tyler once again breaking my heart


Calum Hood, the schools golden boy. He’s the reason that the varsity team is undefeated for four years. He’s got perfect grades, a scholarship to one of the best colleges in the country. But no one knows his secret, that his passion for music is bigger than his passion for soccer. And what happens when Ember Williams finds out that secret? Read to find out! 

Chapter 3


“Wait you what?” Jess asks from the bean bag on my floor, putting the movie on pause.

“I want to go to the soccer game tonight,” I repeat, trying to sound casual.

“Who are you and what have you done with Ember?” Kim asks seriously

Let me catch you up. So ever since eighth grade when Kim, Jess, and I all became best friends, every Friday we come to my house and have a sleepover, watching movies, talking, and eating junk food all night. If something came up, and one of us couldn’t make it, we would just wait until the next week. It has almost always worked out, with the exception of the required attendance of family events, and sickness’. We usually just stay in and watch movies, ordering a pizza, but now I told them that I wanted to go to the soccer game, and they started to freak out.

“I’m still me, I just want to go to the game!” I slap Kim lightly on the arm.

“You never want to go to any school social events. Remember when we tried to get you to come to the homecoming football game last year?” Jess, looks at me pointedly.

I roll my eyes at her. So what if I’m not a very social person?!

“I remember, come on it’s one of the last home games, lets just go.”

“Why do you want to go all of the sudden?” Kim asks me seriously.

“I kind of um.. got invited…” I start to play with my hair.

“By who?” Jess sits up more.

“Um well technically by Tyler Peterson, but um..” I trail off looking at my hands.


“Butbycalumhoodtoo,” I mumble.


I sigh and look at my hands, “Calum Hood,” They look at me as if I just ate a pile a dirt, with pure confusion on their faces, “We’re partners for a Spanish project and he invited me. Why do you look so confused?”

“Since when did you become best friends with Calum?” Jess asks skeptically.

“Since we got assigned partners in our Spanish class,” I reply slowly, as if talking to a three year old.

“If I had just gotten assigned a lower class partner for a school project, I would work on the project. Not invite them to all of my extracurricular events. You have to have got to know him better somehow to get invited to his game…” Kim’s eyes narrow and a smirk forms on her face.


They look at each other, then look at me with mischievously evil grins, “You two totally banged.”

“Guys! No!” I look at them in disgust, not that I’m disgusted with the thought of banging Calum…

“Come one you had to at least make out.”

“No!” I groan.

“Then what?”

I sigh, deciding that I should just tell them, rather than let them guess, god knows they’d all be perverted, “So you know how I went to the band room during lunch last week?”

“Yeah..?” they say at the same time

“Well Calum was there….. working on homework. We just talked for a little while.” I lie, not wanting them to know the truth, I know it’s selfish, but it’s a secret of Calum’s that only I know, and I want to keep it that way. Plus I don’t know if he’d want anyone else to know.

“Why the band room?” Kim wonders.

“I don’t know, maybe because no one would think he’s there, and he needed some time alone to work?” I shrug.

They nod and stay quiet for a minute, before Jess interrupts the silence, “Do you still like him?”

“What?” my eyes widen.

“I remember in like 8th grade you were basically in love with him.”

“When you would doodle, Ember Hood over every notebook!” Kim exclaims and they both start laughing.

I turn beat red, “Shut up!”

“You do!” Jess grins.

“I do not!” my voice cracks, and gives me away,

“You do!” they both yell.

“Fine! I do okay! God, you two are such assholes sometimes,” I grumble shoving some goldfish into my mouth.

“We are definitely going,” Kim decides and Jess nods.

“No.” I say seriously.

“Yes. You were invited, it’s only common courtesy to go,” Jess smirks.

We arrive to the school, and I feel like throwing up. I don’t know why I am so nervous, it’s not like Calum will even notice me in the stands. He’ll be too focused on the game. We find seats, me making sure that they’re on the south end of the field, like Tyler had said I’d enjoy the view from.

“Lets go see what’s at the concessions stand,” Jess suggests.

We set our blanket down to save our spots, and we head to the concessions stand. Jess buys us some popcorn, Kim the drinks, and I buy us each a candy bar. On our way back to our seats I see the team on the field warming up. I spot Calum immediately, by the big #7 on his jersey. He’s kicking a ball back and forth with Tyler.

We get to our seats and get comfortable. Kim starts talking about how hot all the players look in their uniforms and I can’t help but agree, only about one guy.

“God Ember stop staring at Calum’s ass!” Jess exclaims.

“Shut up!” I smack her arm my cheeks turning red, I look around us hoping that no one heard her.

“You were practically drooling,” Kim sniggers and I glare at her.

