tyler is a gentleman

no but (among the 1424356 other things on my list) i so need to write a book about medieval history for a popular audience, just because the reality would blow people’s minds

there are so many things you can learn from it, so many misconceptions to destroy, and such an interesting social and cultural study of people learning to do things in different ways after rome fell. they had a period of almost 1000 years where classical culture was NOT the automatic standard. that is why we have gothic architecture and script. why they invented new literary and artistic genres, why they developed new laws. where, unlike in the ancient world, women and slaves were not relegated to a position of utter inferiority – in fact, slavery was abolished throughout most of the middle ages, and only began returning in the 16th-17th century when people were determined to replicate the criteria and legal systems of antiquity. same with women. you can find records of women doctors, bookbinders, copyists, shopkeepers, traders etc throughout the high middle ages. women religious were HUGELY influential; the abbey of fontevrault in france was required to have an abbess, not an abbot, in charge. queens regularly ruled whenever the king wasn’t around. it was only in 1593 that france, for example, decided to outlaw them from public/professional life. the salic law, made by philip iv in the early 14th century, barred them from inheriting the throne and later spread throughout europe, but that was not the case beforehand.

don’t talk to me about how “feudal anarchy” was a thing. feudalism was the last thing from anarchy, and it wasn’t about a lord mistreating or killing his peasants however he pleased. it was a highly structured and regulated system of mutual obligations – not a desirable condition for the serf, but still the bedrock on which society functioned. serfs were not slaves. they had personhood, social mobility, could own property, marry, form families, and often obtain freedom once they were no longer in an economic condition to make serfhood a necessity. abbot suger of france (late 11th-early 12th century) was most likely a son of serfs. he was educated at the same monastery school as the later king louis vi, ran the kingdom while louis vii was on crusade, and became the foremost historian of the period and partially responsible for establishing the tradition of ecclesiastical chronicles.

don’t talk to me about how everyone was a fervent and uncritical religious fanatic. church attendance on the parish level was so low that in 1215, pope innocent III had to issue a bull ordering people to take communion at least once a year. the content of clerical grievances tells us that people behaved and thought exactly as we do today – they wanted to sleep in on sunday, they wanted to have sex when they pleased, they didn’t believe the guy mumbling bad latin at them, they openly questioned the institutional church’s legitimacy (especially in the 13th century – it was taking assaults on every side as splinter and spinoff sects of every nature grew, along with literacy and the ability of common people to access books and learning for themselves). in the 14th century, john wycliffe and the lollards blasted the rigidly hierarchical nature of medieval society (“when adam delved and eve span, who then was the gentleman?”) partly as a result, wat tyler, a fellow englishman, led the peasants’ revolt in 1381. yes, the catholic church had a social and institutional power which we can’t imagine, but it was fought and questioned and spoken back to every step of the way.

don’t talk to me about how they were scientifically ignorant. isidore of seville, in the frickin 7th century, wrote books and books on science and reason from his home at the center of the andalusian “golden age” in muslim spain. toledo in the 9th century was a hotbed of theology, mathematics, and writing; admiring western european observers called multicultural, educated iberia “the ornament of the world.” in the 8th century in the monastery of jarrow in northumbria (aka in the middle of FRICKING NOWHERE) the venerable bede was able to open his “ecclesiastical history of the english people” with a discussion on cultural, linguistic, demographic, historical, geographical, and astronomical details, and refers to britain’s location near the north pole as a reason for its days being long in summer and short in winter (“for the sun has then departed to the region of Africa”). while bede’s information is obviously imperfect by virtue of his social and chronological location, he is a trained scholar with a strong critical sensibility and the ability to turn a memorable phrase; discussing an attempted imperial coup by an illiterate roman soldier, he sniffs, “As soon as he had seized power he crossed over to Gaul. There he was often deluded by the barbarians into making doubtful treaties, and so inflicted great harm on the body politic.”

don’t talk to me about how they were uneducated and illiterate. they were well versed in antiquity and classical authors through the high middle ages. they didn’t just suddenly discover them again when the 15th century started. the renaissance wasn’t about finding the texts, it was about deciding to apply them in a systematic way. beforehand, the 13th century saw the rediscovery of aristotle and the development of a new philosophical system to compete with the long-entrenched and studied works of plato. thomas aquinas and the dominicans were writing in this century. dante wrote the inferno in this century. i could go on.

don’t talk to me about the stereotype of the silent and oppressed woman – we already discussed that a bit above. i should also add, women usually had voting rights on the level of their community and this wasn’t regarded as odd. i already wrote a ranty post earlier on the myth that “it was just medieval times” and thus a rapey free-for-all.

we should also talk about how a form of gay marriage was legal for hundreds of years – two men could take wedding vows in a church and live together like any other married couple (though they called them “spiritual brotherhoods”). we should also talk about the cult of male bonds between knights in the 12th/13th century, and how it was idealized as the highest form of love. i also wrote a post a while ago about richard the lionheart and how sexuality worked. so.

we should talk about how all of this was happening in the time period that routinely gets written off as basically a wash between the fall of rome and the renaissance. we should remember that the renaissance was what led to modern structures of oppression for women, slaves, etc – everyone who had been worth nothing in antiquity. we should tear into the myth of historical progress and how it was invented to justify massive, wholesale colonization, genocide, and “civilization” in the supposedly enlightened 18th, 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries – because nothing we do now, apparently, can be as bad as what those bad ol’ bloodthirsty ignoramuses did back then.

we shouldn’t idealize the medieval era as a golden age either. that is never the right way to approach history. but we should take a long, long look at why we are so insistent on our simplistic, erroneous concepts of this time period, and how exactly they serve to justify our behaviors, mindsets, and practices today.

further reading to support any of these topics available on request.

Dating Tyler Scheid Would Include

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- Him being a total gentleman at the beginning of the relationship

- Kisses on the back of your hand

- Small gifts for whenever he saw you

- Cute dinner dates

- But then skip to a few months into the relationship

- Stupid insults

- *pointing at something gross/ugly* “That’s you.”

- Him receiving lots of playful punches

- You could just stare into his eyes all day

- Him totally being fine with that except he has work to do

- Mark teasing Tyler but also being your number one fan

- You often find yourself drooling over his muscles when you think he isn’t looking

- Except he always notices

- He’ll flex slightly, causing you to blush

- And he’ll just laugh

- LOTS of dirty jokes

- Most of them unintentional

- “This game is really hard.”

‘ “That’s not the only thing that’s hard.”

- “wHAT?”

