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Nerves Pt. 3

Type: angst/smut

(A/N) So, I wrote this a lot earlier than I expected to but here ya’ll go: Nerves Pt. 3.

Warnings: fist fight, blood, cursing, !!thoughts of self-harm!!, descriptive cutting scene, smutty smut smut, unprotected sex, loving tyler, fluffy aftercare

Pairing: Tyler Joseph x Reader

Word Count: 3.7K

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Everything happened in slow motion. From the moment my eyes landed on Tyler and the other girl to this very moment.

I chew the inside of my cheek, holding back a cry. My jaw tightens and I ball my hands into fists. Tyler turns into a blurry blob from the sheet of tears collecting in my vision. I blink away the water and droplets roll down the valleys of my face, creating rivers of emotion and painting my skin with black mascara. “I really like you” slowly turned into “I really like her” the more I watched them. A combination of anger and sorrow built from my gut as my eyes followed Tyler’s movements.

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Kissed Her on the Neck and Then I Took Her By The Hand

Not Requested I just really wanted top do this -A 

*Inspired by Galway Girl - Ed Sheeran

**Josh’s P.O.V**

Tyler and I finished the show as the crowd went insane, we grinned at each other from across the stage and nodded, after Tyler’s closing speech we bowed and said goodnight. That was our last show in England and we had one night and the rest of tomorrow before we were on a plane back to America, I loved London so I was planning on going out for the night, some of the crew were going to join me as was Tyler and Mark. I quickly took a shower and got changed then met everyone out by the black cab. “About time.” Tyler said jokingly as we all climbed into the car, I apologised and the car pulled off into the town. 

We decided to avoid the nightclubs and settled for a classic English Pub instead, it was in a quieter part of London which was a nice change to all the noise of the city. We walked in and there already seemed to be celebrations, a large group of people were singing and dancing with glasses in their hands. My eyes were drawn to a (Y/H/C) girl singing louder than everyone else without a care in the world. I followed the guys over to the bar and we all ordered a pint of beer, my eyes stayed on the girl for ages, barely engaging in the conversation of the group. “Go talk to her.” Tyler said when he noticed me staring, I blushed and turned around as I sipped my drink. “Nah, it’s fine.” I mumbled. 

I frowned when I heard her beautiful voice stop singing, thinking that she’d left since it was almost half ten at night, instead I heard her calm, happy voice ask the bartender for another drink. I looked next to me and saw her leaning on the bar smiling at the bartender, a grin formed on my lips as I looked at her. She was wearing ripped jeans and sneakers along with a plane white shirt and a bomber jacket that looked great on her, she had several ear piercings and a small tattoo on her exposed forearm. “Hey, sunshine.” I heard her say and looked back up to her gorgeous (Y/E/C) eyes. “Hey, sorry I didn’t mean to stare.” I said nervously and she smiled and shook her head. “It’s fine, don’t worry.” She said and took her drink from the man, paying him after. Her accent was beautiful and soft, nothing like the impressions I’ve heard or the actors in movies. “I noticed in your accent you aren’t from here.” She stated as she took a sip of her beer. “Yeah, I’m from America actually, I’m here on tour with my band, my name’s Josh.” I said with a smile and shook her hand, I was slowly becoming more confident around her. “(Y/N). And that’s really cool, what instrument do you play?” She asked eagerly, grinning as she leaned her head on her hand. “I play drums, my buddy Tyler sings and does everything else.” I chuckled and her eyes lit up at my laugh. “That’s awesome, I play the guitar for my band, we’re not really well known but we get a few gigs at our regular pubs.” She shrugged, not really minding that she doesn’t get many gigs. “Well I hope you get more in the future.” I said politely and smiled at her. 

We talked for what felt like hours before she suggested we all go to another pub that she knows since the one we were in was closing. When we got to the next pub we managed to get a pool table meaning the guys all challenged each other. Tyler was in the lead and was smug about it of course, so when (Y/N) asked to have ago he was certain he would win. However in a matter of minutes she had all the balls pocketed meaning she wins and Tyler stands looking shocked as we all cheered. Her eyes lit up as a certain song came on and everyone in the pub began singing too. She climbed onto our table and started stomping her feet to the beat. “Surely you lot know this song!” She yelled at us, most of us did but we weren’t into dancing on tables, she rolled her eyes and dragged me onto the table with her. She was laughing as I stumbled over the words. After the song finished she lead me off the table and to the small dance floor where we danced for ages, my hands were on her waist at one point and her arms were around my neck. 

