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Because Of Youtube...

I have my own makeup artist

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I have my own personal tour guide 

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I have my own role model

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I have my own comedians

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I have my own poet

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I have my own songwriter

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I have my own therapist

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I have my own nerd enthusiasts

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I have my own greatest love story

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and I have my own teammate

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Except here’s the thing.

They’re not my own. 

They’re ours

Because of YouTube. 

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NEW VIDEO: “Making Friendship Bracelets (ft. Jc Caylen)- had the silliest time giggling with Jc while making bracelets to give to our viewers… watch & find out how to get one!! <3 Reblog if you want me follow your blog!!



alright sit down everybody because I’m about to tell you all a little story of my friend Shannon. Shannon is a transgender girl that I’ve known and been close friends with since we were about 10 years old. She’s one of the most talented people I’ve ever met, an absolutely amazing dancer, actress, and singer. And now, the whole world is going to know all about it. For this month, J-14 magazine is featuring her as the “Real Life” story of the month, which is something they do every issue that highlights one ordinary teenage girl, just like Shannon. This is such a huge deal, because the more we see stuff like this in mainstream media such as magazines aimed at teenage girls, the more acceptance people like Shannon are going to get in their everyday lives. This is such a huge deal, and I’m so incredibly proud of Shannon for everything she’s accomplishing. Pleeeease reblog this to spread the word, share it on facebook, instagram this picture or one of you holding the issue using #shannonj14, tweet it, spread this like wildfire because this is such a huge deal to me, to her, her family, and trans teenagers and allies everywhere. 

also here’s some of Shannon’s links to social media stuff, check her out!

instagram | youtube 

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