- When he’s recording with Mark and Ethan you’ll watch them and try not to mess up the audio by laughing too loud

- Mark and Ethan dragging you on camera so you could be in the video with Tyler

- Kathryn just sending you looks of pity as you’re forced to join in

- The fanbase going NUTS when the video’s thumbnail is you and Tyler kissing on the sofa with everyone else pretending to be grossed out

- Tyler being able to lift you up effortlessly

- So sometimes he just catches you off guard and picks you up whenever you’re least expecting it

- Some days he’s really busy, so you’ll make him breakfast and kiss him goodbye without saying a word

- He’ll arrive home at the end of the day and you’ll be curled up on the sofa, watching tv

- So he’ll silently sit beside you and wrap his arms around you

- It’s only at dinnertime do you two talk

- And Holy Hell do you two talk

- Sometimes you won’t go to sleep until early in the morning because you can’t shut up

- Kisses on the top of your head

- Forehead kisses

- Cheek kisses

- If he leans down slightly you’ll even get a nose kiss

- Lots of short, sweet pecks to the lips

- But get you two alone and loooong make out sessions

- Him always being the big spoon

- Until he has a particularly bad day

- So you cuddled him instead

- Now you take turns being the little spoon

- Teamiplier teaching you how to edit and you teasing Tyler because you picked it up faster than him

- Now he has secret lessons from Kathryn every week so he can beat you

- Being besties with Ethan

- It’s absolute chaos whenever you’re in a video together

- Tyler just watching the shit storm because he’s happy you’re having fun

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Dating Tyler Bate would include

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- LOTS of cuddles

-Tyler is a total gentleman

-he takes you on dates all of the time, showing his love for you

-late night walks across the beach

-facetime calls whenever Tyler isn’t home 

-shy when it comes to public affection

-he wants people to know you are his so he just holds your hand or brings you close

-he loves making out and all with you but he rather do it privately instead of public

-he defends you at all costs, whether a fan is hating on you, etc

-he is the jealous type

-he tells you how much he loves you everyday

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Tyler x reader hcs where you guys pretend to be married when teamplier goes on vacation to get a discounted room (sorry it's a bit weird i saw it on a tv show lol)

FAKE MARRIED!!!! I AM HERE FOR THIS (Also I did my best to make this gender neutral which is why I used Mx as a gender neutral title)

- Teamiplier is checking into this super fancy hotel that they scored a major deal on by using expedia or some shit
- But the thing with those hotel websites is that they make mistakes all the time
- So cue to Mark and Tyler taking care of the checking in process, with you, Ethan, Kathryn and Amy right behind them
- And when Tyler gives the receptionist his name she smiles all wide, looking between you and Tyler “Oh congratulations Mr. and Mx. Scheid! We’re so happy to have you staying with us on your honeymoon!” And as you start choking on the bottle of water you were sipping from, the receptionist asks Tyler if you two would prefer a private suite, free of charge.
- Tyler turns bright red, switching his focus from you, trying to make sure you don’t die, and the receptionist “Uh, we’re actually-”
- “They’ll take it! Thank you so much! We’d hate to ruin their oh so special honeymoon.” Mark interjects, waggling his eyebrows at Tyler.
- “Mark!” Tyler turns an even darker shade of red
- “Dude, free room. Probably with free champagne and chocolate and shit.” Mark whispers
- Tyler turns to you to, silently asking if your okay with this. You nod, still trying to wrap your head around the situation
- The room is even nicer than their regular suites
- Plus it does come with champagne and chocolate! And there’s roses on the table and a couples bath set…and a few dozen complimentary condoms.
- The bellhop winks at you and tyler and tells you guys to have fun
- As soon as the door closes it’s just you two and you feel nervous
- “I can sleep on the couch” Tyler offers, because he’s a gentleman and he can tell you’re anxious. He doesn’t know that its because you have a giant crush on him.
- “N-no. I mean, you don’t have to. The bed is pretty big.”
- You both start drinking the champagne, hoping it will take the edge off things
- And it does. You end up getting drunk and giggly, calling each other Mr. and Mx. Scheid.
- You two watch a movie, spooning and eating some chocolate
- “We should do this more often.” He mumbles
- “Lying to hotel managment? Abusing their kindness?” You question
- “No we should be fake married…We should date.”
- “Mmm…maybe when we haven’t each had a half a bottle of champagne.”

alright buckle your seatbelts

• Tyler who is staring at Ethan constantly at the office and looks away immediately whenever Ethan makes eye contact

• Tyler who cooks breakfast every morning OR even if they’re in a rush and all they have time for is hot pockets or something, Tyler still makes it for Ethan and puts it on a real plate and goes through more trouble than he should

• Tyler who is obsessed with Ethan’s hair and runs his hands through it absentmindedly or grips handfuls of it while he’s kissing Eth

• Tyler who always gets up before Ethan so he can see adorable sleepy blue boy in the mornings but one day Ethan wakes up extra early and makes Ty breakfast. Ty is like “what’s this??” And Ethan explains that it’s their six month anniversary. Tyler is refraining from happy crying because hyper, forgetful, barely-paying-attention-most-of-the-time Ethan, his Ethan, actually remembered it and bothered to wake up at 6am to cook breakfast for the boy he loves

• Tyler who asks for permission before kissing Eth because he’s a gentleman, Ethan rolls his eyes and tells him he doesn’t have to ask before pulling Tyler in

• Tyler who walks out of his room at 3am to find Ethan curled up on the couch looking really scared. He asks what’s wrong and Ethan explains he had a nightmare but he tries to brush it off. Tyler purses his lips and says he’ll be right back. He brings a blanket, wraps it around Ethan, and tells his roommate it’ll all be okay. Ethan leans into Tyler’s chest and falls asleep there, Tyler stays there with him for the night.

• Tyler who carries sleepy Ethan to the car when they have an early morning flight

• Tyler who obviously has a meticulous workout routine, hence his body. One day he comes home and Ethan says he wants to try it out with him! So Tyler takes Ethan with him to the gym then next day and has to hold in laughter at Ethan trying to lift weights because he’s adorably awful at it (he’s quite skilled at pull-ups though, probably a gymnast thing)

• Tyler who sings to Ethan because he wants to show off what his singing lessons have done and also he love serenading him because Ethan blushes super hard and is obviously swooning

• Tyler who doesn’t drink (canon) with lightweight Ethan on his 21st birthday, watching as Ethan’s facial expressions change from different drinks he wanted to try. Ethan is pretty buzzed, maybe a little drunk by the end of the night so Tyler helps clean up and takes care of Ethan, helping him up stairs and getting him into pajamas. Ethan is babbling elatedly about how much he loves Ty and Tyler chuckles because he knows Eth won’t be that happy in the morning when his head hurts

• Tyler who picks up Ethan every time he kisses him and if he doesn’t, Ethan will climb up onto Ty’s hips himself.

Blush (Tyler X Reader)

Request- Can you lik write a cute tyler down imagine maybe were you are like the new girl and you love to take pictures but montgomary is bullying you and takes your camera and throws it on the ground and tyler comes and says to leave you alone and maybe he like gives you his camera of something just lots of fluff and cuteness

Ooooh my first Tyler imagine I shall try my best, in still new to writing imagines!