Finally the game starts, and within the first twenty minutes the score is 2-0, Calum having scored both points. By halftime the score remains 2-0, and I’m ecstatic, even though I have no idea what was going on during the whole first half.

As the team enters the locker rooms Tyler spots me and grins wildly. A completely different kind of butterflies enter my stomach, not even close to the kind I get when I’m around Calum. The butterflies I get when Tyler saw me, is from uncertainty, and worrying if he’ll say something to Calum. The butterflies I get around Calum, are hard to describe. They make me feel like throwing up, but grinning like a madman at the same time. I get excited to be around Calum, but so nervous that I’ll do something to look stupid. This effect he has on me drives me crazy.

When halftime ends the teams emerge from the locker rooms,ours looking extremely pumped up. I spot Calum when I see Tyler pointing at us, well me to be more exact. Calum finds me and a smile spreads on his face. He waves and I blush then wave back. Jess squeals and jabs me in the side. I smack her away and blush, looking back to Calum, who is still grinning. I shake my head and look over to Kim and Jess who are smirking. I roll my eyes at them and mutter for them to shut up, even though they didn’t say anything.

The whistle blows, signaling the start of the second half. Right off the bat our team gets the ball, and #15 passes it to Calum, who strategically angles it at the goal box and shoots, making it. The crowd goes wild and we all jump out of our seats cheering for him.

He turns towards the stands and finds me once again, and points to me. My eyes widen and I turn as red as a tomato. Jess and Kim jump around me practically screaming. I stand there in shock, having no Idea what just happened.

“He just made that goal for you!” Jess explains, catching on to my cluelessness.

I shake my head, even the thought of him doing that for me being ridiculous. Kim just rolls her eyes and calls me stupid. We sit back down and the game continues. Calum scores the game once more throughout the second half. The game ends with the victorious score of 4-0.

We gather our things, planning on going back to my house and finishing our girls night. As we walk towards the parking lot, Tyler calls out my name, sprinting towards us, dragging Calum behind him. They’re both sweaty, and still in their uniforms. I’m sure they should be with their team.

“Yeah?” I answer Tyler as they catch up to us.

“Where are you and your friends going?” he asks after catching his breath.

“Um back to my house, we’re having a girls night,” I explain looking nervously between him and Calum.

“Well I’m throwing a party at my house to celebrate yet another one of our awesome victory’s, you all should definitely come,” he explains throwing his arms up.

I stand in silence not knowing what to say, “Um…” I bite my lip and start to play with my hair.

“We’d love to come,” Kim steps in for me, I look at her widening my eyes at her, she just gives me a ‘go with it’ look.

“Are you sure? You don’t have to come if you don’t want to,” Calum speaks up, looking directly at me.

“We’re sure, right Ember?” Jess speaks up, linking her elbow in mine.

I nod, “Yeah, it sounds like fun,” I chew on my lip once again.

“Alright well give me your number so you can text me the address,” Kim looks at Tyler.

Jess giggles beside me and lets go of my elbow walking to the car to start it. It’s just me and Calum there, Kim and Tyler having their own conversation.

“You did great out there,” I say breaking the awkward silence.

“Thanks! And thank you for coming,” he smiles, causing my heart to stutter.

“Yeah. It was fun to watch. I’ve never really seen a soccer game,” I admit blushing lightly.

“Really?!” his eyes widen and I look at my shoes in embarrassment.

“Yeah. I don’t usually go to any games or stuff like that,” I shrug and he nods.

“Well I’m glad you did,” he smiles, and is about to say something else when Kim interrupts him.

“Come on we’re leaving, great job boys, see you at the party,” she winks at Tyler, grabs my arm and takes me to the car.

I wave to Calum and Tyler then get in, the all too familiar butterflies swarming around my stomach.

“Guys I feel like puking,” I complain.

We’re sitting in Jess’s car, parked on the side of the road behind the line of other cars. The party is looking like your typical cliché teen movie. Red cups in everyone’s hands, totally wasted people everywhere, even some people passed out in the yard.

“Oh shut up you’ll be fine. It’s just a party,” Kim groans.

I sigh, “It’s my first party unlike you,” I grumble under my breath and start to get out of the car.

“Well people actually invite me to parties,” she answers loudly and I roll my eyes, pretending that her comment didn’t sting a little. I get out of the car rolling my eyes.

“Just let loose and have fun. But not too much fun, make sure Calum uses protection,” Jess sniggers as she gets out.

I gasp and smack her arm shaking my head, “You’re such a pervert! It’s not like he’d even think of doing that with me.”

“Dude he’s totally into you. Did you totally miss out on him dedicating his last goal to you?” She raises her eyebrows at me.

I shrug, “That doesn’t mean anything.”

“What about him inviting you to the game?” she challenges

“A friendly gesture,” I explain

“You keep on believing that big load of shit,” she shakes her head smiling, “he totally likes you.” she says sincerely.

