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sometimes i rewatch the same like ten seconds in an episode if derek is being more attractive than usually which usual ends with me crying and shaking but u no

Anon, I feel this on a spiritual level. Sometimes the right five second footage of Derek’s beautiful face will suck me in and hold me for way too long.

I mean…


And I mean let’s not even get into sunshine Hoechlin, because

what is this face? What makes this ok?

Take a seat, we have some facts for you.

Television: References and reboots.

Stranger Things moves up to No. 5. #TeamBarb, by the way.
Sherlock springs seven spots to No. 8 as hints of next season are revealed.
Gilmore Girls appears at No. 18. Surely they’re Gilmore Women by now.

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Movies: Look at these comebacks.

Kiki’s Delivery Service comes back at No. 13 after being referenced in Steven Universe.
Sharknado (No. 18) is a weeklong thing now. Yes, really.
☆ Chris Evans won a Teen Choice Award, propelling Captain America: Civil War back to No. 4.

Music: Pop rules this current island.

5SOS needs no saving, they’re at No. 1.
Fifth Harmony isn’t doing too bad either. Find them at No. 4.
Halsey climbs to No. 8 after a revealing and honest Rolling Stone interview.

Celebrities: Featuring the rise and fall of a Kardashian.

⬇︎ Despite being No. 1 last week, Kim Kardashian is No. 20 this week. Popularity is a finicky beast.
Jaden Smith (No. 4) is not dead, but that rumor resurrected his standing on this list.
Tyler Hoechlin returns to No. 12 thanks to his entire butt.

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Games: Someday we’ll be writing about The Sims: VR Edition, and that is why the future is beautiful.

The Sims 4 appropriately moves up one spot to No. 4.
Lady Layton: The Millionaire Ariadone’s Conspiracy debuts at No. 15 and has a cool title.

Web stuff: But seriously, read all of the conspiracy theories.

Marina Joyce conspiracy theories are too wild to summarize. Just know she’s No. 1.
⬇︎ Thomas Sanders debuted two brand new songs at GeekyCon (@geekyconblr), moves on up to No. 9.
☆ Leafy was there at the 10 spot, now LeafyIsHere at No. 8.


The only pick up line I’ve ever used was not when going up to a girl but actually just meeting people on vacation overseas. You wait until you hear someone speaking English, and then you walk up to them and say, ‘I’m so sorry, are you guys speaking English? Thank God, I’m traveling, I don’t know anybody, I just had to say ‘Hi’. And then usually they’re like, ‘Oh, let’s have a beer!’