So today was your first day at a new school, you were extremely nervous. You obviously didn’t know anybody there so that made you even more nervous. You had never been the outgoing type, you tend to keep your friend circle small and you enjoy things such as reading or photography which you loved. You wanted to be a photographer so bad but you knew you had no chance at that. You wondered if your new school had any clubs that included photography, because if there was you would definitely join. As you walked in through the doors you immediately got even more nervous seeing how many people there was.

“Um excuse me—” You tried asking someone where the office was but they just pushed you away. You sighed, you spotted a lanky boy with a camera around his neck. He seemed kinda awkward but he was also kinda cute. You went up to him.

“Do you know where the office is?” You asked, he looked at you for a couple of seconds seeming like he didn’t know what to respond with.

“U-uh yeah, um I’ll walk you.” He said as he started walking, you soon following. You looked at his camera and smiled.

“You like photography?” You asked.

“Uh yeah, I’m in yearbook.” He stated while grabbing his camera and taking a picture of you, you laughed.

“I love photography! Is there still room for me to join yearbook?” You ask.

“There definitely is, and really you like photography?” He asked shocked.

“Yeah, why do you look so shocked?” You asked, he became tense and scratched the back of his neck.

“Pretty girls like you are never into stuff like that.” He said, his cheeks had turned into a light shade of red and so did yours. Before you knew it, you guys had arrived at the office.

“Thanks a lot, I’ll see you around.” He smiled and walked off. You said smiling. You entered the office, and got your schedule. You somehow made it to your first class without getting lost. You saw— crap you never got his name! You saw him smile when he saw you and he gestured for you to sit next to him.

“I never got your name, I’m sorry.” You said as you sat down next to him.

“Tyler, what’s yours?” He said while smiling. You never noticed how beautiful his eyes were. They were an ocean blue and you could get lost in them for hours.

“Y/N” You said he smiled.

“I like it, a pretty name for a pretty girl.” You could tell that he had gotten comfortable around you because now he was flirting with you, you blushed. Class soon began, you honestly weren’t paying attention you were too busy thinking about something, or maybe someone.

“Y/N!” You were snapped out of your thoughts and came back to reality. You saw Tyler waving his arm in front of your face.

“You seemed so focused, what were you thinking about?” He asked.

“Honestly I’m not even sure myself, shall we get to our next class.” You guys had two more classes, only one class was with each other the other wasn’t. Then was lunch. There was so many people you didn’t know, some of them looked at you and smiled while other just rolled their eyes and looked away. You sat down soon enough so did Tyler. You looked around a spotted a table that was filled with jocks and cheerleaders, basically what always happens. They’re probably the popular kids.

“There’s Bryce, Zach, Justin, Montgomery, Alex, Jessica, Courtney, there probably more but those are the only ones I know.” Tyler said following your gaze.

“Montgomery is always bothering me, he’s a dick.” You nodded. The rest of the day went by slow as ever. You met some other people who were nice. When school was over you saw Tyler and walked up to him.

“Hey.” You smiled while waving. He always seemed tense when you walk up to him. He nodded his head and you guys made small talk.

“Hey, um do you maybe wanna I don’t know hang out today like at 6pm?” He seemed so nervous.

“Sure I would love too” you smiled sweetly. He smiled back. You guys exchanged numbers and soon departed and went your own ways.
Your parents asked how school was and you said the same answer as always. You told them how you were going to hangout with one of them today in the evening. They obviously bombarded you with questions but they were happy you made friends. You had gotten a text message from Tyler.

“Hey Y/N dress casual were going to a carnival if that’s okay with you?”

“Yeah it’s fine, I love carnivals.” You said. Soon enough it was 6 and you were nervous as hell. You never really hung out with guys like this on dates. Was this even considered a date?

“Honey, your friend is here.” You heard your mom yell from downstairs. You ran down the stairs before they attacked him with questions and before your dad gave him the “You Break My Daughters Heart I’ll Break You.”

“Okay bye mom, I’ll be back.” You said walking out the door. You and Tyler walked to his car, like a gentleman he opened the door for you. You thanked him and buckled up. He turned on the radio and you gasped. Your song was playing and in no way were you not going to sing. You burst out singing the lyrics that you knew from heart. Tyler just laughed, but soon enough he started singing the lyrics too. You let him sing some parts and you sang other parts. At the stop lights he would always look over to you and smile. You would always blush and try to hide it. You guys arrived and you acted like a child running and laughing. Tyler had brought his camera saying he was gonna try and get some pictures. You guys got your tickets and decided to not get on the roller coasters because of Tyler’s camera. So you guys went to the Tea Cups first. You started spinning it as fast as you could, with Tyler’s help of course. You guys kept on laughing while spinning it. Soon you stopped because you felt like you were gonna throw up. You guys got off and Tyler had to hold you because you were so dizzy. He bought you some lemonade. You guys decided to eat, you had gotten a pizza and he had just gotten cheese fries. Every now and then you would steal his fries when he wasn’t looking. As you reached for one he turned back to look at you.

“HEY THOSE ARE MY FRIES!” He said. You just shoved it into your mouth and smiled.

“You’re lucky you’re cute.” He whispered thinking you wouldn’t hear him but you could. You smiled and he smiled back. So he took a bite of your pizza you gasped.

“Nooooo not my pizza.” You fake cried. Which resulted in you guys bursting into laughter. You guys walked around until you begged him if you guys could get on the Ferris Wheel. He was okay with it and you guys got in line. You have the man your guys’ tickets and you guys went in and sat down. Each of you on one side. He took out his camera and pointed it towards you.

“What are you doing?” You asked.

“Taking a picture of this beautiful view.” He said, you blushed. Gosh this boy loves making you blush. The ride went on and once it was over you guys got cotton candy afterwards. You guys shared one and you kept feeding pieces to him. He had his arm around you and you honestly didn’t mind it. You smiled while looking at him and he did the same. You guys got to his car and once again he opened the door for you. The ride home was pretty calming. You guys got to know more about each other and every now and then he would make you blush. You guys arrived at your house, again he opened your door and walked you up to your door.

“I had fun.” You both said at the same time. You guys bursted into laughter which soon died down.

“Hush honey they’ll hear you.”
“Is that her boyfriend?”
“Are they gonna kiss?”
You guys quickly looked to see your parents peeping threw the curtains. As soon as you saw them they ducked down.

“Oh my gosh they’re gonna attack me with questions!” You laughed. He chuckled.

“I’ll see you tomorrow,” he smiled and walked back to his car. Sighing you walked in preparing for the questions. Questions flew from all directions as soon as you walked in. You laughed and told them everything and you went back to your room and got ready for bed. Tyler had texted you saying goodnight and that he had fun. That night you definitely fell asleep with a smile on your face.

The next day you woke up and did your morning routine. You grabbed a light snack and headed off to school. You had taken your camera today seeing as you were going to sign up for Yearbook today. You met up with Tyler at his locker and soon this boy came up to Tyler. He pushed him up against his locker. Was this the boy Tyler had mentioned who always bothers him? I believe his name was Montgomery.

