tyler nerd

this episode was so blessed……..stamets injecting himself with tardigrade DNA because of how much he loves his husband and his mushrooms…tilly and michael having lunch…tyler destroying his rapist..michael stamets and tilly bonding over loving science and ripper..stamets and culber brushing their teeth..ripper being freed…………..we’ve been,,so blessed,

Doctor Who Poem

Roses are red
That much is true
Violets are purple
Not fucking blue

Blue is for TARDIS
Flying through space
The Doctor and Rose
Any time, any place

Some Roses are red
Others stand on a beach
In a parallel universe
The doctor can’t reach

Nothing but a hologram
In the void she fell through
He never finished that sentence
Rose Tyler…

I am 25 years old..

I just realized that I am 5 years older than Jeremy Shada (Lance) and I am 8 years younger than Steven Yeun (Keith)…

There is such an age gap in the voice actors and I freaking love it.

And if anyone else is a voice actor nerd like I am…

Jeremy Shada - Lance: January 21, 1997 (20)

Steven Yeun - Keith: December 21, 1983 (33)

Josh Keaton - Shiro: February 8, 1979 (38)

Bex Taylor-Klaus - Pidge: August 12, 1994 (23)

Tyler Labine - Hunk: April 29, 1978 (39)

Kimberly Brooks - Allura: August 8, 1968 (49)

Rhys Darby - Coran: March 21, 1974 (43)

A.J. Locascio - Lotor: July 11, 1987 (30)

Cree Francks - Haggar: July 7, 1969 (48)

Neil Kaplan - Zarkon: March 9, 1967 (50)

The gaps are even bigger than I thought! I love voice actors and learning all about them. It’s so amazing to think that even tho these guys are all older (at least than I thought) they play some of the most beloved characters!! Wow.