Highlights of the Voltron Wondercon panel:
•Jeremy Shada screaming “Let me have this Lance is Altean!” when Tom Hendrick tried to point out a flaw in a fans logic
•Tom Hendrick saying lances skin care consists of food goo and fermented food goo.
•"Lance is as beautiful as he thinks he is"
•There was legit irl hunk who actually majored engineering and minored in culinary arts and offered Tyler Labine a cinnamon role.
•Finding out in the original story idea in space mall Shiro was supposed to be looking for a parking spot the entire episode
•Lance was supposed to park in a handicap spot
•Also Shiro and Allura were supposed to bathe the mice together
•Lotor’s beautiful voice


So a friend of mine in instagram and I were having this conversation of how the vAs are so precious and a gift to us fans so here’s a little tribute for them. Keep up the great work and we will always support and love you guys~ 😘

Reblog this if you care about the Voltron creators and people behind the screens more than ships.

Reblog this if you care about the Voltron creators, VA’s, artists, etc. more than you do any stupid fictional ship in the show no matter what it is. I know there are lots of good people in this fandom so let’s, let the good out shine the bad.

i’ve been seeing some negative banners of some VAs and i thought “nah fam, here’s some paladins & coran VA appreciation banners for your blog (even though it’s probably been done 100 times before)”

(also tagging VAs bc they deserve to know how much we love and appreciate what they do and interacting with us fans @bext-k @joshkeaton)

The food thing becoming such a huge part of my character–Initially I was like, “Oh great, I’m playing another fat character, and we’re gonna make some fat jokes.” And everyone was like, “No, no, no. He’s not fat, he’s a gourmand.” … He’s a gourmand who enjoys the culinary world, from soup to nuts.
And once I started throwing out a little bit of my own, sort of, culinary flourishes into some of the dialogue we had, I could see that Lauren [Montgomery] and Joaquim [Dos Santos] were kinda like, “Oh, you can wrap your mouth around some of these words.” And they started to write more and more kinda little foodie-oriented dialogue for me. …
He’s like a food savant. He literally–Two things in this world: mechanics and food. And I guess, also we’ve been discussing that he’s quite good with people. Food gets to the heart, well the stomach of people.
Voltron: How the actors are doing

Jeremy (Lance): Quiet. Probably trying to stay on the downlow

Steven (Keith): A real cryptid. Will appear randomly on the internet in pictures of him in weird places.

Bex (Pidge): Ready to fight the antis and is doing great, all the shaladins and regular shippers are crying and rooting her on, we apologise for what you’re going through

Josh (Shiro): crying and cradling his new shoes

Kimberly (Allura): taking no shit and never has, pretty quiet

Rhys (Coran): also a cryptid, but much less spotted. Also takes no shit

Tyler (Hunk): very proud of all shaladin and regular shippers, shows this by liking art and supporting people, what a great guy

There is some out-of-character behavior that happens this season, trying to figure out who Lotor is. There’s so many things we can’t–so, so many things I’d love to tell you, but we can’t.  But Lotor is probably, in my opinion, one of the most complex villains I’ve ever seen on tv… He is complicated. There are some crazy things, really well written. Really superbly, superbly performed by AJ [LoCascio]. And there’s a lot of deception–we’ll put it that way–that kind of permeates our team. And so people get– Yea, everybody gets thrown for a loop by Lotor.