“Leave him alone!” You yelled at him. He stopped in his tracks and looked over. He scoffed once he saw you,

“What are you gonna do about it?” He said. You stuttered and just looked up at him. He yanked your camera and threw it to the floor. You looked to the floor to see pieces of your camera scattered all over the floor. You felt like crying, this was your most prized possession. Montgomery just smirked and said,
“That’s what I thought.” While laughing and walking away.

“I’m so sorry this happened you shouldn’t have said anything.” You looked at him but then he became blurry because of the tears.

“No please don’t cry.” He said even more sad. He hugged you and obviously you hugged back. You wiped your tears on his shirt but then apologized. He looked at you with sympathy.

“It’s fine I guess I can always get a new one.” But you knew that would take a long time because your family doesn’t have a lot of money so you always have to save up for whatever you want. He just hugged you again. The rest of school time you just spent extremely sad and quiet. At the end of the day, once again you found Tyler he gave you a ride home. During the car ride he kept trying to cheer you up. You didn’t want him to feel bad so you pretended to laugh and smile.

“You’re so beautiful.” He said while looking over at you, you just smiled and blushed like always.

-A Couple Months Later-

You and Tyler were going out today for your birthday. He said he was going to take you out for dinner and then you guys were gonna go somewhere that was a surprise. Your mom called you down saying that Tyler was here. Your parents
loved Tyler now, they called him your boyfriend even though he wasn’t, but you wished he was. You greeted Tyler and like always he opened the door for you.

“Happy Birthday Princess” Tyler had began to always call you cute nicknames like that. You smiled back at him, he reached toward the back of the car and took out a cute bear.

“OMG ITS SO CUTE!” You said in utter awe.

“Like you;)” He said which made you turn crimson red. He laughed and started driving. You guys got to the restaurant and once again you thanked him for taking you out for your birthday. You guys are the food which was amazing. Next was the surprise Tyler didn’t want to tell you about. You guys got to the car and for like the millionth time Tyler opened the door for you.

“Such a gentleman since day one.” You said letting out a small laugh.

“Always for you princess.” He turned on the radio and for the rest of drive you guys were just singing lyrics. Treasure by Bruno Mars came on you got so excited, you loved this song so much.


“YOURE WONDERFUL, FLAWLESS, OOH YOURE A SEXY LADY!” Tyler sang back while looking at you the entire time. You just kept laughing and sang back more bits of the song.

“TREASURE THAT IS WHAT YOU ARE! HONEY YOURE MY GOLDEN STAR!” He sang to you during a red light so he was able to cup your cheeks while saying that.

“PRETTY GIRL, PRETTY GIRL, PRETTY GIRL, YOU SHOULD BE SMILING! A GIRL LIKE YOU SHOULD NEVER LOOK SO BLUE. YOU’RE EVERYTHING I SEE IN MY DREAMS! I WOULDN’T SAY THAT TO YOU IF IT WASN’T TRUE!” He sang back. You just laughed and smiled whenever he sang to you. He made you so happy. The song ended and you were pretty sure Tyler had lost his voice because of how much he was yelling. You guys arrived by the lake. You smiled, Tyler remembered your love for the lake. You guys got out of the car and before you guys began walking toward the water he got something out of his trunk. It was a box neatly wrapped, you wondered to yourself what it could be. You guys say down near the water an she handed the box to you.

“Open it,” he said smiling. You grabbed it and started unwrapping it. Once you opened it you gasped. He had gotten you a new camera.

“Tyler! This must’ve cost you so much!” You said while hugging him.

“Eh I had some money saved, and it kinda was my fault yours broke.” You could kiss him right now, you wanted to. You kept on saying thank you so many times until he said.

“But wait there’s more.” Like those guys in commercials that are showing products. He took out this book that was under all the wrapping paper. You opened it, inside were pictures of you. The first one being the one he first took of you on the first day of school, other photos were once you never noticed him take. You looked up at him with the biggest smile.

“I love it!” You said, he just smiled back and looked at you with awe. You guys just say there enjoying each other’s company but soon it was time to return home. The drive back was more calm, you guys were both quiet but not to the point where it was awkward. Once you guys arrived to your house, he opened your door and handed you all the presents he had gotten you. You thanked him and he walked you to your door.

“Thank you so much for tonight, I had so much fun.” You smiled, and he said it wasn’t a big deal. You guys just stood there for a couple more seconds until he started leaning in. You leaned in as well and your guys’ lips connected. You had been wanting to do this for so long.

“HONEY LOOK THEYRE KISSING!” You heard your mom through the window, but you couldn’t care less. You guys disconnected your lips and looked at each other.

“I’ve been wanting to do that for so long.” Tyler said.

“Me too” you said.

“So what are we now?” Your asked wanting him to ask you out right there.

“Um do you maybe wanna I don’t know be my girlfriend?” He asked nervously while scratching the back of his neck.

“Yes!” You said so happy. You kissed him again. You sensed a flash go off and you turned to see your mom taking a picture. You blushed and looked back at Tyler who was waving at your mom. You both laughed and soon your parents opened the door bombarding both of you guys with questions. Tyler came in to help you put your presents away and before he left. Your dad gave him the talk, Tyler looked scared shitless but he promised not to break my heart. He looked at me while saying that and I just blushed like always.
I’m sorry if this was trash or too long I’m new to this!

faunwaster  asked:

62. “If you can’t sleep…we could have sex?” & 48. “I didn’t think you could get any less romantic…” Tyler x Reader please?

You had sent your resume to Mark to be an editor for some of his videos, you never thought he’d actually say yes. That’s how you you came to be be great friends with team Iplier as people called them, and after a year of working for them you and Tyler finally got together. The team had shipped you and Tyler since you first met, noticing the litte glances you two shared and how Tyler would always blush when you were around. So Mark came up with a plan to get the two of you together, he planned for you all to go see a movie and at the last minute they would text you and Tyler that they couldn’t make it. The plan sounded like something you’d see in some cheesey romance movies, someone arranges to meet 2 people but never shows so the 2 people hang out and realise their feelings for each other. The crazy thing is it worked, you and Tyler saw the film together and even went for a coffee after. Tyler being the gentleman he is had insisted that he walk you home and even gave you his jacket when you got chilly. There was non stop chatter between the 2 of you on the walk and you secretly wished that he didn’t have to leave when you reached your front door.

“Thanks for hanging out today, it was actually really great.” Shyly smiling at Tyler you notice a blush cover his cheeks and you’re sure he notices the same about you.

“No problem. I had a great time too. Maybe we could do this again?…uhh you know just us?” Tyler looked down at the ground rubbing the back of his neck nervously.

Smiling up at him you dip your head slightly to catch his gaze. “I’d love too.”

Tyler gives you his signature smile, breathing a sigh of relief. “I’ll see you tomorrow then and we could maybe figure something out then?”

“Yeah sounds great.” Smiling Tyler gives you a small wave before turning to head back to his. Sighing you wished you’d have kissed him, and Tyler wish he’s kissed you too. Infact he almost did numerous times through out the night but he didn’t want to rush anything between the two of you.

