tyler knott

You know what really gets me about all of this, is that I was fine before you, maybe happy even. Just kind of existing in the middle. But you show up, uninvited but welcome, make everything all bright and shiny. And then you left and now everything is gray.
—  I regret meeting you and I regret missing you
He loved me once, though it was sporadic.
He’d choose to love me when he felt lonely.
But never more than that.
I had learned to expect days of silence,
Sometimes weeks,
Until my love was needed again.
He’d try me on for size,
Just to discard me when I didn’t fit just right
But I still let him come back when he promised me he missed me.
Sporadic love never lasts,
And I know one day he’ll be gone
Gone like the last day of spring that melts into that summer heat,
And I’ll miss him all the same.
—  B.N.