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New Couples that I Ship from the 2016-2017 TV Season Part 2/2

*I know that Tip was struggling with gender identity, but I started shipping Tip with Jack as a boy so I shipped it either way. *I think Amelia and Oscar from Pitch would have made a cute couple too.

Hate | Imagine


Anonymous said: Hello beautiful! Can u please write an imagine where the doctor y/n is dating Max Irons (the actor) for about three years or so and she gets pregnant? She’s a little scared because Josh is always busy (let’s pretend he starred a famous saga or something and he got SUPER famous) and there’s a lot of hate coming towards her from his fans. He finds out and promises everything will be okay. Sorry if I gave too many details 😂 thanks alreadyyy. Btw I love your writing! + it’s okay if it won’t be Max Irons, you can just use the prompt with an actor you feel more comfortable with! ☺️

Word count: 1, 043

Request here + masterlist + guidelines.

A/N: Since I do not write Max Irons’ imagines, you can read this imagine with any actor you want.

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Thoughts on 7x11

Went back and re-watched 7x11 and took some notes. This episode wasn’t all it was hyped up to be in my opinion. Still good, but I feel like since there are only nine episodes left, there needed to be serious answers in all ten episodes. Sure we for confirmation about Mary being Spencer’s mom/Peter being her dad, Toby being alive, Ali really being pregnant, etc. I just wanted the episode’s intensity level to be where it was at the end of 7x10. Oh well, onto 7x12!

• Spencer was on the verge of dying, but now her arm is just in a sling? Cool.
• Toby is alive! Yay! Really thought he would have been in the medically induced coma, not Yvonne. I thought she would have been dead already.
• Still ridiculously mad at Ezra.
• My babies are still perfect. Caleb pushing Hanna to follow her dreams is everything.
• Of course Paige and Emily both got hired.
• I find it hilarious that Emily is surprised EVERY single time Ali shows her disdain for Paige. You know home girls hate each other, Em!
• I really don’t know how I feel about this game AD is making them play.
• Hanna’s advice to Aria about keeping the wedding plans is not her best.
• Ali’s bitchiness is so annoying, omg.
• “Too bad about Noel…well no, not really.” Mona. My second spirit animal.
• Mona and Hanna’s friendship is one of my faves on this show. I love it.
• “Do you trust me?” “Sometimes..” I love everything about this scene.
• I REALLY wish they had made Sparco a thing instead of Spaleb. Their chemistry is fire.
• Surprise! Jenna didn’t actually shoot you, Spence.
• Holden! I was wondering how they were going to work him into the storyline. Interesting.
• “Is this a conflict..?” “No conflict here! Scouts honor.” Well May, you’re about to find out how much of a conflict it really is.
• Aria not being able to answer any of Holden’s questions about the wedding is red flag numero uno that she should not be going ahead with planning this wedding.
• Cue the tears. This Spencer/Veronica scene is too much.
• “Alison’s husband wasn’t a real doctor, turns out he was a crook and took all of her money, Noel Kahn kidnapped Hanna, she got away, Noel Kahn is now dead, Jenna Marshall shot me, probably, Toby and Yvonne were in a car crash…do you want a glass of wine?” This made me laugh way harder than it was intended to. 😂😂
• Veronica is so scared that she is going to lose Spencer. It’s so evident in this first scene.
• “There she was at the door like any neighbor. Come to borrow a lawn mower. Or a husband.” Oh, Veronica. Good one.
• Peter Hastings. Original fuck boy of Rosewood.
• This scene absolutely breaks my heart for Spencer. Literally crying with her as Veronica tells her this story.
• That baby is at least 6 months old. There’s no way she’s a newborn.
• Oh hey, Ezra. Thanks for reminding me that I’m Team Jason.
• “Who’s Nicole?” Exactly, Holden. Exactly.
• Not. Enough. Haleb. In. This. Episode. 😭
• This Emily/Paige/Alison bickering scene is just ridiculous.
• Do they have to charge that cell phone that comes with the game or? Asking for a friend.
• This Spoby hospital scene has me all in my feels. The looks. The hug. The conversation. Everything. Troian and Keegan’s chemistry is fire too.
• “You should try putting on your glasses, old man.” Oh. My. God. Perfection.
• I feel for Ali. I really do. But her cattiness needs to cease.
• “Please don’t kiss me again. Not until you know.” Tell her, Em! Makes me wonder if Emison really is endgame.
• Hanna’s sass is everything. Just in case y'all forgot.
• “I was excited that we could finally be able to work together! Other than you know, kidnapping my ex-boyfriend?” Mona. Your one liners kill me. 😂
• The one thing about this game that has me intrigued is the puzzle pieces. Are they going to spell out who AD is or…?
• This letter to Spencer from Mary isn’t very heartfelt. Not really feeling it.
• I’m shocked that Veronica didn’t read the letter. She had ample opportunity.
• “Ever notice how she’s always the victim? Always needing to be rescued? Some people make it a habit of being rescued. Just like some other people make it a habit of jumping in after them.” YES, PAIGE! PREACH GIRL!
• Emily’s confusion about Spencer’s mothers is hysterical. And how we’re all feeling at this point in time.
• I really wish Hanna would have stabbed that game. I have a feeling it would have been juicer than what is going to happen the next couple episodes.
• Jenna, AD can keep you.

How Becoming a Fan Really Happens...
  • Me: *thinks I'm a casual fan*
  • Me: *buys some merch*
  • Me: *starts making fanart*
  • Me: *has every album*
  • Me: *has concert tickets*
  • Me: *learns the lyrics to every song*
  • Me: *runs a blog dedicated to said artist*
  • Me: *watches all interviews*
  • Me: *covers their songs*
  • Me: *spends all money on them*
  • Me: *knows birthdays*
  • Me: *knows their parents*
  • Me: *knows all tattoos & features*
  • Me: *knows them better than myself*
  • Me: *decides to sell soul to them*
  • Me: *realizes I am not just a casual fan*

For over a century, I have lived in secret; hiding in the shadows, alone in the world. Until now. I am a vampire. And this is my story.

[ the vampire diaries fancast ]requested by anonymous

naomi scott as elena gilbert | antonia thomas as caroline forbes | kat graham as bonnie bennett

ryan potter as stefan salvatore | sotaro yasuda as damon salvatore

tyler posey as matt donovan | avan jogia as jeremy gilbert

gina rodriguez as rebekah mikaelson | alex meraz as klaus mikaelson | nicholas gonzalez as elijah mikaelson