“Tyler!” You call after him, and he turns to face you. Taking a couple steps towards him you stop a couple inches away from him, pulling off his jacket you hold it out for him. “You forgot your jacket.” Smiling at you Tyler reached for his jacket, your fingers brushing one another sending sparks up your arm.

“You could have given it to me tomorrow you know.” Tyler smirks at you, still holding the jacket secretly loving the contact between the two of you.

“I know I just didn’t want you to be cold on the way home.” You smile sweetly at him causing him to chuckle and shake his head at you. Pulling on his jacket Tyler stands a little awkwardly, his eyes glancing between your lips and your eyes. Standing up on your tip toes you take a smalll breath in before leaning forward to place your lips on Tylers, he sighs slightly at the contact and brings one hand up to gently cup your cheek and the other he places on your waist. Your hands come up and rest around his neck and you smile noticing he tastes of coffee and popcorn, pulling away you both give each other a goofy smile, almost not believeing that happened.

“Wow.” Tyler mutters, his hands resting on your waist as you both still stood in the embrace.


Looking down at your coffee you smiled at the memory, it had been 2 years since that night and time seemed to fly by. You hadn’t long got in from doing some editing for Mark and it was now around 3 am. You’d snuck in to your shared house with Tyler not wanting to wake him, he’d left the office hours before you and was probably upstairs sleeping. As you empty the mug two arms wrap around your waist from behind making you jump slightly, feeling little kisses placed on your neck you relax back once you realise it’s Tyler.

“Sorry. Love I didn’t mean to wake you.” You turn around still in Tyler’s arms, looking up at his sleepy expression Tyler shakes he head smiling.

“You didn’t. The bed was cold without you.” You giggle at how cute he was and lean up to peck his lips.

“I’ll be up in a sec, just couldn’t get to sleep right away and didn’t want to disturb you.”

“If you can’t sleep…we could have sex?” Chuckling Tyler pulled you closer and playfully bit his lip, wiggling his eyebrows. Laughing you lightly slap his arm, gigging.

“I didn’t think you could get any les romantic.” Leaning up you connect your lips with his for a passionate kiss, after a few seconds you pull away and rest your forhead on his. “But that doesn’t sound like a bad option.”

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Could you write an imagine about the reader and Josh's wedding? I haven't really come across wedding imagines, only proposal ones. :/ Oh also, could Tyler and Jenna be the best man and maid of honor?


“You did it up all wrong,” Michael sighs with a little chuckle, gesturing at Josh’s tie from a spot behind him in the mirror. “Look Ty, he did it backwards. He’s nervous.”  

“It’s hard in the mirror.  Just tie it for me then,” says Josh, rolling his eyes as Michael bats his hands away and begins to loop his tie properly.

Behind them, Tyler paces dramatically with a notecard in his hand.  “You’re not allowed to be nervous,” he says, motioning towards Josh.  “I’m nervous enough for the both of us!  To be, or not to be,” he continues, outstretching his arm theatrically, and placing it on his forehead for effect, “that was not the question that Josh Dun asked Y/F/N on one fateful night almost a year ago.  My name is Tyler Joseph, and I’ll be your tour guide through this emotional rollercoaster–”

“Emotional rollercoaster?” Michael laughs.

“We’ll laugh, we’ll hope, we’ll cry.”

“Um,” says Josh, eyeing Tyler warily in the mirror as Michael laughs helplessly, “I’d like to think you’re just messing around… but you’re just messing around, right?”

Tyler opens his eyes wide, looking appalled.  “Absolutely not!  You made a choice, the right choice I might add, asking me to make the big speech.  It’s my moment, Josh. Everyone will be talking about it for years.”

Michael laughs even harder, patting Josh on the chest once his tie is done right, “There you go. Like a real gentleman. Don’t worry about Tyler,” he adds in a whisper. “I’ll keep him in line, I always do. ”

Tyler throws them both a dark look, one hand over his heart, before continuing, “Now what… What is real love? Come with me now on a journey and I’ll tell you.  Together, we’ll delve into the love story between two young heart throbs. Charming, sometimes incredibly tragic, but always pure and true.  Our tale begins on the eighteenth of June, 1988. Josh Dun was a summer baby emerging on a cool brisk evening–“

“You’ve only got like three minutes to talk,” Josh tells him, just in case he was unaware of the time limit on his speech. Just then, Jordan pops his head in.

“Practicing our speeches?” He looks at Josh and raises his eyebrows with an assuring thumbs up.  “Looking good, bro.”

“You’re just in time,” Tyler says, pointing at Jordan, “I was thinking you could act out my speech, like performance art.”

“No plays at my wedding!” Josh says, but he’s laughing too.  

Just saying the word ‘wedding’ aloud makes Josh’s heart leap a little.  He starts thinking of how Y/N probably looks right now.  She had fussed around nervously all morning, organizing and re-organizing things around the house, cleaning things that were already clean. The same way she always was when she got anxious.  Josh finally hugged her from behind and said, firmly, “Stop.”  

She had rolled her eyes but allowed Josh to tug her down onto the couch, wrapping his arms around her in a bear hug.  “It’s going to be perfect,” He had said.  

Josh then stands up from the chair, smoothing his hair down over his ear where it’s come undone.

“C’mon Michael,” says Jordan, still lingering at the door, “Your wife sent me in here to get you, she wants to get some pictures beforehand.”

“Duty calls,” Michael says, smiling lightly at Tyler and Josh before following Jordan out the door.

Once they’re gone, Tyler grins at Josh.  

“You ready for this?” he asks. Josh gives a little shrug. After month building up to this day, it almost feels like a dream – the hum of people collecting in the church, his shiny new shoes, the look in Y/N’s eyes earlier when she’d said in awe, “Next time I see you, I’ll marry you,” which Josh can’t stop replaying in his mind.

“Ready as I’ll ever be.  Any last words of advice?”

“Yes,” says Tyler seriously.  “Four, actually.”  Tyler says the words slowly and clearly, “Don’t – mess – it – up.”  

“Like don’t stutter when I’m reading my vows?  Or like, don’t be a horrible husband and drive Y/N away?”

“Both,” says Tyler, his face breaking out into a grin.  “See?  That’s why I’m so helpful.

“Ah,” says Josh, smiling.  “I see.  You’re the master. Thanks, Ty.” He meets his eyes, which are soft and fond.

“You deserve it, Josh,” he says. “All of this. I’m so happy for you.”

“Aw,” Josh teases, trying to conceal the lump in his throat, “are you going to cry?”

“I might,” says Tyler.  “Your bride certainly will.  She was already looking a bit teary when I left her earlier. We’ve actually all taken bets on how long it’ll take her to start bawling.”  

“What?” Josh exclaims indignantly. “Nobody told me that! Come on, I want in.”

“Sorry, but Jenna said it’s not nice to bet on your own wife’s wedding day tears.”  

“But I’d have the best chance at winning!”  

