tyler not gregson

Father’s Day is soon and tons of you have already started ordering this poem, I decided to throw it up for sale like I did with the Mother’s Day poem! So, I’m having a signed print sale of my most popular Father’s Day Typewriter Series #82! They are on sale now at bit.ly/tkgfathersday or by clicking into the Shop in my bio! Order soon so I can do my very best to get it to you on time wherever in the world you happen to be! Let’s celebrate our rad Papas with words.


I promise you
I will try harder
to be better.
have battled with things
inside me
for longer than you know;
I do not know
what they are
or why they are there,
I only know
that they feel
when I
am around
You know what really gets me about all of this, is that I was fine before you, maybe happy even. Just kind of existing in the middle. But you show up, uninvited but welcome, make everything all bright and shiny. And then you left and now everything is gray.
—  I regret meeting you and I regret missing you