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We Got Your Back

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Some idiot you had been flirting with turns out to be a creep when it comes to texting, so Tyler and Josh decide to mess with him.

a/n-  Admittedly, this is pretty rough, but it was surprisingly fun to write so I’m gonna post it anyway.

All you had wanted was a nice gentleman friend to take you on dates and worship you, but apparently Clark was not your guy. You had only met him yesterday, but he was already pulling out the white boy innuendos. You told him you were spending time with your friends and would text him later, but he was a persistent little shit.

“Netflix and chill? ;)” the newest message read, causing you to groan loudly and look to the heavens, praying for forgiveness for whatever you had done to deserve this.

“Everything okay?” Josh asked, setting down his controller after he beat Tyler for the third time at Super Smash Bros.

“I was texting that guy I met at the store yesterday and it turns out he’s one of those guys,” you sighed.

Those guys?” Tyler repeated, confused.

You tossed him your phone in answer. Josh scooched closer to Tyler so they could read it together. They both nodded as they scrolled through the most recent messages.

“Oh. I see.”

“I get it now.”

You took your phone back and stared at the texts, trying to figure out the best way to respond. “This guy is an idiot. I should probably just block him,” you thought aloud.

“Oh! I have an idea!” Josh lit up, looking from you to Tyler and then back to you again before continuing. “Okay, well it’s two ideas. Me and Tyler should scare him off. Like, one of us will pretend to be your boyfriend or something. Or we can pretend to be your brothers.” He looked very proud of himself.

“Why don’t we just be her friends and tell him to stop..?” Tyler interjected, leaning forward so he could see you around Josh.

“Well, that too,” Josh mused.

“Wait, that’s perfect! We’re gonna merge them together. Quick, Josh, take a selfie with me!” You pulled him closer to you on the couch and opened the camera app.

“What do I do?” he asked.

“Something couple-y,” you replied, fixing your hair.

He shared a confused look with Tyler, who merely shrugged. He settled with putting his arm around you awkwardly and giving a forced smile.

“You look really uncomfortable,” you laughed, watching his movements on your phone.

“Pretend it’s me,” Tyler suggested, earning a chuckle from Josh. You took a picture while you were both still smiling.

“We’re getting there.”

“Are you sure?” Josh raised an eyebrow.

You turned to him, looking him right in the eyes with the most serious expression you could muster. Surprised, he met your gaze with a quizzical look. Ever so slowly, you raised your finger, lightly touching his nose with a soft, “boop!” This caused Josh to launch into hysterics even though it wasn’t that funny to you. His laughter was contagious, and set you into a fit yourself.

You didn’t even realize Tyler was taking photos of the two of you until he yelled, “Got it!” He proudly showed you a surprisingly cute picture of you both looking like you were having the time of your lives.

“Ty, this is perfect. Send it to me!” you demanded.


“We make a cute fake couple,” Josh grinned.

“My turn!” Tyler plopped down in between you two. “If the ones with Josh don’t work, I’m your angry brother that… That-”

“Is an ex-marine!” Josh exclaimed.

“Is an ex-marine,” Tyler confirmed, and flexing his tiny arm muscles, he continued, “And I’m a champion body builder. I’m very mad he won’t stop texting you dumb things. Let me practice my angry face.” He gave his best scowl, which made him look like a moody teenager more than anything.

“You guys are too much,” you shook your head, a smile tugging at your lips.

You spent the rest of the day taking selfies with your two best friends as they took turns texting Clark from your phone. You were glad they always had your back.

Fic: Two Steps Forward (Sebadam, PG, Fluffity fluff fluff) - 1/?

Fic: Two Steps Forward
Pairing: Sebastian Smythe/Adam Crawford
Verse: Varied Stages
Rating: PG (It’s VERY FLUFFY)
Author’s Note: This was begun last year at the request of Alana (bowtiesforbows) for a birthday present. I am, however, terrible at birthday presents - not that she didn’t get a birthday fic anyway, it just wasn’t this one. Anyway, it was prompted by Alana, but I love the idea and didn’t feel quite done with my boys, so I am writing it for Christmas. I am not kidding when I say it is fluffy - if you’re not here for happily ever after, this fic is not for you.

The chapters I have so far as small, about 1000 words each. This isn’t a proper longfic. It’s just a fun little story, a thank-you gift of gratitude in a way to the people who supported this odd pairing and my writing of them. I hope you like it a little.

I have no set schedule, but I will keep up as best I can all month. And now this note is getting longer than the story chapter, so I’m audi.

Three Years Post-Wedding, Twelve Months B.C.

Sebastian’s not sure if it’s something in the water or what, but all of a sudden he and Adam seem to be surrounded by babies and small children.

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