“Nope, not allowed,” says Tyler. “Although I’ll tell you my guess – she won’t last thirty seconds after she sees you.  And it will continue for the rest of the evening.”

“That’s – that’s probably true,” Josh admits. “What did everyone else guess?”

“Jordan said she’d cry during vows,” says Tyler, ticking them off as he counted on his finger.  “Micheal bet same as me, when she sees you, and Mark thinks she’s already crying.”

“I think I’m with Mark on that one,” says Josh with a little laugh.

Just then Ashley pokes her head into the tent, hair piled elegantly on top of her head, gesturing at him.  Tyler gives her a charming smile, which she returns.

“Josh, are you almost ready?  Everyone’s waiting!”  

Josh nods as Ashley sighs and crosses the floor to hug him, straightening his tie.  

“You look great,” she whispers.

“Thanks,” Josh says, swallowing another lump that rises in his throat.  “Alright, let’s get moving. I can’t be late to my own wedding.”

As it turns out, they all lose the bet – Y/N holds it together fairly well, misty-eyed and fond, through most of the ceremony.  It’s Josh who gets teary eyed the moment he sees her turn the corner and start walking down the alter.  Her arm’s latched with her father’s and the minute her eyes meet his the lump in his throat is back, only this time with some tears as well.  

She’s beautiful, in the most elegant and true way.  Her hair is pulled back, complimented by a veil.  Her face breaks out into a huge smile of triumph when she sees Josh.  She clutches tightly onto the assortment of flowers in her hand and makes her way closer and closer.  

Josh let’s out a shaky laugh, trying to cover up how emotional he really is.  After a few moments of just staring, in complete and utter awe, he has to wipe his eyes on the sleeve of his jacket.  

She reaches the front of the church, kissing her father on the cheek one last time before stepping up to the alter.  

Josh can’t help himself.  He’s smiling so wide, his insides bursting with love and affection and disbelief.  He was so lucky.  So so so lucky.  

The ceremony’s a blur.  Josh’s head is spinning and it all goes so fast.  Before he knows it, he’s saying his vows, the words falling off his tongue from memory. He’s clutching onto her hand so tight, squeezing out his anxiety from the event.

The phrase “you may now kiss the bride” barely leaves the lips of the priest before Josh’s mouth is on hers, pressing them together as close as he can.  

It’s after their first kiss that her fingers clutch tightly into Josh’s waist and she’s crying when she pulls back, smiling so hard her eyes are nearly closed.  Josh pulls her closer, holding onto her for dear life, his heart is so full he thinks it might explode.  

“We did it,” she breathes into his neck, a secret whisper just for Josh, even as everyone’s cheering and applauding from all sides. It’s almost too much – He sways against her, arms locked tight around her back.

“I knew we would,” he murmurs, kissing her on the cheek.

Tyler’s speech isn’t as bad as he’d promised – in fact, it’s incredibly touching.  Y/N, predictably, sniffles and giggles her way through the entire thing, much like the rest of the crowd.  

The day passes in a blur of relatives and champagne, Josh and Y/N slow dancing, Tyler and Jenna cozying up together.  Tyler wrapping Josh in a bear hug and muttering “I love you, man,” with tears in his eyes.  

Josh’s mom, who cried even more than Y/N, pulls her close and whispers, “I’d say welcome to the family, but you’ve always been.” She hugs her with tears prickling in her own eyes, at a loss for words.  

It’s frantic, fast-paced and fun, a sensory overload. Josh barely gets time to eat a slice of his own wedding cake.  He’s not sure what he’s going to remember about the day, but he knows that it’ll be something with Y/N’s hand on his back, her eyes locked on his even from across the dance floor.  The feeling of her cheek pressed to his while they dance, just swaying together under the soft lights.

“Will you kiss me?” she asks Josh towards the end of the night, when they’re almost the last two left dancing.  Josh smiles down at her, cupping her face, eyes incredibly fond.


Amusement Park of Love | Tyler Bate

A/N - I’m proud to participate in the lovely Valentine’s Day(s) Event that @wrasslesmut is hosting . Yall know how much I love my British Babies so ❤

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“And your total is 113 dollars and 35 cents” The woman finished ringing up all of my makeup. That price was way too high..

“Uh on second thought I think I’m gonna get rid of those 2 eyeshadow palettes” I pointed to the two black cases that lied under the mountain of makeup.

Tyler took my hand into his and looked confused, “Y/N what’s wrong?”

I sighed, “Thats too much money Tyler…you shouldn’t waste it on me..”

He smiled big and pulled me close, “Don’t worry love, Its not a waste if its going towards something you like alright…”

I couldn’t argue with him when he acted this cute. He finished paying for the makeup and put his arm back around me. Today was indeed valentine’s day and Tyler insisted that today was my day, I told him several times that its a day for the both of us but he refused to think so.

Our next stop was the amusement park, I was terrified of heights but Tyler was always trying to convice me that he’d be right beside me.

“Come on love let’s go on this ride” Tyler motioned his arm towards the giant tower that stood maybe 200+ feet high.

My face went completely pale, “uhhh…Where’s nowayjose I need him because i’m definitely NOT going on that”

Tyler’s smile slowly washed off and his shoulders began to hang. I groan loudly and pinch his cheek, “Okay! I’ll go on it if we can go into the Tunnel of Love after this.”

“Awesome let’s go! We have fast lane passes so the line shouldn’t be too bad.” Tyler grabbed ahold of my hand and dragged me towards the ride.

My stomach began to toss and turn the closer we got to it. The screams drowned out as they shot up the tower , I couldn’t stop staring at the top of the ride it look like it was shaking everytime people shot up to the top.

“I can’t do this Tyler…the ride doesn’t look stable” I lick my lips and watched the next set of people come down. If anything they all look shook out of their minds.

Tyler pulled me into his chest and kissed my forehead. “Its okay Y/N, I’ll be right beside you I promise!”

I look up at him and try to give him the best “I-believe-you-but-I’m-still-unsure-about-this” face. The ride operator and technicians had us walk over to the seats and buckle in, I sorta struggled to reach around the harness to buckle myself and I guess Tyler noticed quickly and came over to buckle it for me.

Once everyone was buckled in the technicians ran around and checked all of the harnesses before giving the all clear. Tyler was right beside me and so hyped up for the ride to start.

The fear set in when I struggled to move and realized this was actually happening. I grab ahold of his hand and start balling into tears, “I can’t believe you talked me into doing this you monster!”

He chuckled, “Love the ride hasn’t even started yet. Look you–”

Before he could finish his sentence we shot up at lightening speed. I couldn’t control myself as I cried the whole way up. When we finally settled at the top, I began to calm down but only to get my heart ripped out as we shot downward.

I unlock the harness and rush out of the exit. I sat on the bench and tried to catch my breath, Tyler kneeled down in front of me and rubbed my knee.

“Okay baby I’m sorry.. Here take these.. Lets go on in the Tunnel of Love okay?” He pulled out a few tissues and wiped my face and handed me more to blow my nose.

