist to neck bound. You breathe in and our deeply, while Tyler now connects your tied wrists to the hooks holding up your curtain so that you had to stand straight up. Tyler and Josh switch places, Tyler not even letting you come down from your high before sliding his tip into you. “Now darling, I like things a bit different than Josh” he says, easing himself into you slowly, making you whimper and arch your back against him. “Be patient, my love” he says. A moment later, he uses all his force to thrust into you, causing you to scream out, but Josh was quick to latch his mouth onto yours, swallowing up any of the sounds you made. Josh reaches his hand between your bodies, rubbing at your clit kind of like Tyler had done for you before. “Talk to me” Tyler whispers harshly into your ear. Josh pulls away, letting you start. “God daddy. You feel so fucking good, stretching me out like this while your best friend watches” you groan, biting your lip, Josh’s fingers doing wonders for you. “Yeah? You’re so fucking tight” Tyler says, pushing in even harder. “Only for you two” you say. Josh chuckles, using one free hand to grasp at and roughly massage one of your breasts. “Your moans for Josh were okay. But I want you to scream for me, got it?” Tyler asks. “Yes daddy” you say, your orgasm hitting sooner than you had anticipated. You do as requested, but it’s not like you had control over it anyway. You screamed his name, and Josh’s, holding on to the ropes tighter. Tyler finishes a few minutes later, letting out a few vulgar words himself. Tyler pulls out once he had ride out his orgasm, and untied your hands, having to hold you up from your knees buckling under your own weight. Josh closes the curtains and looks back at the two of you. “We should do this more often.” He says, smiling. “Trust me, if you liked that idea, there’s plenty more” You say, letting yourself be held by the two men.
if you’ve never seen fight club it’s literally about mental illness being marginalized.

i hate that we don’t talk about it because “haha the first rule is you don’t talk about fight club” but you know what? you know why that’s the first and second rule of fight club?

Fight club was the only way the main character could work through his illness.

At the beginning of the film there’s a scene where he’s trying to get medication for his insomnia. The consultant tells him “No, you need healthy natural sleep.” He tells him “If you want to see REAL pain, go visit this support group for a Real, Physical illness.”

Everything else in that film happens BECAUSE he was given this shitty advice.

After fight club is established, Tyler lays down the rules, the first two of which are You Do Not Talk About Fight Club. After this the protag goes on this beautiful monologue that’s very telling: who you are in fight club is not who you are in the “Real” world. Fight club only exists between the time fight club starts and ends. Nobody is the same person in the “Real” world as they are in fight club. Fight club is self-destruction. Fight club is emotion. Fight club breaks you. Fight club makes people in the Real world look upon you with disdain. Fight club is fucked up. Fight club takes on a life of its own. Fight club becomes your life. Fight club becomes too much to control.

Fight club is mental illness.

The first rule of mental illness is we do not talk about mental illness.

That’s what the world has taught us.

As fight club starts to pick up, Tyler gives everyone an assignment. They’re each supposed to get someone on the outside to start a fight with them and win. The protagonist comments that this is very difficult, because most normal people spend their lives trying to avoid fighting at all cost. Nobody wants to fight these people, these people with emotions on their sleeves, with a bone to pick. Sound fucking familiar?

Long story short I’m pissed off I never knew any of this. I’m pissed off this film is Property Of Fuckboys who don’t appreciate what it’s truly about. I know why they all appreciate it and when you watch it, you will to. It’s because fuckboys don’t have a concept of fucking satire, but that’s another rant altogether.

Basically if you suffer from mental illness and you haven’t been taken seriously, go fucking watch Fight Club. Go fucking educate people about Fight Club. Talk about Fight Club.

Talk about mental illness.