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Voltron voice actors

So I knew some of the voice actors before watching Voltron: 

Jeremy Shada (Lance) - Finn from Adventure Time

Kimberly Brooks (Allura) - Jasper & Malachite from Steven Universe

Steven Yeun (Keith) - Wan from Avatar

Now that I finished watching, this is what I found:

Tyler Labine (Hunk) - Greek Council VP from Monsters University

Okay, I see that

Josh Keaton (Shiro) - Younger Hercules 

Oh wow, now I want Shiro’s introduction in season 3 to be a musical number.

Cree Summer (Haggar) - Numbuh 5 from Kids Next Door and Susie Carmichael from Rugrats


Neil Kaplan (Zarkon) - A bunch of Digimon?????

Hawkmon???????? How??????