Once I was settled I linked arms with him and headed towards the Tunnel of Love. Surprisingly the line was very short and we got our boat quickly.

“Choose your path…well my lady choose your path. Path of Lust , Path of Pleasure or Path of Sweetness?” Tyler’s hand hovered over the buttons as he waited for me to choose.

I think for a moment and push his hand down on Path of Pleasure.

I smile with guilty eyes at him, “It sounded promising.” Tyler smiled wrapped his arm around me.

Our boat slowly went through the second giant door and shut behind us as we finally made it passed. The boat took us through a room full of pink clouds and bubbles, a female animatronic lied on a cloud blowing a kiss our way, she wore a short hot pink flowy dress and pink kitten heels

“If you had that on I don’t know if I could handle myself” Tyler moved his hand under my shirt.

“Hey! Mister Gentleman be patient.” I slap his thigh and make him laugh, he puts his hand up and surrenders.

We enjoyed the rest of the ride and finally finished after what seemed like a long 10mins.

“Lets go try some mini games” I hop onto his back and head towards the first stall. Tyler kept telling me that he was the GOAT at these minigames, as much as he liked to say that..he never follows through.

We sit in our seats and listen to the guy telling us all of the instructions. “Ladies and gentlemen here we have a series of ducks what you are to do is to spray your little target with the water gun in front of you and get it across the finish line. First duck to pass the finish line wins this giant plush duck. Now on your marks. Get set. Go!”

I smash my finger on the trigger and aim for my target. This wasn’t so bad it was rather easy I was surely gonna win. My duck was half way and Tyler’s was just a few inches behind mine, I wasn’t paying much attention to the target because my duck had stopped moving. I looked back at the target to see it moving around, tyler’s duck had passed mine as I tried to aim for the target again.

“WINNER!” the bell had rung and the water gun had stopped letting water out. Tyler’s duck had made it to the finish line before mine, the guy handed the giant plushy duck to him.

“Babe you know i’m gonna give this to you stop staring at it” he placed the duck on my head and I reached up to grab it. “Lets head home i’m getting rather sleepy..” He held my hand as we headed towards the parking lot.

I pull out my phone and start recording us, “Today was awesome. Right babe?”

Tyler moved closer to me and placed a kiss on my cheek. “Yes it was baby…yes it was.”

Dating Tyler Bate Would Include...

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💗 Tyler is a complete gentleman 

💗 Tyler takes Anniversary seriously making cute plans 

💗 Tyler accidently spills out that he loves you 

💗 Tyler blushing but pretending it never happened. 

💗 Tyler calling you love 

💗 Tyler is so loving 

💗 Breakfast in bed

💗 Love notes dotted everywhere

💗 Tyer buying you fresh flowers every week 

💗 So much cuddling 

💗 Cosy movie date nights 

💗 Picnic Dates 

💗 Tyler always finding new restaurants for you to try

💗 You being so supportive of his career

💗 Long Skype chats especially after he’s had an important match. 

💗 Tyler is a massive fan of PDA

💗 He’s touching you at least 90% of the time whenever you go out.

💗 That means a lot of hand-holding

💗 His arms around your waist. 

💗 Or your shoulders 

💗 So much kissing; 

💗 Soft kisses 

💗 Passionate kisses 

💗 Gentle kisses 

💗 Rough kisses 

💗 Tyler has to kiss you before he goes to bed

💗 Tyler is definitely a cuddler

💗 He loves being the big spoon 

💗 He loves when you fall asleep with your head on his chest 

💗 Tyler’s 19 so he’s got an extensive sex drive

💗 He’s willing to try anything 

💗 Tyler’s considerate and he always asks if your okay 

💗 Tyler being a great boyfriend 

Hi, hope everyone’s having a great Friday. If you would like to see more Tyler Bate then feel free to request. 

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Going with the highschool post, can you do one were the reader falls in love with Tyler (they are all in highschool) and Tyler ask her to prom and it is all cute and stuff? And they have their first kiss there? Thanks.

tbh i had a really stressful night, but i hope this is kind of what you wanted!!

@kylielo22 enjoy beb


“How about this one?” your best friend asks you.  You look up from your phone, pulling out your earbud and gazing up at her.  She has her own phone screen held up in front of you.  You squint from across the table and look at the picture.  It’s a prom dress.  A dark blue one with gems scattered around the top.  

You nod, “I like it.”

“Better than the peach one?”

“Yeah, I think so.”

“Do you think he’ll like it?” she asks, referring to her prom date.  

“Definitely, plus the dark blue will be much easier to match with than that other one.”

She nods, snapping her gum loudly.  “You’re right, always thinking,” she smirks.

Just then the bell for fourth period rings and the two of you gather up your lunch before heading off to class.

“I can’t believe you’re not going,” she scorns, shaking her head.  “Who misses their senior prom?”

“Me,” you say obviously.  

“It’s not even like you had an excuse, you turned down what… like four people?”

“It was two, and I wouldn’t have had fun with them, so I’d rather just not go.”

“I bet you’d go if Tyler asked you,” she says, smirking.

You immediately turn a shade of red.    

“That’s irrelevant because he’s not going to ask me.  Look, I just don’t see what’s so great about—“

“Don’t change the subject!” she laughs, nudging your shoulder.  “If Tyler asked you, would you say yes?”

You stare at your feet, letting your hair cover up your blushing cheeks.  Of course you’d say yes.  You’d had it bad for Tyler ever since he was assigned to be your physics partner the first week of school.  You’d have to hold yourself back from screaming out yes.  But it wasn’t going to happen. Tyler and you were just friends.  

“Probably not,” you lie through your teeth.  “I’m just not interested.”

She rolls her eyes at you before turning to walk in her classroom, “Whatever you say.”

You thought you were going to be tackling the physics lab alone today, until Tyler bustles through the door only seconds before the bell rings.  He’s out of breath and clutching his backpack by the strap.

“What happened to you?” you whisper as he sits down beside you.  He wipes the sweat from his brow.

“I just had somewhere I had to stop before class, and there was a huge line,” he explains while taking out his physics book.  “And I ended up waiting for like twenty minutes, even though I called ahead of time.”

“Not gonna lie, I thought you were blowing me off for lab day and I was gonna freak…”

Tyler gasps and puts his hand on his chest, acting wounded, “I, for one, am offended.”

You laugh, always so mesmerized by his dramatic reactions.  You watched as he slid his beanie off from his head, quickly scratching over his brown hair before placing the hat in his backpack.

“What have I ever done to you, to make you lose faith in me?”

“I was just worried, was all,” you say, “you know I can’t understand this stuff without you.”

“Flattery will only get you so far, you know,” he says mockingly.

“Fine,” you laugh, thinking of an apology, “I’m so sorry for losing trust in you.”

“Pathetic, but it’ll have to do,” he says before opening the lab book to the page on the board.  

Despite Tyler’s almost constant teasing, you two were still the first out of the class.  His math skills were a blessing.   All those equations and formulas had your head spinning, but Tyler seemed to work through it all no problem.  

