tyler likes kittens

“Do you think she‘ll like it?“

Request: “Cute imagine idea: Tyler playing ukulele for your pet“

(A/N): Simple but effective. I like your thinking, thank you for submitting x (Y/F/N) stands for (Your/Full/Name)

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It‘s not an usual thing to come back home from work to your boyfriend sitting on the floor, with his ukulele in his hands and your little kitten across from him, attentively listening to every word that‘s coming out of his mouth. The two of them are on the marble floor even though they‘re surrounded by couches and chairs. It‘s not normal but the again, it‘s not odd. Actually, the situation seems utterly pure. They probably didn‘t hear you entering the house, so neither of them pays attention to your presence. Just when you were about to say set a foot into the living room, Tyler speaks up so you stop in your tracks.

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