tyler posey appreciation week


Melissa McCall appreciation week

 Day 2: Melissa + Scott 

 Because Melissa is a single mother, who tries her best everyday. She provides for her and her son, and she is creating her son alone without any help. Melissa is one of the best mothers, that I have ever seen on a tv show, she cares more about her son than herself. Scott, is the person Melissa will always love the most in the world.

Tyler Posey Appreciation Week Oct. 15th- 22nd.

An official post will be up tomorrow, but I’m gonna announce it very quickly here. 

In light of recent events and the fact that Tyler Posey’s birthday is coming up (October the 18th) I’ve decided that I think its time we have a Posey appreciation week! 

The official tumblr will be announced and the official tag will be ‘tyler posey appreciation week’

I look forward to revealing more details tomorrow but be prepared, Tyler Posey appreciation week is almost here! :) 


Who has two hands, a smile that lights up rooms, a birthday on the 18th of October and is under appreciated? Tyler Posey! Seeing as this week is his birthday week, a Tyler Posey appreciation week has been organized and this blog will be in the center of it all. 

Make graphics, art or whatever it is you feel like you need to do to show your appreciation for this lovely person. 

If you’ve met him then we’d love to hear about your experience. If he’s had any impact on your life, go through our submit and let us know.

The official tag is ‘tyler posey appreciation week :) 


Hey everybody! We recently passed 500 followers, so we decided to make something to celebrate this with you! Allow us to introduce the Scott Mccall Aprecciation Week!

Each day will have a different theme:

  • Day 1: Favorite season

  • Day 2: Favorite quote/scene

  • Day 3: Favorite outfit

  • Day 4: Favorite brotp

  • Day 5: Favorite otp

  • Day 6: Favorite fight 

  • Day 7: Free choice!

How is it going to work? Well, that’s simple! Each day, from January 26th to February 2nd, you guys can make any kind of edits or gifs you want and put the tag scottmccallweek on the first 5 tags so we can see and reblog it!