I roll my eyes and link her elbow with mine, something we’ve always done. Kim gets out of the car after fixing her make up. I’m slightly ticked off at her, but I’m used to her bitchiness, so I just let it go. We make our way to Tyler’s huge house, and my nerves are still going crazy, but having my two best friends with me, helps calm them and helps me have the courage to walk across the threshold.

Loud music pumps throughout the house, drunken teens dancing, grinding, and eating each others faces on the dance floor. We walk past the kitchen and I see Tyler sitting on the floor. He looks over and see’s us, and his eyes widen a little then he smiles, grinning at Kim. She grins back, blushing, a sight I’ve never seen before.

We walk in further and I see a group of people in a square, lining the walls of the kitchen. Most of them soccer players, but some other girls and guys sit among them. They seem to be having a great time, some of them drinking some not. My gaze travels to the corner of the kitchen and my stomach drops, my heart feeling as if it broke into a million little pieces.

Calum sits there, his lips locked onto a skinny blonde’s, her hands tangled into his hair, his hands gripping her slender thighs. I tear my eyes away from the sight, my vision getting blurry with tears I will not allow myself to let loose. I look up and see Tyler standing next to Kim, his eyes wide and a sympathetic frown adorning his features. Kim’s jaw is dropped and she gives me her best I’m so sorry look.

“Holy shit,” Jess mumbles under her breath. She looks over to me, grabbing my arm.

“So much for him totally being into me,” I mumble to Jess, sending her the best smile I could, then slip out of her grasp and turn around and walk out the front door, ignoring them all call my name. I finally allow the silent tears to slip out of my eyes as I walk as far away from what I just saw as I can.

Chapter 4!

So the game scene was totally lame, I’m terrible at writing game scenes, I’m sorry. And semi-cliffhanger ending, if you call it that? 

Gimme some notes if you liked the chapter.

Love you guys


Chapter 5

They Call Them Trinity - chapter 6

SFW, N?SFF, 4441 words / TW: torture, suicide / beta: hartfic & dabblingdabbler

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“Han, can you do me a favour?”

Her eyes flip back up to meet Grace’s, and she quickly nods.

“I too have a very good friend here in San Francisco, he will take care of me… could you tell him I am here?”

The barber shop Grace mentioned should be three streets down from the church, but Hannah’s been walking around the area for half hour now and can’t find it. She’s been walking and thinking and telling herself that of course Grace had a very good friend here. How good? Like fist-bump sort of good? Or more like holding-hands-and-kissing good? Or even… and where’s that bloody barber shop anyway?

“Excuse me” she stops a man who’s just came out of the church “Do you know where I can find Oakley’s barber shop?”

The man pulls a disgusted expression: “Of course I do.”

“And would you care to tell me where it is?” She asks tentatively.

The man just points towards a spot between two shops, where a dark door is embedded between a butchery and a grocer. Before she can thank him, the man walks away, scoffing.

The small brass plaque on the door says “Oakley’s barber shop, everything for the gentleman. Everything.”

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??? (quizzical face) ???

I have so many comments and questions after that episode:
1. Why is Caroline still singing??? Please stop already!
2. This no!humanity Caroline is slowly making me dislike Caroline…she’s boring. End it already.
3. Stop ruining other ships to prop new ones…it makes you look pathetic, writers.
4. Done with no!humanity all together. Enough!
5. Enzo…you had the potential to be a great character…the writers ruined that however.
6. Sarah Salvatore…girl I genuinely don’t care about you. Please go somewhere!
7. Why? Why? Why must Damon once again be told he is not loved? Could someone just please love this damn boy!
8. Damon telling Lily what to say to get Stefan back…..I CAN’T!!! Sibling moments break the fuck out of my heart. No one can ever say those boys don’t love each other.
9. But why, once again, does Stefan get love and Damon gets shit? Couldn’t they both get it???
10.Elena…just take the damn cure and go. It’s time. Bye Felicia!
11. Tyler and Matt…uhhhh…I can’t.
12. Doesn’t Lily need Bonnie’s blood to get into and out of 1903???
13. Hybrid witch/vampires? Really?! Fine…why not!
14. So is Kai going to be one? Because I thought if he died the whole coven dies and he has to technically die to become a vampire……
15. Bonnie’s gonna be pissed!!!!!!
16. How the hell is Bonnie going to kill all those things? Cause let’s be honest it’s going to be her. She doesn’t have enough power for that. Ooohhh can all of the Gemini Coven give their power to her? Can her body handle that? Why am I asking this…TVD doesn’t require logic.
And last but not least: 17. WHERE THE FUCK WAS BONNIE SHEILA BENNETT???!!!!!!