“I’m so grateful for your brain,” you say to him on the way to the lockers.  

He doesn’t answer right away.  When you look up, you see him nervously meddling with the string of his sweatshirt.  

“Ty?” you ask.

“Hm?” he says, almost like you startled him.  

“You okay?”

“What?  Yeah, of course— Why?”  he stutters.

“Do you have a test next period or something? You seem so nervous.”

“No. I uh— I have… something, something else on my mind I guess,” he says.

You nod, totally confused by his behavior.  The rest of the walk is quiet.  And when you stop and turn to your locker, you’re surprised when Tyler halts next to you, rather than continuing to his.

He leans against the wall, still fiddling with his hoodie.  He doesn’t look at you, so you decide to just ignore it.  

When you open your locker, you gasp out loud.  A bouquet of beautiful roses are placed delicately on top of your stack of books with a note attached.  You pry the envelope open, and find one, poorly handwritten word inside.  


When you turn to Tyler, he’s looking at you with these hopeful, yet terrified, eyes and you can’t help it when your face breaks out into a huge grin.

“You got me flowers?” you ask, beaming.

He nods.

“And that’s why you were almost late to class?”

He nods again.  

“That’s so sweet,” you’re blushing. “They’re so beautiful…”

“Are you gonna answer the question?” he asks tensely, like he’s holding his breath.

“Oh— yes,” you exclaim, as if it wasn’t already obvious.  “Yes, of course.  Yes.”

Tyler finally let’s out a sigh of relief, his entire frame deflating.  

“Yes?” he says in disbelief.

You nod again, still smiling from ear to ear.  

Prom dresses and makeup and hair all proved to be a lot more stressful than you anticipated.   But, despite the copious amounts of mascara being applied to your face and the burning hot curling iron occasionally burning your scalp, you were happy.  Happy because it was like a switch went off with Tyler.  Suddenly, your strictly in-school friendship had blossomed into something more.  He was texting you and sitting with you at lunch.  And maybe you were imagining things, but his chair seemed to be just a little bit closer to you during physics.

You didn’t know what you were.  You didn’t really know how he felt.  Sure, he asked you to prom.  But for all you knew, he just desperately needed a date.  You hoped it was more than that.  Because no one made you feel like Tyler did.

On the day of prom, Tyler picked you up in his car outside your house.  You took one last look in the mirror, piercing your lips and hoping he’d be impressed.  

You’d gone with a soft pink dress.  One that Tyler was evidently able to coordinate his tie with.  As you descended down the stairs, you heard him talking to your parents.  But with the sound of your heels hitting the hardwood floors, the talking stopped.  

It felt like your insides might explode when Tyler’s hand immediately shot up to cover up his wide smile.  His eyes got all squinty and it took him a minute before he could stop grinning.

“You look…” he trailed off, taking the entirety of you in.  “You look so, so beautiful.”

The car ride was quick, and not awkward like you had originally feared.  Tyler and you talked like you always had, casually, just with some added flirting.  It was natural.  Easy.  

What surprised you, was what a gentleman Tyler actually was.  He insisted, upon arrival, that you wait in the passengers seat until he could come around and open the door for you.  He extended his hand to help you out and you were glad when he didn’t let go the entire way to the doors.  You felt safe with your fingers intertwined with his.  

The night was fun, you and Tyler danced the whole time, only taking breaks for the free cupcakes on the table.  

“You’re not going to be able to dance if you keep eating those,” you tease as Tyler unwrapped another.  

“Oh—“ he says, his mouth stuffed full, “nothing will stop me from dancing with you.”

Even with the crumbs flying anywhere, your heart fluttered at the comment.

A soft song started to play and couples everywhere piled onto the dance floor.  Tyler extended his hand to you, you smiled softly while taking it and he led you into the crowd.  

You swayed side to side to the beat.  Tyler had one hand pressed against the curve of your back, sending goosebumps up your spine.  The other was holding yours gingerly.

“I’m so glad you came with me,” he whispers so that only you can hear.  He stood, only slightly taller than you with your heels, and pressed his forehead against yours.  

“I’m so glad you asked me,” you say back, staring back into his soft, brown eyes. “I hoped you would.”

“Can I tell you something?” he breathes.

You nod quickly.

“I’ve had this stupid crush on you ever since I saw you walk into the physics classroom back in August.”

You feel the blood rush to your cheeks, and your heart swells.  

Before you really know what’s happening, Tyler’s moving his face closer.  The moment his lips touch yours, you can physically feel your heart pounding inside your chest.  If it weren’t for the music playing, you thought you could probably hear it, too.  It was indescribable the way his soft lips felt.  He let go of your hand to cup the side of your cheek and you felt your knees go weak.  The rest of the world stopped.  There was no flashing lights.  No loud music.  No bustling crowd.  Everything was just Tyler.  

When he finally pulls back, you’re pulse is pounding in your ears.  You try your best to compose yourself before you melt on the spot.  

“I’ve got a big crush on you too,” you admit.  

Regarding Pete Dunne

Let me preface this by saying people can unfriend me they can unfollow me I’m just stating my opinion

I don’t see what the attraction with Pete Dunne is no give me wrong there are several from the UK that would gladly get on my knees for Trent seven Tyler bate the Gentleman Jack Gallagher and there’s a story from Wrestlemania access to go with that young man get on my knees for the villain Marty scurll and Tyler bate mandrews hell Rockstar Spud is a friend of mine but I just don’t see the attraction of Pete Dunne so cute people please explain to me.

PLAYBILL SALES-New prices/selection

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-Allegiance Broadway* (Color OBC-with flyers advertising merch/note from George Takei)

-Curious Incident of the Dog in The Night Time Broadway (Color)

-Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder Broadway* (Color-closing cast)

-Jersey Boys Broadway (Color)

-Les Miserables Broadway (B/W includes cast slips saying J Michael Finley is on for JVJ/Adam Monley for Javert)

-Newsies on Tour Detroit (slips saying Evan Kasprzak is joining the company as Elmer/Spot Conlon. Last shows for Michael Ryan/David Guzman)

-Newsies on Tour Saint Louis (slips saying DeMarius Copes is on for Crutchie, Andrew Wilson for Henry, and Ethan Steiner for Les. Also slips advertising the Newsboys’ Variety Show)

-Newsies on Tour Kansas City

-School of Rock Broadway (Color OBC-with flyers wishing Happy Holidays)

-Sylvia Broadway* (B/W Opening Cast)

Feel free to message me for more information and/or to buy.

All are in relatively good condition. Some have a few minor smudges/wrinkles, but nothing too damaging.

rachelcansea: What a gentleman! This is Tyler Hoechlin. Seen him from #TeenWolf? Out of all of the “celebrities” I’ve met over the years, he has got to be one of the most charming and friendliest people I have met! Opening the door, introducing me to his brother, and even holding up the #Zot sign for his UCI pride…. I’m glad to have found myself meeting and eating some sushi with this man tonight. ☺#santamonica