“Have you ever wandered the streets of London at one am?” She asked curiously, was that the time?! It feels like we’ve been out for a lot longer. “Truth be told I’ve never stayed in London long enough to have the opportunity.” I told her as I spun her around. “Let’s go then.” She said and dragged me to the door. The cold air filled my lungs which made me let out a satisfied sigh. She slipped her hand into mine and held it as we wandered like teenagers down the middle of the road, she was humming the tune to a song as she danced around, still holding my hand. During our walk we came across various people, some who were doing the same as us, some who had come out of nightclubs, at one point we came across a group of Twenty One Pilots fans and hung with them for a bit. As we walked down an empty street (Y/N) began singing the song she had been humming out loud. “ Kissed her on the neck and then I took her by the hand Said, “Baby, I just want to dance” My pretty little Galway Girl My, my, my, my, my, my, my Galway Girl My, my, my, my, my, my, my Galway Girl My, my, my, my, my, my, my Galway Girl! Sing with me Josh!” She cheered as I shushed her. I heard a window open then someone yelling at us to shut up and some other profanities. We giggled as we ran down the street holding hands away from the old guy before he could throw anything at us. 

We stopped and she bent over to catch her breath. “Come on, I know where we are. My family has a kinda secret place around here.” She smiled and took my hand again, leading me down a couple of roads before knocking on an historic looking, low down, crooked door exactly four times, then again twice before it opened to reveal a man, slightly older than we were. “Hey (Y/N), you’re just in time, Boss’ just got some more Strongbow.” He said letting us in. “Thanks Ed but we’re just popping by.” She said leading me to the middle of the pub. There were people playing folk music and others dancing around, linking arms and spinning, how they could do that with alcohol in their systems and not throw up had me amazed. We started dancing like them and I realised that when you’re having this much fun you don’t really notice it. 

I looked at a clock on the wall and saw that it was almost three in the morning. “I had a really fun night with you (Y/N).” I said softly as she leaned her head on my shoulder tiredly and I wrapped my arm around her, leaning us back on the booth. “It’s been the most fun I’ve had in a long time. Usually I go to the pub to get drunk so I can forget everything but I really enjoyed tonight, thanks to you Josh.” She said and kissed my cheek sweetly, I held her hand and brushed my thumb over her knuckles, everything in the pub had quietened down and it was just us and the staff. “We should get going, the staff will kick us out at three.” She mumbled and slowly stood up, I could tell she was tired and very drunk (in all fairness we both were.) “Let’s get you home.” I said softly and lead her out of the pub, thanking the staff on our way out. 

She directed me to her apartment and took me upstairs. “I should probably go, my friends will be terrified.” I aid softly after sitting her down on the couch. “No, please stay, I like being with you. You make the world so much brighter with your laugh and your smile and your personality.” She said calmly and leaned into my arm. “Stay for the night, text them to let them know you’re here and safe then we’ll call a taxi for you in the morning.” She suggested and I nodded, caving in under her pleading gaze. “Do you want some Doritos?” She asked casually after hearing her stomach rumble and I shrugged and nodded, whilst she went to the kitchen to get them I text Tyler so he knew where I was and he simply send back a winky face causing me to roll my eyes. 

We stayed up talking for a little longer till the Doritos were gone and we were almost passing out. I held her close to my chest as we fell asleep in her bed, our bodies tangled and her face in the crook of my neck. “This was the perfect night, you’ve made me so happy. Promise me we’ll keep in touch.” She whispered to me in the darkness, I could hear in her voice that she was scared. I nodded and kissed the top of her head. “Of course, I couldn’t just throw someone so amazing out of my life after a night like this.” I whispered back, she held me tighter and we both drifted into sleep.


After suffering through the worst of his first feverish cold, he decided to give in to Pete’s suggestion of letting them make some tests at Torchwood, in order to work out together what substances were compatible with his unique physiology.
He really did have just this one life, after all.

(He ignored Rose’s knowing smirks when he took the scarf off a little later in the car once he started sweating under it, though.)

[Part of the Tentoo Adventures series]

this is the cutest picture ever


If you had to be any historical figure, who would you be, and why? So my answer is Gustave LeBon, not for any reason about who he was as a human, because I read that he is actually a terrible human, but there’s one thing I really liked about him. I read that in the 1800′s he’d like always have these dinner parties, with all of his friends and all these people and he would host them. And then anytime somebody had like a bad opinion he didn’t agree with, he would ding this huge bell during dinner until they shut up with thier dumb opinion. And I’m like, how amazing and iconic would that be.